Conbrov T16 720P Mini Spy Cam - Hidden Camera


The Smallest Mini Spy Cam Ever??

As a Best Seller on Amazon this tiny mini spy camera is definitely worth a look, because it packs a punch – even though it is so small. This spy cam has multiple uses, because you can attach it to your clothes using the included camera clip or stand it on a shelf or table using the magnetic bracket.

It can record both videos and photos without attracting attention and can even record in total darkness up to a maximum of 15 feet. The Conbrov T16 supports loop recordings on a micro SD card (not included in your purchase) and is currently selling for less than $50.

  • Best Seller on Amazon.
  • Super small hidden mini spy cam.
  • World’s smallest portable pocket body camera.
  • Home security or nanny cam.
  • HD videos (AVI) and images.
  • 720p video (30 fps).
  • 75 degree field of view.
  • Night time vision (total darkness at 10 to 15 ft).
  • Continuous or manual recordings in 5 minute clips.
  • Supports loop recording.
  • Records audio as well as video.
  • SD card slot (class 10 micro SD cards with 8GB to 32GB capacity – not included).
  • Can record and charge simultaneously.
  • Sound detection (greater than 60db).
  • Comes with a magnetic bracket, camera clip and pin for multiple mounting options.
  • Does not require WiFi.
  • Does not support live streaming or viewing.
  • Size: 0.81 x 0.98 x 1.08 inch cube.
  • Weight: 0.6 ounces.


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What makes the Conbrov T16 mini spy cam so special?

Conbrov T16 720P Mini Spy Cam - Hidden Camera Conbrov are well known for their commitment to developing some of the best home security cameras on the market.

They have been in business since 2005 and have more than 10 years experience in the industry, producing some of the best hidden cameras and dash cams in the market space.

The Conbrov T16 is another of their top selling surveillance cameras that can covertly record both videos and photos in crystal clear vision. The small and portable design of the Conbrov T16 mini spy cam can be used as a hidden body cam to record meetings, as a normal video camera to record fun events, or as a nanny cam at home.

Conbrov T16 720P Mini Spy Cam - Hidden Camera You might not think that such a small camera can take such great videos and photos, so this spy cam will definitely surprise you! With 1280 x 720p HD resolution and 30 fps, you have high quality day vision and exceptional night vision, even in total darkness. 

There is even a sound detection feature that will start recording automatically for 2 minutes, if it detects sounds greater than 60db (it will keep recording if the sound continues for longer than 2 minutes).

You can also set it up to record manually or continuously – for the manual mode it records until you turn it off and in the continuous mode it saves the videos to your SD card every 5 minutes. It will even continue recording when it is charging, so you don’t need to worry about the battery going flat. The max recording time is 45 minutes in day time and 35 minutes at night.

Top this off with micro SD card storage and you have the perfect set up for covert recordings with this very affordable mini spy cam. The 32 GB micro SD card holds up to 6 hours of recordings.



How do you setup and use the Conbrov T16 mini spy cam?

Setting up your Conbrov T16 mini spy cam is pretty simple. All you need to do is to charge the camera first and then install the micro SD card. Next, start the camera and select the mode you want, such as ‘manual recording’, ‘continuous’ or ‘sound detection’ and you are good to go!

This mini spy cam comes with a great manual and customer support are extremely helpful. 

Mounting is also simple, because you either clip it to your clothes with the included camera clip or stand it on a shelf or desk using the magnetic stand.



What do customers say about the Conbrov T16 mini spy cam?

Conbrov T16 720P Mini Spy Cam - Hidden CameraAt the moment, this mini spy cam by Conbrov is selling like hot cakes!

Customers love that it is so small and can be hidden away quite easily to record as needed, they also like the high quality video recordings and that it is so simple to use.



Overview of the Conbrov mini spy cam

Conbrov T16 720P Mini Spy Cam - Hidden Camera If you want a really teeny mini spy cam that is manufactured by a reliable company, then check out the Conbrov T16 hidden cam.

It is approximately a 1 inch cube that you can easily fix to your clothing, bags or bike, and you can even stand it on a shelf, desk or table. 

It doesn’t require WiFi, so it is perfect for renters who don’t have WiFi in their apartments, instead it records the HD videos and photos to a micro SD card.

You have multiple mode options, including continuous or manual recording, as well as a sound detection mode. The Conbrov T16 is a Best Seller on Amazon and has lots of positive customer reviews.


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