Do you need a pet cam?


Install a pet cam and keep an eye on your dog or cat at home

If you have a dog or cat at home, then have you ever thought about installing a pet cam? You might be really amazed at what your pup gets up to when you are not around. Dogs who are home alone all day can become very mischievous, because they are bored and they miss us not being there with them – cats most probably sleep all day.

Most of us feel guilty about leaving our dogs alone at home when we go to work. It is even worse when we have to go away for an extended period of time. One way to make yourself feel better about leaving your dog or cat at home, is to install a dog cam so you can keep an eye on them while you are at work.

pet cam - cat camThe great thing about a pet cam is that you can remotely pan and tilt the camera so that you can follow your dog’s antics around the room. You can also have 2-way communication with many of the pet cams, so that you can actually talk to your dog or cat at home.

Imagine seeing your dog chewing your favorite shoes and telling them to stop by using the microphone in the doggie cam! You can also hear your dog if they are barking or making any other noises at home as well. So a pet cam can take away a lot of the stress involved in leaving your dog at home and also lets you to keep an eye on them, in case they get up to no good at home.

Do dogs really miss us when we leave them at home?

Well, yes they do. Research has shown that dogs do understand the concept of time. The way that dogs relate to time is different to how we relate to time however. For example, when we think of a past event we put it in context with what we saw, what the weather was like, how long we were there, who we met – that sort of context.

Dogs on the other hand think of how much time has passed since something happened. So for example, they know that it has been too long since they were last walked or too long since they were last fed.

The reason we know pet cam - doggie camthis is because if you have just walked or fed them, they are happy but the more time that has passed since their walk or their last meal – the more they nag us. So they do realize that time has passed time an event occurred.

They also understand the difference between being left alone for certain lengths of time. Research using MRIs has shown that dogs do know the difference between 30 minutes and two hours and their behavior changes depending on how long they have been left alone. So if you leave them alone for 30 minutes they are happy to see you when you return, but after 2 hours they are even happier to see you.

At the moment there is no scientific evidence that dogs understand the difference between 2 and 4 hours, but since dogs can understand the time since a past event (called episodic memory), they may well also understand that more than 2 hours has passed.

If you think back, your dog is always happy to see you when you return after an hour, but they are doing back flips when you return after six hours. I am sure that you have also left your dog in the kennel when you have gone on holiday or heard stories about kids going off to college and leaving the family dog at home.

Have you seen this video on YouTube? It is where a young girl returns home after 2 years working away and her dog who was left at the family home is so excited to see her that the dog faints.


So anecdotal evidence does seem to support that our dogs do know the difference and that more time has passed since they last saw you.

So do you need a doggie cam?

A pet cam is a great idea to keep an eye on what your dog is up to at home when they are all alone. You can catch your dog doing some really weird stuff when they are alone – all of the dogs in this next video were left home alone and their antics were caught on pet cams.


Just imagine what you might find out if you install a doggie cam in your home!



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