WiFi Baby 4.0 - WiFi Baby monitor reviews

Keep your family safe with the WIFI Baby 4.0 nanny cam

The WIFI Baby 4.0 has IR night time vision, a large viewing angle, high quality images, an optical zoom, an SD card slot for local storage, sound and motion alerts and excellent customer support.


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Good points

This is the updated version of the WIFI Baby 3.0, so it has all of the same functions (with a 35% bigger viewing angle), and it also streams in HD to the TV and you can receive alert notifications on the new Apple watches.

Points to ponder

As with the WIFI Baby 3.0 nanny cam, you don’t have 2-way communication, you can only hear what is happening at the other end.

Bottom line

This is a fairly expensive nanny cam, but if you are not bothered about the lack of 2-way communication, then it has everything you will need for monitoring your children at home.



My WIFI Baby 4.0 Review

With the WiFi Baby 4.0 you can receive high quality images of your baby or children (even elderly relatives or pets), as well as sound and motion alerts anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

  • High precision IR night time vision
  • Large viewing angle
  • Exceptional high quality images
  • SD card slot for local storage
  • Optical Zoom (x 8)
  • Sound and motion alerts via email or SMS
  • Free customer support for 12 months


SD local storage

WiFi Baby 4.0 - best nanny camThis WIFI Baby camera allows you to access the live images on your iPhone, iPad or on Android device, PC or Mac and save them to your SD card.

Unlike many other WIFI nanny cams, you don’t save your videos and images to the cloud, so you don’t have any extra costs or ongoing fees involved, apart from purchasing the app for your mobile device.

In fact, the app is free for Apple products and costs just a few dollars for Android devices.


Audio only

This WiFi Baby camera does not have 2-way communication, so you can’t talk to your baby and sooth them when they are upset or chat to your children while they are doing their homework. You can of course hear them, but you cannot respond to them.

You can also continue to listen in to your baby, even if you are using other apps on your smartphone, but you can also mute the audio as well. The auto mute will turn off when a set noise level has been reached, so if your baby is yelling – you will still be notified even if you have muted the sound.


Expandable up to 4 cameras

WIFI Baby 4 - affordable nanny camYou can add up to a total of 4 cameras to the WIFI Baby network in your home and you can receive video and audio alerts from any of them, at the same time on your mobile device.

You can also listen in to any of the four cameras on your network and also watch all four video feeds at the same time on your phone. Don’t forget that you can add

in other users, so multiple people can check up on your little one, all at the same time.


IR night time vision

You have 30 IR LED lights with a range of 30 ft and an IR cut filter for True Color video, giving you highly precise night time vision. This means you can easily observe your baby in the nursery at night.


Alert notifications

With the WIFI Baby 4.0, you have video and audio alerts on your mobile devices, anywhere at anytime. You will still receive these alerts even if you are using other apps on your mobile device at the same time.


Optical Zoom x8

If you want to zoom in on your baby, you have to use the pinch zoom on the app, as the camera does not have a digital zoom.


Streams in HD to TV

The WIFI Baby 4.0 streams in HD to Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, Fire TV – so you can play your videos or show your snaps on your TV screen and share them with family and friends.


Apple Watch Alerts

WIFI Baby 4.0 Apple Watch AlertsIf you have one of the new Apple watches, you can receive audio alerts on this watch, anytime, anywhere. This is a great new feature that none of the other nanny cams have at the moment.


Customer support

You have free US based customer support for the first 12 months – $19.99 per year there after (at time of writing this review).

This is a huge bonus, because many customers have trouble setting up this nanny cam and customer support has been more than helpful helping these customers.


What else?

You do not have a pan and tilt, although you can manually swivel the camera to achieve the best viewing coverage and it has a 35% larger viewing angle than the WiFi Baby 3.0. 

The WiFi Baby 4 does not have a temperature sensor or play lullabies. So why the high price? It may be due to the exceptional quality of the images, which is a feature that most customers agree is fabulous, in both daytime and low light levels.

Regardless of the features that the WiFi Baby 4.0 camera does not have, a large majority of customers really like these cameras and find them very reliable, despite not having all of the functionality of some other nanny cams on the market.



Uses of the WIFI 4.0 Baby Cam

  • Observe your baby at night when they are sleeping
  • Keep an eye on the babysitter when you are at work
  • Monitor your children or baby when you are away from your home
  • Make sure your elderly relative is safe at home
  • Sound and motion alerts via email or SMS
  • Watch your pets to make sure they are behaving at home



 Features of the WIFI Baby 4.0

  • WIFI: 802.11b/g/n
  • RF frequency: 2.412-2.462GHz
  • Battery: No
  • Power supply: DC 12V
  • Two-way communication: No
  • Infrared: 30 IR LED lights with a range of 30ft 
  • Zoom: Only via the app, not via a zoom lens on the camera
  • Storage: Yes, you have a SD card slot 
  • Pan and Tilt: No
  • Temperature sensor: No
  • Live feeds: Yes
  • Data encryption: WPA, WPA2, WEP (64/128 bit)
  • Alerts: Yes, you have audio and video alerts on your smartphone 
  • Lullabies: No
  • Warranty: 1 year hardware warranty



Recording specifications

  • Video quality: 720p HD
  • Color images: Yes, high quality images during day and night time
  • Viewing angle: 110 degrees
  • SD card slot: Yes
  • Motion detector: Yes
  • Sound detection: Yes



Inclusions with the WIFI Baby 4.0

  • Video quality: 720p HD
  • Color images: Yes, high quality images during day and night time
  • You need to purchase an SD card separately
  • A 6ft US/EU/UK AC adapter
  • Setup CD
  • Quick start guide
  • Stand and detachable mounting stand
  • Power cable clips
  • Mounting screws
  • Ethernet cable
  • 6 rubber feet



System requirements 

WIFI Baby 4.0 nanny cam reviewsTo run the WiFi Baby 4.0, you need either Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7, 8, a MAC OSX 10.4 Tiger or Mountain Lion or Apple iOS 7.0+, Android OS 4.3+.

Best viewing is with the iPhone 4+, iPad Air or iOS 8+.



WiFi Baby 4.0 vs WiFi Baby 3.0

The WiFi Baby 4 has a 35% wider viewing angle that the WiFi Baby 3. You also have live streaming in HD to Apple or Android TV, Chromecast, Fire TV or Roku and HD quality images – compared to VGA in the WiFi Baby 3.



What do customers say about the WIFI Baby 4.0? 

WiFi Baby 4.0 - WiFi Baby monitor reviews There are only a few customer reviews so far on Amazon for this camera and of these, however more than 70% give the WiFi Baby 4 camera a 4 or 5 star rating.

The main positives about this camera are the high quality images, in day or night time and the really helpful customer support.

A few customers have had connectivity problems, which were not always resolved by customer support. However, this might be due to problems with the home network or with customers not understanding how to configure the camera to work over WIFI.



Summing up the WIFI Baby 4.0

WiFi Baby 4.0 - WiFi Baby monitor reviewsThe main difference between the WiFi Baby 4.0 and the WiFi Baby 3.0 is the extra wide viewing angle, the greater image resolution and the ability for live streaming to TV. Other than these three features, there is no noticeable difference between the two cameras.

So with the WiFi Baby 4.0, you have exceptional quality images and great customer support. Although some people do have connectivity problems, most are resolved by customer support.

The WiFi Baby 4.0 is clearly an expensive camera and may not have all of the features you might want in a nanny cam. However, if your most important priority is high quality images, rather than 2-way communication, pan and tilt or a digital zoom lens – then this is the camera for you – but be aware that you seem to need a reliable high speed connection to make this camera work well and the setup can be a problem.

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