Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor


The Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor is a great little monitor for home use, allowing you to keep an eye on your baby at all times. With the new DECT technology you have complete privacy in your home and with the 2-way communication you can calm your baby, letting them know you are there for them when they need you. There is no pan & tilt or IR night time vision, but customers still like this sleek looking baby monitor.

  • 2-way communication
  • 18 hour battery life (parent unit)
  • Temperature sensor
  • Night light and lullabies
  • 2-year extended warranty


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DECT Technology

DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) is a fabulous innovation because it prevents mobile phones, other mobile devices and other baby monitors interfering with your reception from the Philips Avent monitor. You also have full data encryption giving you a secure and private connection in your home, meaning that no-one else can see or hear your baby.

With the DECT technology you also have high quality sound, so you will have no problem knowing when your baby is awake and fine or awake and unsettled.


Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor If you wander too far away from the baby monitor, the parent unit will alert you so you can move closer.

The Philips Avent monitor has good range, both inside and outside of your home, so you shouldn’t have any problems being too far away that you can’t hear when your baby needs you.

If the power in the parent’s hand unit becomes low, you will receive an alert, so you can plug it into the charger.

However, with an 18 hour battery life on a full charge, you shouldn’t have any problems with a low battery.

You also have LED lights which indicate the level and intensity of the sound, so you can instantly tell if your little one is very upset or just happily gurgling in their cot – even if you have the volume muted.

Battery power

The baby unit on the Philips Dect monitor can run on 4 x 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries (not supplied), which will last for 24 hours without plugging into mains power. The parent unit runs on 2 x rechargeable batteries (supplied).

Temperature sensor

Some people aren’t worried about this feature, but if you want to – you can set up alerts, so that you are notified when the ambient temperature in the nursey is outside of your set parameters.

Night light and lullabies

Philips Avent DECT Baby MonitorWith 5 soothing lullabies to choose from, you can easily calm your baby until you can attend to them or help sooth your little one, so they drift off to sleep.

You can remotely switch on these lullabies, however apparently this function is not available in the US and Canada. The night light of this baby monitor, which can be switched on and off is also a great feature (again remote activation is not available in the US and Canada).

2-way communication

When your baby or toddler wakes and is unsettled, you can calm them or sing to them and let them know that you are on your way.

You can also remotely turn on a lullaby or the night light when you hear that your little one has woken, as well as checking via the LED volume display if you have the volume muted.

There are 4 different sensitivity levels with the DECT baby monitor, so you can set the volume to a level where you don’t hear every rustle, but you do hear if your baby cries or someone talks in the room.

Anything else?

With the Avent baby monitor you have a useful lanyard which you hang around your neck to make the parent unit easy to carry around. Remember that this is not a WIFI unit and you can’t use this system on your smart phone and you can’t see you baby with the Philips Avent monitor, you can only hear them and talk back to them.



Features of the Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor

  • Frequency band: DECT; 1.9GHz.
  • Battery: An 18 hour battery time for the parent unit.
  • Recharge time: 10 hours until fully charged from empty.
  • Power supply: 120 V (US), 220-240 V.
  • Two-way communication: Yes, you can hear and speak to your baby or toddler.
  • Temperature sensor: Yes, you can monitor the ambient temperature.
  • Lullabies: Yes – 5 different, built-in lullabies, which play for 15 minutes.
  • Night light: Remote activated night light, which dims gradually when switched off.
  • Volume control: You can set the volume (+,-) on the parent unit.
  • Sensitivity: You can set the microphone pickup sensitivity on the baby unit (4 levels; +,-).
  • Alerts: Temperature, low battery and out of range alerts.
  • Timer: Automatic 24 hour count down timer, so you don’t forget when to feed your baby.
  • Clock: You can choose to display the clock or not.
  • Language: Select the display language on initial setup or after the parent unit has been reset.
  • Screen size: 1. 6 inches.
  • Display type: LCD for volume.
  • Range: 150 feet indoors and 1000 feet outside.
  • Data encryption: Yes, giving you a secure and private connection.
  • Warranty: An extended two year warranty is available.



Inclusions with the Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor

  • Batteries: 2 rechargeable AA batteries for parent unit (included).
  • Power cords: Adaptors for both the parent and baby unit.



Customer Reviews for the Philips DECT Baby Monitor

Pros:  Parents love the fact that with the Philips Avent baby monitor you can change the sensitivity of the unit to suit your needs. 

Cons:  Most people love the features of the Philips Avent baby monitor, but a good 15% of consumers have had problems with the batteries not charging the parent unit properly. Without the parental unit working, this baby monitor is not much use, which is unfortunate because most people are happy with it.




Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor The Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor is a lovely looking monitor at a very affordable price.

It has every feature you could possibly need in a home baby monitor, but would be even better if it had a pan & tilt and IR night time vision.

The Philips Avent monitor has a great range in and outside your home, has 2-way communication, a temperature sensor, night light, lullabies, data encryption and high quality, crystal clear sound.

Overall, a great little baby monitor, although some parents do have problems with the batteries not charging after a few months, which makes the 2 year extended warranty seem like a great idea!



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