VTech DM221-2 digital audio baby monitor

Is the VTech DM221-2 digital audio baby monitor worth buying?

First of all, the VTech DM221-2 digital audio baby monitor is currently less than $50 and comes with 2 parent units, so things are looking very positive. Then you have DECT 6.0 technology giving you interference free, quality sound and it gets even better.

Don’t forget that with an audio baby monitor you can’t see your baby, just hear him or her. If you want video capabilities, then you can read my review of the top rated video baby monitor here.

Let’s see what other features the VTech DM221-2 digital audio baby monitor offers:

  • Wireless baby monitor for in the home.
  • Two parents units and one baby monitor.
  • DECT 6.0 for crystal clear transmissions.
  • Secure transmissions.
  • Backlit display on parent unit.
  • 5 level visual sound indicator.
  • Sound muting.
  • 2-way talk-back communication.
  • Parent unit uses rechargeable batteries (18 hours max time).
  • Can use 2 x AAA batteries in the parent unit instead of rechargeable ones.
  • Comes with a hands free belt clip.
  • Maximum range outdoors is 1000 ft and indoors is 150 ft.
  • Out of range and low battery alarm.
  • The language is preset to English, but can be switched to French or Spanish for all screen displays.
  • The handle loop on the baby monitor doubles as a soothing night light.
  • Select the vibrating sound alert instead of just muting the volume.
  • 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


VTech DM221-2 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor



2-way communication

One of the great features of this baby monitor is that you have 2-way talk-back communication. This means that when your baby wakes and you can hear him or hear over the parents unit, you can talk to them to let them know you are on your way.

You can even sing them a little melody or lullaby if them seem upset as well. As your baby grows and begins to chitter chatter, you can respond to them and start having a little conversation with them. Don’t forget that you can also talk to your partner if they are in the nursery as well, making 2 way communication a wonderful feature in the VTech DM221-2 digital audio baby monitor.



What is DECT 6.0 technology? 

VTech DM221-2 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby MonitorDECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications and is the standard used for creating cordless telephone systems. This standard is used in Europe, Asia and Australia, but the regulations around radio frequencies in North America caused the DECT 6.0 to be created.

DECT 6.0 is used only in the USA and Canada, and the difference between DECT and DECT 6.0 is in the radio frequencies. So two products cannot be used on the same system, if they use different DECT technologies (DECT and DECT 60.0).

As you already know, DECT 6.0 is used for baby monitors as well as cordless phones and operates on the 1.9 GHZ frequency. Apart from their frequencies, DECT 6.0 and DECT are the same. However, if you live in Australia, don’t buy a product with DECT 6.0 technology, because they use DECT there and if you live in the USA or Canada, make sure that you buy DECT 6.0 technology..



What I like about the VTech DM221-2 digital audio baby monitor

vtech-dm221-2-digital-audio-baby-monitor-6I like that the VTech DM221-2 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor comes with two parent units, so you can have one recharging or being used by your partner, while you have the other clipped to your belt.

I also like that the parent unit does use rechargeable batteries, rather than normal batteries, because these units can really eat into the batteries.

I also find that the battery life is really great, so you don’t have to keep recharging all the time and the audio is crystal clear with no interference from WiFi devices in the home.

The little nightlight in the carry handle of the baby monitor is also cute, giving you enough light to see your baby sleeping easily, but not enough to be glaring.



Customer reviews

Online customer reviews indicate that the vibration feature, where you can set the parent unit to vibrate if it picks up any sounds from the baby monitor is a well-liked. Many people use this baby monitor to keep an eye on their elderly relative and find that it is perfect.



Summing up the VTech DM221-2 digital audio baby monitor

If you want a stand alone system at home to help you keep an eye on your little one, then the VTech DM221-2 digital audio baby monitor might be just what you need. 

It has great features, is well-liked by customers and is at a very good price point. If you want to compare it with the VTech DM112-2 baby monitor, then this one has a sound vibration feature, operates on rechargeable batteries and has the option of French or Spanish as well – and it doesn’t cost much more than the DM112-2.


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