There are so many different Levana baby monitors that you can become all turned around and not know which one is best for your budget and your needs. So I have put this comparison tables together for you, hoping that it will help make your decision much easier.

The table compares the customer reviews, Amazon ratings and editors ratings of Levana baby monitors. So between the reviews and this table, you have a complete picture of each baby monitor.

This means that you can select the highest scoring baby video monitor and then click on the image of the baby monitor which will take you to the merchant’s page or check my other comparison page where the different features of all of the baby monitors are compared (not just Levana).

Alternately, you can go to my reviews page and read my individual Levana baby monitor reviews for more information.

This makes it so much easier than trying to compare each Levana baby monitor and switching between screens. There are only very slight differences between all of these baby video monitors and many of them are very similarly priced.

So being able to scan down a table like this, makes the selection process a lot easier.

I will keep adding to these tables as I write more reviews, so make sure to pop back and catch up on all of my baby monitor reviews.


 Amazon RatingCustomer RatingEditor's RatingOverall ScoreRead Review
Levana Lila Baby Monitor
Best baby monitors Lila
Levana Sophia Baby Monitor
Best baby video monitor Sophia
Levana Jena Baby Monitor
levana jena 2.4 digital video baby monitor Baby Monitor (Jena) Review
Levana Ayden Baby Monitor
Levana Baby Monitor (Ayden) Ayden
Levana Astra Baby Monitor
Levana Baby Monitor (Astra) 2 way baby monitor Astra