Thief looking in door - do home security cameras deter thieves?


Are home security cameras really worth the money?

Many of us are concerned about thieves breaking into our homes, so we install home security cameras both inside and outside of our homes as a deterrent. However, how much of a deterrent are security cameras? Do home security cameras actually stop thieves from selecting your home for their next foray?

On face value, you might assume that anyone who practices breaking and entering for a living would steer clear of homes with security cameras, and whilst this mainly does hold true, not all burglars worry about alarm systems. 

So what benefit is there to installing security cameras in your home? Well since checking for an alarm system is one of the first things a thief does when they are scoping out your property, it seems like a good idea to have at least one or two installed.

A study in 2012 that actually interviewed incarcerated burglars in North Carolina, Kentucky and Ohio, found that found that whilst just over 80% of burglars would look to see if a property had an alarm, only 40% said that surveillance cameras would make them look elsewhere. 

Of course, home security cameras are going to help deter thieves, but when more than half of them would not be put off by the presence of security cameras, what else can we do?

Well, there are plenty of things we can do to make burglars think that breaking into our home is not such a good idea at all and definitely isn’t the easiest of options. The video below gives a good overview of how burglars think and what you can do to keep your home safe from thieves.



Tips to help deter burglars from your home


You might be surprised to learn that most burglaries are performed during the day by people who can easily blend into the scenery and they can be in and out of your home in just a few minutes. What usually happens is that a burglar will approach your front door and knock and if no-one answers will head around the back to look for an easy entry.

home security cameras help to prevent theives breaking into your homeMost burglars don’t try to pick locks, instead forcing their way into your home is the fastest option, either through the back door, a window or even through the garage.

If an alarm does go off, they are not really worried, because most neighbors don’t pay attention to alarms anymore, and the police will take 8 to 10 minutes to arrive at the best.

Usually a burglar goes to the master bedroom first and then the living rooms, study and den, rarely going up into an attic or down into a basement. They will stick to ares from which they can exit quickly and are on the look out for jewelry, money, phones and laptops, and anything else that is small enough to carry away easily.

So given this scenario, here are 5 tips to help burglar proof your home.

1. Make friends with your neighbors

One of the best ways for a burglar to be deterred from breaking into your home is for a neighbor to pop their head over the fence and ask them – if they can help? Neighbors that look out for each other, particularly when they are at home and know that your are away at work or on holiday are one of the best first lines of defense against burglars. Any burglar confronted by a neighbor is quite likely to mumble some excuse and leave your property. So along with installing home security cameras, a neighbor who keeps their eyes open is one of the best deterrent to burglars.

2. Keep a family dog

barking dogs help with home securityMore often than not, when a burglar sees a dog on the property they will keep on walking. Whether the dog is outside or inside, most burglars know that they will either be bitten or confronted with a barking and irate dog that will instantly alert the neighbors that something is going on next door.

So having a family dog will help to deter burglars, as well as installing the right home security cameras on your property.

3. Don’t advertise your whereabouts

If you are going away for a weekend or on holidays, don’t shout it out on Facebook or any other social media for that matter. You might be surprised at the extent that burglars will go to to find easy pickings and knowing that a home is going to be unoccupied is an open invitation.

4. Lock the doors and windows

This might seem that an inane thing to say, but an unlocked door or window is the best way to encourage a burglar to enter your home. After all, when more than a third of burglars actually enter homes through an unlocked door – you have got to pay attention to locking everything up. Even if you are just popping out for 5 mins to take the kids to school or walk the dog – always lock the doors and windows (even if you are in the backyard gardening, lock the front door!).

Trimmed front yard of home helps with home security cameras5. Trim vegetation around doors and windows

High vegetation (trees and shrubbery) that covers the windows or the entry way to your home can give too much cover to a burglar.

This might be a simple tip, but it can still be very effective at putting off a burglar and making them keep on walking. So always keep vegetation close to your trimmed down enough so that if anyone does try to break into through the doors or windows, they can be easily seen by your neighbors.

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