The WiFi Baby 2.0 is a very affordable nanny cam with lots of storage options

The WiFi Baby 2.0 WIFI nanny cam has been superseded by the WiFi Baby 3 and the WiFi Baby 4. I will review each of these nanny cams separately, but I will also compare these three nanny cams to each other and to other nanny cams as well, so you can decide which camera is best for your situation.

Let’s take a look at the WiFi Baby 2.0

  • Both mains and battery power
  • Check on your baby when you you are away from hoWiFi Baby 2.0 - WiFi Baby monitorme
  • IR night time vision to observe your baby at night
  • Micro SD card slot for local storage
  • Video and audio alerts via email or SMS
  • Scheduled recording time feature
  • Fabulous customer support

SD card storage

Using the WiFi Baby 2.0 camera you can observe and record your baby’s movements and sounds while you are away at work and your baby is in the care of others.

Depending on the storage capacity of your SD card, you can record as much live video as you want and store it to your own drop box or on your PC. This is a great feature, which is missing from so many nanny cams.

You can also take snaps and save them to your SD card, schedule recordings at set intervals and set it up to record all of those special moments, triggered by sound or motion and show them off to your friends and family as well.

Password protected

The WiFi Baby 2.0 is password protected and to set it up you need to follow the wireless setup instructions and download a third party app – the Baby Monitor HD by Sunshine Apps ($12) recommended by WiFi Baby (they are working on creating their own app). This nanny cam also has WPA, WPA2, WEP (64/128 bit) data encryption.

Multiple cameras

This app can support up to 4 different cameras in different rooms and you can download the app onto different devices (paying $12 for each download) and access live video feeds on your iPad, iPhone, smart phone or Android tablet.

You can also change the cameras setting on your PC, such as resolution and frames per second.

Customer support

Customer support is free for the first 12 months and then currently costs $19.99 per year. Whilst this is a different set up to most nanny cam brands, one of the great positives about this nanny camera is the fabulous customer support, which just about all customers’ state is exceptional.

So if you have any problems setting up this camera, all you need to do is to give them a call at their US based call center and they are more than happy to help you set your camera up at home.

Who uses the WiFi Baby 2.0 nanny cam?

This baby cam is perfect in the following situations:

  • To monitor your baby when you are away from home
  • So you don’t miss any of their precious moments
  • To keep an eye on the babysitter when you are at work
  • To monitor your elderly relative to ensure they are safe at home
  • Watch your dogs when they are home alone


Features of the WiFi Baby 2.0 nanny camera

  • WIFI: 802.11 b/g/n. You need an Ethernet for the setup of this camera
  • RF frequency: 2.412-2.462GHz
  • Battery: You need one lithium ion battery for the camera
  • Power supply: DC 12V
  • Two-way communication: No – You cannot talk to your baby using this nanny cam
  • Infrared: Yes, you have 30 IR LEDS with a range of 20ft
  • Zoom: No, the app just provide a ‘pinch and zoom’ facility
  • Storage: Micro SD card up to 32G
  • Pan and Tilt: No, but you do have an adjustable mounting stand with this WiFi Baby camera
  • Temperature sensor: No
  • Live feeds: Yes and you can record and storage these feeds in your SD card
  • Data encryption: WPA, WPA2, WEP (64/128 bit)
  • Alerts: You can receive video or audio alerts on your iPhone, iPad, Android, MAC or PC on WiFi or 3G or 4G, anywhere in the world
  • Lullabies: No
  • Warranty: 1 year hardware and free US based tech support by phone, email or screen share for one year



  • Color images: Yes, during daylight hours - grey and black in low light levels
  • Viewing angle: 53.4 H x 40.0 V degrees
  • SD card slot: Yes
  • Motion detector: Yes
  • Sound detection: Yes


Inclusions for the WiFi Baby 2.0

  • SD card: You have to purchase an SD card separately
  • Batteries: Not included – you need to buy a lithium ion battery separately
  • Power cords: Network cable needed for initial wireless setup only
  • 6ft US/EU/UK AC adapter
  • Setup CD
  • Quick start guide
  • Detachable mounting stand
  • Power cable clips
  • Mounting screws

System requirements

For the WiFi Baby 2.0 you need Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 or 8.

For browsers, Chrome is IE is preferred, but Chrome or Firefox are also fine.

This WiFi Baby camera will also work on a MAC with OSX 10.4 Tiger – Mountain Lion.

For mobile devices, you need at least an Apple iOS 5.0 or an Android OS 2.3.


What customers are saying about the WiFi Baby 2.0 nanny Cam

Pros:  81.5% of all customer reviews gave the WiFi Baby 2.0 a 4 or 5 star rating. One customer who gave this WiFi Baby monitor a five star rating has problems setting it up, but customer support remote linked into her computer and fixed the problem immediately. Just about everyone loves the image quality as well.


WiFi Baby 2.0 - WiFi Baby Monitor

I just moved the nursery to another room and it was nice to just unplug and set it in the other room and it worked fine. Very happy with this purchase!

Great tech support! The camera is the best we've used!

I found this product to be EXACTLY as advertised and therefore 5 stars.

Great camera and great customer service.

Cons:  10% of all customer reviews gave the WiFi Baby 2.0 a one star rating. One of the problems appears to be the quality of the image at dusk. it appears that the quality is very good during full daylight and at night, but is not as crisp between these times (customers say that it is much better in the WIFI Baby 3 and WIFI Baby 4).

Setup of this WiFi Baby monitoring camera is also quite difficult on your own – all those who gave this camera a good review said that the customer support was exceptional and the set up had been easily completed with their help.

The WiFi Baby 2.0 doesn’t have all of the functions of many other nanny cam, so the reason it rates so highly with customers is because of the customer support. It appears that customers are prepared to do without some features – if they can rely on customer support to always be there for them.

For more customer reviews on the WiFi Baby 2.0 Wireless Nanny cam with Audio – check the website here.

WiFi Baby 2.0 vs 3.0

There is not a lot of difference between these two models, as the WiFi Baby 3.0 is the updated version of the WiFi Baby 2.0.

The only real differences appear to be that the WiFi Baby 3 has a slightly larger viewing angle and an IR night range of 30 ft compared to 20 ft for the WiFi Baby 2.0.

The WiFi Baby 3.0 also has a new lens and an IR cut filter providing true color video during the day and in low-light levels (it has better quality images at night).

Discounted Price

For today's discounted price on the WiFi Baby 2.0 Wireless Nanny cam with Audio – check the website here.

Shipping Options

US Shipping: For deliveries within the US, shipping is free.

Australia Shipping:  This WiFi Baby 2.0 Wireless Nanny cam does not ship to Australia – see my Shipping Guide for other easy to use shipping options that really work well.

To Sum up

On the face of it, the WiFi Baby 2.0 camera appears to be a great camera with high quality images and great customer support. The huge problem with this nanny cam is the difficulty in setting it up.

Most people however, found that customer support were really helpful in setting up the WiFi Baby 2.0 camera, which is why this nanny cam is rated so highly.

You can save videos and images to your SD card, which is a great feature that a lot of other cameras do not have and you don’t have any monthly cloud fees.

Then again, this WiFi Baby camera does not have a temperature sensor, does not play lullabies, does not have pan and tilt or an effective zoom lens (you have to use the app) and does not have two-way communication.

It is so frustrating that the WiFi Baby 2.0 has such high quality images, but lacks so many other great features – and it is one of the more expensive cameras as well.

However, this nanny cam rates very highly with customers and because of this, it rates highly in my rating system as well. 

In conclusion, if you want a nanny cam with good quality images, an SD card slot, are tech-savvy (or happy to contact customer support for help with the setup), then the WiFi Baby 2.0 is a great little nanny cam for your family.

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