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Every day it is becoming more and more important to make sure that our children are safe, when we can’t be there to protect them. You hear of so many horrid stories of babysitters who don’t look after our children the way they should, that it becomes scary to actually leave them with someone else.

  1. Foscam F19816P
  2. Amcrest ProHD
  3. iBaby M6
  4. Dropcam Pro
  5. Fosbaby by Foscam
  6. D-Link DCS-855L
  7. WIFI Baby 3.0
  8. WIFI Baby 4.0

The problem is that we all have to work and we also need some sort of social life, so we can remain sane. So this means that we have to pay a baby sitter to look after our children, even if it is only for a few hours.

Of course, nanny cams are also a brilliant idea when one of you has to work long hours, go overseas or attend a conference. With a nanny cam you can still feel part of the family, checking in a meal times and bed times.

You can even sing your baby a lullaby or tell them a bedtime story over the nannycam, wherever you are in the world.


So to help you decide on the best nanny cam for your family, here are my top 8 nanny cams:

1. Foscam F19816P Nanny Cam

Foscam F19861P wireless IP camera - foscam reviewThis is a very versatile DIY home surveillance nanny cam at a very affordable price. It has 2-way communication, pan& tilt, IR night time vision, SD card and cloud storage and email motion alerts. 

You don’t have a digital zoom with this nanny cam, lullabies or a temperature sensor. It is however a very good quality camera with HD images and it is very easy to setup. 

The reason it comes out on top, even though it doesn’t have all of the functionality of some other nanny cams is because customers have given it the highest 4 or 5 stars.



2. Amcrest ProHD 1080P Nanny Cam

DIY home surveillance - Amcrest ProHD 1080P nanny camThis home surveillance/nanny cam is a very popular choice with many home owners and parents.

It is really easy to set up and has 2-way communication, so you can talk to the babysitter at home or sing your little one a lullaby as they drift off to sleep.

The Amcrest nanny cam also comes with IR night time vision, pan & tilt, a digital zoom, microSD and cloud storage and HD images. For the price it is a great nanny cam which can be later used for home surveillance.

Again, you don’t have sound notifications on your phone, but you do have motion alerts.



3.   iBaby M6

iBaby M6 WIFI nanny cam with audioThis top of the range iBaby M6 nanny cam is a great little nanny.

It has temperature and humidity sensors, HD 720P video with night vision, two-way communications (plus echo cancellation), pan & tilt (360 degree vision), a digital zoom and an SD slot.

You can sing a lullaby to help your baby drift off to sleep or play them one of your favourite tunes as well.

You can take as many snapshots as you like and keep them safely stored on the cloud, and up to 4 people can all access the live feeds at the same time. You even have sound and motion alert notifications on your mobile devices.

Add to all of this a fast, hassle free 60 second setup on both Androids and Apple mobile devices, as well as full access on 3G/4G/LTE and WiFi, and you have everything you could possibly need in a wireless nanny cam.



4. Dropcam Pro

Dropcam Pro - nanny cameraThe Dropcam Pro is the updated version of the Dropcam and has 2-way communication, IR night time vision, an optical zoom (x8) and a wide angle lens (130 degrees).

This is a cloud based WiFi video recording nanny camera with an optional CVR (cloud video recording) subscription available.

If you chose not to buy into the subscription ($29.95 for 30 days) then you can only view live video, not previous footage.

You receive both sound and motion alerts on your smartphone or iPad and it has bank level encryption. Setup is very easy and you can do this even without a computer, as long as you have a compatible Apple mobile device.



5.   Fosbaby Nanny Cam by Foscam

Fosbaby by Foscam WIFI nanny camMy number 5 pick is this really cute Fosbaby nanny cam by Foscam.

It comes in either blue or pink (pink is a little more expensive), has HD 720P video an advanced video compression, as well as night vision, an ambient temperature sensor and a wide 90 degree viewing.

You also have sound and motion alerts on your mobile devices, an SD card slot, 2-way communication and it can play lullabies to help your baby drift off to sleep.

The Fosbaby also has a very easy setup procedure, a recording scheduler, secure encryption and free cloud storage. The only difference between the Fosbaby and the iBaby M6 is that the Fosbaby doesn’t have pan & tilt or a digital zoom.



D-Link wireless camera - DCS-855LThe D-Link DCS-855L nanny cam has an SD card slot, 2-way communication, pan & tilt, a digital zoom, a temperature sensor and it plays 5 pre-set lullabies.

This is the top of the range of the D-Link nanny cams and has all the features you need.

You also have sound and motion alerts on your mobile devices, the nanny cam can be powered by an external USB battery (great for travelling or when the power goes out) and you have 720P HD video.

The reason that this nanny cam rates number 4 is because customers tend to have some problems with connectivity and the app seems to be troublesome to some customers ( some have been using the wrong app – which caused the problems).

Customer support are really good and are happy help out to solve any problems.



7.   WIFI Baby 3.0

WiFi Baby 3.0 - WiFi Baby MonitorThe WIFI baby 3.0 has VGA video, a 60 x 45 degree viewing angle, night vision, an SD card slot and sound and motion alerts on your mobile device.

It doesn’t have a whole lot of features, but it rates so well because customers really like the high quality images and the customer support.

You can actually schedule video recordings with the WIFI Baby 3.0, so you don’t miss out on any special occasions and you can add up to 4 cameras in the same network, so you can cover lots of space in your home.

You can multi task on your mobile devices, while the WIFI Baby 3.0 works away in the background, so you don’t miss any alert notifications. It plays on LTE, 4G, 3G and you have the customer support is based in the US (it’s a US company).

Despite this being a great little nanny cam, customers do state that they have a problem with the setup – but they also state that the customer support people are awesome and talk you through the entire setup. This is one of the reasons that this nanny cam rates so highly is because of the great customer support.


8.   WIFI Baby 4.0

WiFi Baby 4.0 - WiFi Baby monitor reviewsThe WIFI Bay 4.0 is the updated version of the WIFI baby 3.0, but it rates lower because customers seem to have more problems setting this nanny cam up than with the earlier version (customer support is awesome).

So with this nanny cam you have an SD card slot, high precision night time vision and exceptionally high quality images (the best feature of this nanny cam).

You also receive sound and motion alters on your mobile devices (even your Apple watch) and you can have up to 4 cameras on the system – so you can cover a lot of rooms in your home.

You don’t have 2-way communication with this nanny cam, but you can hear your baby or children quite clearly over your mobile device.

The WIFI Bay 4.0 streams to Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast and Fire TV, so you can show your baby snaps or saved videos on the large screen TV.





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