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New Release by Vimtag – Smart Cloud WiFi IP camera

This new release WiFi IP camera by Vimtag has all of the features you need in both a surveillance camera and a nanny cam. You have 2-way communication, pan & tilt, a digital zoom, SD card slot and both sound and motion alerts.

Add to this there is no monthly storage costs on the cloud and this is a great little camera. One point to note is that for cloud storage, you need to buy the Vimtag Cloud Storage Box, otherwise the videos and images will only be stored to the SD card, which you can transfer to your PC.

  • WiFi IP Camera.
  • 2 way communication.
  • Pan & Tilt (345 x 115 degrees).
  • Wide angle lens (112 degrees).
  • Digital zoom (x 4).
  • SD card slot.
  • 960P HD video.
  • Crystal clear night vision.
  • No monthly cloud storage fees.
  • Sound and motion detection.
  • Push notifications of events.
  • Easy plug and play setup.
  • Works with Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Works with PCs and lap tops.
  • Requires Vimtag app.
  • Mains power and USB charging.
  • Size: 7.5 x 4.3 x 6.6 inches.


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Let’s talk about the cloud storage for this WiFi IP camera

If you are happy to store any snapshots and videos to the SD card in the camera, then you are good to go. Otherwise, you have the option of storing the videos to a hard drive as well, however you need to purchase the Vimtag Cloud Storage Box as well as the surveillance camera.

This is the ideal solution for storing your surveillance videos, as well as family videos taken the nanny cam and it can handle feeds from 4 separate cameras at the same time. Each storage box has 60 days worth of storage space (1 TB) and all you need to do is to add the cloud box to the Vimtag app account.

Storing your videos this way helps to keep them safe forever. So instead of storing videos  to the SD card, you store them in this box first and then download them to your PC for safe keeping. You could also leave them in the Cloud Storage Box and simply by another box if you wish – when you fill up the 1 TB of space.

FYI: I have no idea why it is called a cloud storage box when the videos appear to be stored in the box. 





The Vimtag WiFi IP camera Crystal gives you clear video images

Smart Cloud Wifi IP Camera - newWith the Vimtag surveillance camera, you have brilliant 1080P HD video quality and their advanced night time vision is also a great feature. 
The quality of the images and videos is one of the features most noted by online customers, as is the quality of the audio as well.

Both the videos and the audio are crystal clear and when you are considering buying a nanny cam, it is important that these are top-notch, because over the years there will be many snapshots and videos of your family that you want to keep. 

Also, if by chance you are burgled, then you will have a good quality video to give to the police as well.

You also have a remote pan & tilt feature – 345 degrees horizontally and 115 degrees vertically, and a wide angle lens (112 degrees) letting you see just about every inch of a room. Add this to the x4 digital zoom and you have a nanny cam that just about swivels its head in every direction to give you a full view of everything.



The benefits of 2 way communication

smart-cloud-wifi-ip-cameraOf course, you can just phone your family and children if you want to talk to them, but with a nanny cam you can see them as well.

Just imagine receiving an alert notification on your phone when the kids arrive home from school, then checking in via the app and watching them as they throw their bags on the floor and head into the kitchen.

You can chat with them while they eat a snack, even though you might be on the other side of the world.  Nanny cams with 2 way communication are also great for keeping in contact with an elderly relative who lives alone or is alone for a large part of the day.

Don’t forget that many people buy nanny cams as pet cams – to keep an eye on their pets while they are at work all day. You can make sure they are not getting up to mischief when they are home alone and tell them to stop eating the sofa! 



The Vimtag WiFi IP camera offers an easy plug and play setup

smart-cloud-wifi-ip-cameraVimtag say that the setup for this WiFi IP camera takes about 3 minutes and the customers tend to agree with them.

All you need to do is to download the Vimtag app, then use their quick wireless setup on your smartphone using the Smart WiFi or QR code scan that comes with your camera. You can even set it up using ethernet if you prefer. 



What do customers say about the Vimtag WiFi IP camera?

The two features that customers rave about are the crystal clear images and the easy setup. As these are two of the most important features in any surveillance camera, I guess this makes the Vimtag nanny cam a hit with customers!



Should you buy the Vimtag WiFi IP surveillance camera?

Smart Cloud Wifi IP Camera - Night Vision Wireless Security Camera System - 960P HD Video Surveillance Recording Streamed On Smart Devices - 2 Way Audio Surveillance Nanny CamThis nanny cam has a sleek modern design that will easily fit in with most decors. It has crystal clear images, the audio is great and the pan & tilt is a nice extra feature. Night time vision is also really clear and you have a digital zoom and an SD card slot.

Storage is via the SD card, but you can also buy an additional 1 TB cloud storage box that is compatible with all Vimtag cameras. This means that you can store your videos in this external storage box, before transferring them to your PC for safe keeping.

As these boxes have a huge capacity, they are much better than SD cards, which can fill up very quickly. Also, setup is very easy and there are few if any complaints about this surveillance camera. Even though it is a new release, so far the online customer reviews are really good, making this camera a serious contender on your short list.


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