UYIKOO 1080P WiFi Wall Clock Camera IP DVR


Check out the UYIKOO battery operated spy video camera

If you need to install a spy video camera in your home or workplace, then there is nothing as normal as a clock on the wall. This is ideal for covert surveillance, capturing faces clearly from across the room. With free live streaming, alert notifications and a rechargeable battery, this is a classy hidden camera that will not look out of place anywhere at home or work.

  • Spy video camera.
  • Operates over WiFi.
  • 1080 HD video.
  • 90 degree field of view.
  • x4 zoom via the app.
  • Supports a 32GB TF card (not included).
  • Alert notifications when triggered by motion.
  • Live video streaming on your mobile devices.
  • Download app onto as many devices as you want.
  • Rechargeable 5V Lithium Battery.
  • 7 to 8 hours continuous recording.
  • Easy to setup.


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How do you use this spy video camera?

UYIKOO 1080P WiFi Wall Clock Camera IP DVR - spy video cameraAs far as covert surveillance goes, a wall clock is a pretty good hidden camera and is something that most people would never recognize.

This clock has a clean, classic style and wouldn’t look out of place in your home or the workplace. In fact, you can have multiple WiFi wall clocks installed and they will all match, looking like part of the furniture very quickly.

Once installed on the wall, the wide angle lens (90 degrees) allows you to catch anything important that happens within its field of view and you can zoom in for a closer look as well on the app (x4 zoom). The HD resolution lets you see faces clearly across the room, so you can easily identify the person or people in the videos.

If the power goes out or there is no power point where you want to locate the wall clock, that is fine because it operates from a rechargeable battery. This battery operated hidden camera will pick up every motion in its field of view and as soon as it is triggered, you will receive an alert notification on your smartphone and can watch the live video as it is happening.




What do customers say about this hidden camera wall clock?

Customers love how simple this wall clock is to use and that it is lightweight and has good quality video. They also love that it is so well camouflaged as a wall clock!



Is it worth buying this WiFi wall clock surveillance camera?

UYIKOO 1080P WiFi Wall Clock Camera IP DVR - spy video cameraIf you want an easy way to monitor what is happening in the workplace or to keep an eye on the babysitter at home, then this WiFi Wall Clock might just be right for your needs.

It is very easy to set up, you simply download the app onto your smartphone, scan the QR code and hook into your WiFi.

Then you can watch live video streams on your mobile devices, anywhere, anytime. With HD resolution and a x4 zoom on the app, you can get in really close and see exactly what is taking place and have the video evidence as proof.

Whenever the motion detector is triggered, you will receive an alert notification on your smart phone, so you won’t ever miss anything important. It even has a rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to worry about power outlets or power outages.

Install one or more of these clock spy cameras at home or at work and give yourself the peace of mind knowing that you have a quality surveillance camera on the job.


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