How to position your home security cameras for maximum effect

Positioning homes security cameras


The best locations for your home security cameras

Did you know that in 2015, there were more than 1.5 million burglaries in the US? And that nearly three quarters of these were home burglaries and nearly two thirds were forcible entries? Or that one burglary is committed every 18 seconds? 

With these sort of numbers, no wonder everyone is worried about keeping their property secure and their family safe at home. The problem is that most people can’t afford an expensive security system with a back to base feature, so they tend to settle for standalone home security cameras or nanny cams that they can view on their smart phones.

There is nothing wrong with standalone security cameras or nanny cams for your home, as they are a great buy and you can easily outfit your home for just a few hundred dollars with the more basic models. When you realize that a third of burglars enter residences through an unlocked front door or window, the cost of buying security cameras or nanny cams for your home, doesn’t seem such a big imposition – does it?

Cirrus i6 - Indoor Pan Tilt Cloud Security CameraHow about the fact that in 3 out of every 10 burglaries – someone is at home? That is a scary fact, right there. Just imagining that your loved one is at home, when someone breaks in, sends shivers down your spine.

So we can agree that home security cameras can help you to keep your family safe at home and prevent burglaries taking place, because thieves tend to avoid homes with security cameras. Now that we have established the importance of home security cameras, you still need to know where to locate these cameras in your home for best effect. 

Locate them in the wrong areas and you can give the burglars a helping hand, rather than acting as a deterrent.

So lets take a look at some of the best locations for security cameras or nanny cams in your home, to help you keep your home and your family safe.



Where NOT to locate your home security cameras and nanny cams

home security cameras keep computer equipment safeIf we are going to consider where you should position your security cameras, it might be best to start by explaining where you shouldn’t locate them.

For example, lots of home owners like to position their security cameras so that they can see their computer system and check that no-one has stolen it while they are out at work.

This might seem like a good idea at first, but if anyone actually hacked into your security system, they will have a great view of your computer system and will already be thinking of how much they can sell it for when they have stolen it from your home.

Of course, the security encryption of security cameras and nanny cams should be good enough to prevent anyone from hacking into your system, but it could be a possibility, even a remote possibility. So given that this could happen, it is best not to point your security cameras or nanny cams towards your computers or expensive TV and give burglars a shopping list.

Another point to consider is that you don’t want your security cameras or nanny cams on view, because burglars will look for them and unplug them from the power, smash them, throw something over them or heavens forbid – steal them as well. So it pays to have at least a few security cameras that are hidden from view, whether these are designed as hidden cameras or just strategically placed so they are not obvious.

home security cameras help protect expensive TV equipmentIf your cameras have a pan and tilt feature, then there is no point in positioning them to look away from your computer or TV, as any hacker has complete control of your security cameras and can move the lens around at will.

If your security cameras or nanny cams don’t have this feature however, you could simply point them away from expensive items, so you don’t advertise them to hackers.

As I said, designers and manufacturers of home security cameras and nanny cams are extremely vigilant with updating their software to prevent hacking, as they would lose all credibility if their systems could be hacked easily. Nevertheless it always pays to be careful, particularly if being careful doesn’t cost you anything.



5 of the best places to position your home security cameras

Some of the best locations for your home security cameras and nanny cams (I say nanny cams because lots of people use them as security cameras as well) are the thoroughfares of your home (heavy traffic areas). These are areas where a burglar has to walk through to move around your home.

Yes, pointing home security cameras at the front and the back doors are important, because these are two popular entry points for burglars, but if you have a hallway where a burglar has to walk, regardless of where they entered your home, then this is also a good location for a security camera.

Let’s look at the best positions for locating your home security cameras:

1. Front door: With more than a third of burglars breaking in through your front door, whether it is unlocked or not, this is a great place to position your cameras. So make sure that one of your security cameras has a very good view of the front door and the entrance way of your home.

Another point to note is that some burglars will ring the bell to see if anyone is at home, so consider installing a WiFI Enabled Video Doorbell for extra security. With one of these video door bells, you can answer the door remotely to see who is at your door and respond to them, even if you are at work and your home is empty, giving the burglars the idea that you are actually at home. You can also use them when you are at home, so you don’t open the door if you feel unsafe.


2. Back door: With nearly a quarter of all burglars entering via the back door of residential properties, you need to have a security camera facing this part of your home, in the same way as you need one facing the front door.  


HooToo security camera and nanny cam3. Back facing windows: When the back part of your home cannot be easily seen from the street, burglars are very tempted to try and gain entry through the windows at the rear of your home.

This means that you need to strategically place an internal security camera in a position that gives you a good view of the rear windows, the ones that give burglars the best opportunity to break in without being seen from the road or neighbors.


4. High traffic areas: If you don’t have much money, the best solution is to locate at least two home security cameras in high traffic areas of your home. Burglars rarely just ransack one room in your home, heading for the master bedroom first and then other rooms where they believe there might be something of value. 

If you have a two story home, you could position a security camera to have a good view of the stairs for example, so you can see anyone going up or down the stairs. Then pick another through fare downstairs, where a burglar must walk to access the majority of your rooms.


5. Basement door: If you have a basement or garage, then burglars can gain access through an external door or window. So position a security camera that lets you view the stairs going up to your house from a basement, as well as as much of the basement as possible. You could also place a camera in your home, facing the entryway to the basement or the garage, but if a burglar just breaks into your basement and steals your large screen TV or your jet ski from the garage, without entering your home, you won’t know until its too late. 



How about positioning nanny cams in your home?

Arlo Q HD Security Camera and nanny camMany home owners with young children purchase nanny cams to use as security cameras as well. You can find all of the features you want in both a nanny cam and a security camera in on single camera, so this is a very cost effective strategy to protect your home and your family.

If you want to keep an eye on your children while you are away from home and they are left in the care of your partner, relative or baby sitter, then you can locate a nanny cam in the nursery and in the living room. 

When you position a nanny cam in the nursery, you can chat to your partner while they are attending to your little one, making you feel that you are still part of the proceedings, even though you can’t be physically there in the nursery.

You can also sing to your little one to comfort them if they wake unsettled, while your partner is making their way to the nursery – this is a great feature when you are working overseas or interstate and your smartphone detects the sound of your little one waking.

You can also position a nanny cam in the main living area or space where your children do their homework, chatting and catching up on their day. Nanny cams are perfect for anyone who can’t always be at home with their children, but still want to have frequent contact with their family.



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