Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder and nanny cam


Love the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder and Pet Cam

It is such a relief when you go out to work, knowing that your beloved pets are happy at home with their new Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder. Unlike many other smart feeders, this one has a nanny cam or pet cam attached, so you can watch your pets when you are not at home as well.

One of the best features of this dog and cat camera and feeder is that once you set up a feeding schedule, even if your WiFi goes down at home, the feeder will still operate to your set schedule. This feature definitely takes all the worry away from leaving your pets home alone when you are at work.

  • Holds both wet and dry food.
  • Treats and medications.
  • Connects to your home WiFi.
  • Easy to set up and keep clean.
  • Locking mechanism makes it cat proof.
  • Built in pet cam.
  • Works with iOS, Android and Windows smartphones.
  • Works with tablets and PCs.
  • 4 rubber feet stops it sliding around.
  • Ability to schedule feeding times.
  • Stores schedules inside the feeder.
  • Real time notifications that your pet has been fed.
  • Records your voice messages to your pet.
  • 6 compartments, each holding 8oz.
  • Mains power only.
  • Size: 20 x 16 x 3 inches.
  • 12 month warranty.


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How does the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder work?

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder If you look on the top of the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder, you will see a large triangular compartment. This is one of the 6 feeding compartments available to you, but you don’t need to use them all.

If you just want to give your pet one meal while you are out and maybe a treat as well, then you just use 2 of the compartments. So you add the food or treats to each compartment (each compartment holds an 8oz cup of food) and close the lid leaving an empty compartment visible.

If you need to fill each of the 6 compartments, then one will immediately be accessible to your pet, so you need to decide what’s best for your pet. You can either set up a schedule for a number of feeding times during the day or just one time.

The manufacturers have designed the feeder so that the compartments are just about airtight, which means that wet food won’t dry out quickly. You can leave the food in the feeder for up to 24 hours and it should still be good to go. 

Once you have set up the schedule, the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder will slide across the next meal for your pet at the scheduled time. You can either leave them to find the food themselves or it will play your recorded message to them, calling your pet over for their snack or dinner.



How do you set up the schedules?

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder web portalTo initially set up the schedules for feeding your pet, you need to access the web portal.

The portal is very easy to understand and you can set up regular scheduling for your pet’s feeding times and even schedule multiple Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeders, if you have more than one pet.

You will receive SMS or email notifications of when your pet is about to be fed, when they have been fed or even both types of notifications. When they are eating their snacks or dinner you can watch them from the comfort of your office and know that they are happy.



How does the pet cam work?

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder pet camWell, first of all you can record your own voice messages for your pet, so you can call them over to be fed or just so you know that they are OK (though that latter is a bit cruel if they don’t get a snack for coming!).

The dog and cat camera is located at the back of the open feeding compartment and always faces the front of the feeder. So whenever your pet eats their dinner or has a snack, you can see them at the same time on your smartphone.

A pet cam was not the priority for this feeder and I can’t find any specs for the web cam at all, not even in the manual. So this is primarily an automatic pet feeder with the added feature of a web cam, so whilst you can’t expect the best nanny cam ever, it is certainly good enough to watch your pet at home.



Points to note about the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder

With the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder, you have to go to their website to make any schedules or to view your pet feeding. Currently, there is no app for this feeder and pet cam, but hopefully the manufacturers will add one in the future.

You can however, add a shortcut link to the front screen of your smartphone which will take you straight to the web page.

Another feature which would be perfect for this feeder is a backup battery. At the moment, if the power goes out, then the feeder stops working, although it remembers your schedules when the power comes back on again.

If your WiFi goes off, the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder also remembers your schedules, so that’s not a problem – having a backup battery however, would be fabulous.


Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder



Summing up the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder and Pet Cam

Feed and Go Smart Pet FeederIf you mainly want an automated feeder for your pet with a pet cam as a bonus, then this might be the solution for you and your pet. You can of course, just buy a nanny cam and an automatic feeder, which will work better for you if you want a full featured pet cam.

For simply checking on your pet quickly during the day when they are feeding (you can call them over at any time as well), the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder is a great product. You can’t talk to your pet spontaneously, as you can with a pet cam that has 2-way communication, but then a nanny cam won’t feed your pet!

The Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder is fairly expensive (more than $200), but the look on your happy pet’s face is sometimes priceless.


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