MORzA PanTilt WiFi HD Security Camera Review

Check out this wide angle WiFi HD Security Camera

With all of the bells and whistles you need in a high quality WiFi HD Security Camera (it has bank level security), the MORzA Pan/Tilt nanny cam is a great deal. It is easy to set up and in just 15 minutes you will be viewing live stream video from your home, wherever you are in the world, on any mobile device.

There are however, two negatives with this WiFi HD Security Camera and these are that it doesn’t have 2-way communication or a zoom. Despite these shortfalls, with its extra wide field of vision and the pan & tilt function, you have a massive viewing angle, as well as crystal clear HD images, so it is perfect to re-purpose for house security when your children are grown .

  • Wide field of view
  • Pan & Tilt
  • Night time vision
  • Image adjustments
  • Motion detection and customized alerts
  • Simultaneous viewing
  • Connect up to 8 cameras
  • HD resolution
  • Bank level security
  • Secure, offsite video storage


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Viewing angle

When you combine the 77 degree horizontal and the 54 degree vertical viewing angle, you can already view a substantial part of the room. Then when you consider the remote pan & tilt with a 350 degree pan and a 125 degree tilt, you can see the power of this nanny cam, giving you the ability to turn the lens to jus about any location in the room.


Night time vision

With  a low light sensitivity feature of 0.3 lux at 1/5 sec, you will easily see your little ones at night and capture clear videos of what is happening in your home.


Motion detection and customized alerts

If you want to know your children arrive home from school while you’re away at work or at a conference, you can set up a motion alert for your front door and receive a text or email notification whenever the door opens.


Multiple cameras

With the ability to add up to 8 cameras to this system, you can cover every inch of your home. Most other cameras only let you add 4 or 5 cameras to the system, so the MORzA WiFi HD Security Camera System, gives you far more coverage than most other camera systems, which is ideal for the security of your home and your family.


Simultaneous viewing

Up to 10 different people can view your live recordings at any one time, so it is easy to share your little one’s special moments with friends and family. 


Crystal clear images

With HD image quality, high and medium compression options and 1280 x 800 HD resolution, you have crystal clear images 24/7. Don’t forget that you can adjust these images for brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness and exposure and you can see why this nanny cam is a showcase for awesome images.


Bank level security

You won’t have to worry about anyone hacking your live video streams with the bank level security used by this system. It uses a Digest Password Authentication, which is used to confirm your identity before sending sensitive information, which is the same authentication used by online banking institutions.


Secure off site video storage

MORzA PanTilt WiFi HD Security Camera ReviewWith the MORzA Pan/Tilt WiFi HD Security Camera, you not only have a top of the line WiFi HD Security Camera, but you also have the wealth of services provided through BrickHouse Security’s Video Monitoring Platform.

Powered by, BrickHouse’s technology partner, this platform allows you to stream multiple live video feeds directly from your smartphone, tablet, or PC and record these video clips for later review.

The camera will capture your video as long as motion is occurring within its field of view, and securely store that footage in the cloud for you to access at any time. They do charge a monthly fee for this service, which currently for one camera is only $9.99/month and the more cameras you add to the network, the more money you save on these monthly fees.

WiFi HD Security Camera - morza savings chart




  • WIFI: 2.4GHz, 802.11 b/g/n.
  • Battery: No
  • Power supply: 12V DC, 5.1W.
  • Storage: Cloud storage only.
  • Two-way communication: No.
  • Pan & Tilt: Yes and you have a wide 350 H x 125 V viewing angle.
  • Infrared: Yes, low light sensitivity with 0.3 lux at 1/5 sec.
  • Zoom: No.
  • Live feeds/Remote monitoring: On WIndows PC, MAC or your smartphone.
  • Alerts: Push email alerts for motion detection.
  • Data encryption: WEP, WPA or WPA2 and Bank level Digest Password Authentication.
  • Lullabies: No.
  • Warranty: Lifetime Service Warranty.



Recording Specifications

Images from the MORzA WiFi HD Security Camera is crystal clear and this is one of the best features of this security camera.

  • Video resolution: 1280 x 800.
  • Live Quality: High, Medium and Low Compression Options.
  • Recording Quality: High and Medium compression Options.
  • Recording Compression: H.264, MPEG-4.
  • Image Sensor: 1/4″ CMOS, 1280 x 800.
  • Iris: Fixed Iris, F1.8.
  • Field of View: 77 degree (horizontal), 54 degree (vertical).
  • Color images: Yes during daylight, grey and black in low light conditions.
  • Motion detector: Yes.
  • Sound detection: No.



Inclusions for the MORzA WiFi HD Security Camera

What’s in the box?

  • BHS Pan/Tilt WiFi HD Security Camera
  • Camera Stand
  • Wall Screws
  • Power Adapter



My thoughts on the MORzA Pan & Tilt WiFi HD Security Camera

MORzA PanTilt WiFi HD Security Camera ReviewI couldn’t find any online customer reviews for MORzA WiFi HD Security Camera and nanny cam, so it is hard to gauge customer opinion.

What I can say is that this is a nanny cam that focuses on high quality images, is easy to set up and to use, and can easily be re-purposed as a home security camera when your family is grown.

You can also set up 8 cameras in your home, all on the same network and up to 10 people can share the live videos at the same time. Without 2-way communication, you can’t talk to your children at home, but you don’t have to worry about illegal audio recordings in your State and you can talk to them on the phone anyway!

The MORzA WiFi HD Security Camera is a little pricey (more than $200), but you are paying for a solid camera with crystal clear images, bank level encryption, remote pan & tilt and a wide angle viewing range.

Brickhouse also give you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, Free Unlimited Lifetime Technical Support and a Lifetime Service Warranty, as long as you have an active service with them. So if your MORzA WiFi HD Security Camera stops working at any time, they will replace or repair it.


Check out today’s price on the BrickHouse Security Website



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