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Do you want free online photo storage?

With most of us taking digital photos with our mobile devices or digital cameras, we automatically save them to our computers. The problem is when something goes wrong with our computers and we lose everything.

This isn’t just a far off dream, because we hear of many people who lose all of their data, photos, videos and files when their computer crashes. Sometimes your hard drive just dies on you for no logical reason, other times you spill a cup of coffee on your keyboard and it fries your hard drive, other times your computer or laptop can be stolen, dropped or even lost.

You need to backup your computer

Many people backup their system to an external hard drive, which is a great idea – unless your house burns down and takes your external drive with it. Another problem with this scenario is that external drives can be stolen and yet another problem is that you can’t restore your home computer, if you are on the other side of the world.


iDrive - hard drive backups


Just imagine that you are working overseas and your partner rings to tell you that their laptop containing all of the family’s photos has just died. The computer store said that nothing could be saved.

How good would it feel to tell your partner that when they buy a new PC, you can easily download all of the photos without even being there yourself.

This is the power of a cloud storage solution and even better – iDrive have free online storage for up to 5GB of data. If all you want to store is your family’s photos, that is a huge amount of free storage space.

There are hardly any online storage solutions that offer free online photo storage, but iDrive still offers this service to their customers. You can open an account and save any of your data, up to 5GB for free. Anymore than this and you pay a yearly fee, but even that is really cheap – $59.95 for 1TB of online backup services.

You can read my full review of iDrive’s cloud storage solutions here.

Do you need cloud storage with your nanny cam?

The answer is maybe. Some nanny cams offer cloud storage for the images or videos you record with your nanny cam, but not many of them provide cloud storage.

Most of them that do offer cloud storage also charge a substantial monthly fee for this service and you can’t save any other data to these accounts. So if you are going to pay for cloud storage you may as well go with one of the leading providers of cloud storage, so you can backup everything in one location.

idrive - cloud storage solutionsWithout a doubt, iDrive is the best online photo storage offering a free online backup service that can easily be scheduled to take place automatically.

All you do is fill in your information, grab your free 5GB of storage, schedule your backups and you are all set. If you need more storage space then you just upgrade.

If the worst happens and you need to do a system restore on your computer, you just download all of your photos, videos and data files onto your computer and you have everything back to normal.

It is such a shame that not more people backup their computers when it is so easy to do and free as well. So if you have a nanny cam, consider opening a free iDrive account, backup your hard drive and keep all of those precious memories safe forever.





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