Xtremelife Smoke Detector Camera - concealed motion detector camera


Wide angle concealed motion detector camera

You can never do too much to protect your family and your business, which makes this concealed motion detector camera such a great idea. No-one is going to know that their every movement is being recorded on video, giving you the security you need both at home and at work.

FYI: This is a non-functional smoke detector.

  • Concealed motion detector camera.
  • Captures clear HD 720P HD video, day or night.
  • Does not require WiFi.
  • IR night time vision.
  • PIR sensor.
  • Motion activation saves money.
  • Uses heat motion to detect events.
  • Wide angle lens (140 degrees).
  • Does not record audio.
  • No visible wires. 
  • 30 day battery life (rechargeable 5V Lithium Battery).
  • Stores 19 hours of video on a 64GB Micro SD card.
  • Comes with a 8GB Micro SD card only.
  • Time and Date stamp.
  • IR remote control.
  • Playback on Windows, Apple, Android and other platforms.
  • AVI file format.
  • Easy to install.
  • 1 year Limited Warranty.


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How do you use the Xtreme Life Smoke Detector?

Xtremelife Smoke Detector Camera - concealed motion detector cameraWhen you need covert surveillance at home or at work, this handy little smoke detector ticks all the boxes.

With a wide angle lens and the ability to see faces clearly across the room, you will have no problems keeping an eye on everyone and what they are doing.

This concealed motion detector camera is not only triggered by motion within its filed of view, but by body heat. This means that you won’t waste your battery life, because the wind is blowing the curtains or the automatic sliding door keeps opening and closing. Videos will only be recorded when the sensors detect body heat and movement.

The bottom view camera is great because it captures a wide area, rather than just being pointed in one direction like so many other hidden cams. Some of the ideal locations for this motion detector camera include over a doorway, computer station or cash register at work or over the crib in the nursery, over the desk in your study or in the garage at home.

With discreet pinholes, the Xtreme Life Smoke Detector Cameras are designed to be undetectable in plain sight and no-one will spot these as hidden cams. Events can even be triggered at night (effective range is 10 ft at night) and the video recordings will still be crystal clear.


Viewing the recorded videos from this concealed camera

You don’t need WiFi, routers, apps or mobile devices to view the videos from the Xtreme Life concealed motion detector camera. Instead, all you need to do is to remove the SD card, insert it into your PC and view the videos on your media player.

It is as simple as that! This does mean of course, that you can’t view live recordings, but with this sort of surveillance, your priority tends to be on finding evidence of an event, rather than live streaming video.


Recording modes on this concealed motion detector camera

Xtremelife Smoke Detector Camera - motion detector cameraYou can either let the SD card fill up and then start recording over the videos or you can set it so that it doesn’t over-write the stored videos.

If you don’t want previous recorded videos to be over-written, then you will need to keep an eye on how fast the SD card is filling up.

A 32GB SD card usually fills up with 10 hours of continuous recording, but since your recordings will be triggered by heat and motion only, it should take much longer than that to fill up the memory card. That is of course, unless it is positioned in a high traffic area, causing it to virtually record non-stop, because it is constantly being triggered. 


Easy to setup

This concealed motion detector camera is super easy to set up, because it doesn’t have WiFi and you don’t use apps, it is just a standalone hidden cam, disguised as a smoke detector. All you need to do is to charge the unit, mount it on the ceiling (making sure that you have inserted the SD card) and you are good to go.

It will take about 2 seconds after the batteries have been charged and it is ready to detect heat and motion. The batteries will last for around 30 days in standby mode, but this is tempered by how often it is triggered to record.



Should you buy the Xtreme Life concealed motion detector camera?

If you have a business and you want to keep an eye on certain areas, then this is such an easy hidden cam to use that it makes good sense to have a few installed in strategic locations. Likewise at home, everyone needs to have smoke detectors in their home and one more won’t look unusual at all.

With HD crystal clear vision during the day and in complete darkness at night, you will have no problems recording evidence of wrong doing if it is taking place at home or at work. The bottom camera and wide field of view makes sure that you won’t miss anything that happens and you will have it all on video.

There are different types of hidden cameras available on the market, but this one has lots of great features and is seriously worth a second look.





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