Mini Clock Radio - Hidden Nanny Cam with Audio

Another Affordable Hidden Nanny Cam with Audio

This mini clock radio actually works as a clock radio, but unknown to others, it is also a high tech, hidden nanny cam with audio functionality. This makes it ideal for keeping an eye on what is going on at home or even in the office, just to be on the safe side.

You can set it up so that you can watch the babysitter interacting with your little one in the nursery or anywhere around your home. It is also a great hidden cam to set up above your desk at work to catch anyone trying to access your computer or going through your belongings.

  • Fully functional clock radio.
  • Does not need WIFI.
  • Video and audio recording.
  • Displays date and time.
  • Play back video on the screen without a PC.
  • Motion activated recording.
  • Only records when motion detected.
  • IR night time vision.
  • Loop recording (stores up to one month).
  • 8 hours battery life.
  • Mains power.
  • Plays FM radio and MP3 files.
  • 32GB Micro SD card storage (SD card not included).
  • Size: 3 x 2 x 2 inches.
  • 1 year limited warranty.


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Video and audio recording

With this hidden nanny cam with audio functionality, you can record both real-time video and audio in your home or even in your workplace. With the safety of our families becoming more of a priority than ever, it is important that you have some peace of mind when you have to leave your family unprotected at home.

With real time video recordings that are saved to an SD card (32GB Micro SD card), this will never happen again, because you can instantly see what has been taking place at home, even at night in full darkness. 

In Super Long recording mode, which has a lower resolution and fewer frames per second, you can store up to 32 days of video footage on your SD card (it records in either 320 x 240 or 640 x 480 resolution).


Loop recording

This hidden nanny cam uses a loop recording, which means that when your SD card is full, it will simply start to record over the existing video footage. You can save your video footage to prevent it from being over written simply by plugging the SD card into a PC at home.


Functioning radio clock

Mini Clock Radio - Hidden Nanny Cam with AudioThis radio clock operates on both mains power and a lithium battery, making this hidden nanny cam fully portable, even without an electrical outlet point in the vicinity.

Not in a million years will anyone think that this clock radio is recording what they are doing, giving you peace of mind knowing that nothing is going to escape your scrutiny at home. 

You can play the FM radio or an MP3 file, keeping everyone in the dark about this hidden cam’s true function.


No WIFI or PC needed

You don’t need to sync this radio clock to your WIFI, so absolutely no-one will know that it is really a hidden cam with audio. You also don’t need to plug it into a PC to watch the videos, because you can use the onscreen menu to view the videos immediately.


Motion activated recording

To save the battery life you can switch the camera from continuous recording to motion activated, which also saves your recording capacity as well. 




  • WIFI: No.
  • Battery: 1000mAH, Compatible with Nokia Li Battery BL-5C.
  • Power supply: DC-5V.
  • Storage: 32GB Micro SD Card storage only.
  • Two-way communication: No.
  • Pan & Tilt: No, but you have a 65 degree viewing angle.
  • Infrared: Yes, you have low light sensitivity.
  • Zoom: No.
  • Recorded viewing: On the clock radio’s LED screen.
  • Alerts: No.
  • Video resolution: 320 x 240 and 640 x 480.
  • FPS: Up to 30.
  • Warranty: 1 year limited warranty.



Inclusions for the Mini Clock Radio Night Vision Hidden Camera

Mini Clock Radio - Hidden Nanny Cam with AudioWhat’s in the box?

  • Mini DVR.
  • Battery charger.
  • Battery.
  • Audio cable.
  • USB cable.
  • Earphones.
  • User manual.



Who should use the Mini Clock Radio Hidden Nanny Cam with audio?

Mini Clock Radio - Hidden Nanny Cam with AudioIf you are worried about leaving your home or office unattended, then this is a great gadget that will let you record any motion during the times that you are away.

It is also ideal for keeping an eye on anyone who interacts with your children or little ones when you are not home or the store room at the office.

For example, when you have to go out and leave your young ones with a babysitter or if someone is pilfering stationary at work.  You can’t talk to anyone who is being recorded using this hidden cam, as its purpose is to simply record events when you are not there to manage the situation yourself.



Customer Reviews

The vast majority of customers love this hidden nanny cam and are more than happy with their purchase.

The only real negatives mentioned by online customers was that the night vision in complete dark isn’t very good, but it is fine in low light levels.



My thoughts on the Mini Clock Radio Hidden Nanny Cam

Mini Clock Radio - Hidden Nanny Cam with AudioIf you are in need of a hidden nanny cam, then this mini clock radio definitely fits the bill.

It doesn’t have 2 way communication, but it doesn’t need it because its function is to record motion within its viewing range.

It has a few great features, for example you don’t need to hook it up to your WIFI, you don’t need a computer to watch the recorded footage and you can save up to a month of video on one SD card.

This mini cam is more suitable for small sized rooms, rather than a really big room, but its functionality is pretty good with clear images and a long battery life. For the price, (less than $100) this is a great little covert camera for use in the home or office.


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