Cavalry IPC10010 nanny cam with audio


A nanny cam with high quality images and is easy to set up

The Cavalry IPC10010 is an extremely affordable nanny cam with very high quality, crisp images. It also comes with 2-way communication, IR night time vision, pan & tilt, micro SD storage, motion alerts and is easy to set up as well.

If you are looking for an easy to use, plug and play WIFI surveillance camera, which can be used as a nanny cam, then this is a great option. The Cavalry IPC10010 home security camera makes protecting your loved ones as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • WIFI/Wireless.
  • Micro SD storage.
  • 2-way communication.
  • IR night time vision.
  • High quality images.
  • Pan & Tilt.
  • Motion detection.
  • Alert notifications on your mobile devices.


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WIFI/Wireless communications

The great feature about this WIFI video camera is that you can monitor what is happening at home, from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

Use it on your mobile device – smart phone, iPad or on your PC, and as long as you have WIFI, you can instantly access live feeds, take snaps of precious moments and control the camera remotely. You can even talk to your children to check up on them and reassure them or sign your baby a lullaby to help them drift off to sleep.


Micro SD storage

Calvary IPC10010 wifi surveillance camera and nanny camWith the micro SD slot on the Calvary IPC10010 nanny cam you can easily store all of your favorite images and live videos and transfer them to your PC for even more secure storage.

You can use a 32GB Micro SDHC with this nanny cam.

So whenever you check in with your family, you can take a few snaps and keep them forever. This means that even when you are working away from home you don’t miss out on what’s happening at home.


2-way communication

This is a great feature and a must-have for any nanny cam. With 2-way communication you can talk to your partner at home or even the baby sitter. You can also talk to your children when they are working on their homework (if you have more than one nanny cam networked in your home) or chat to your partner when they are feeding or changing your baby in the nursery.


IR night time vision

With the Cavalry IPC10010 nanny cam you have day and 8 night infrared LEDs with a 16 foot range, so you can even monitor your baby or children during the evening or night time from anywhere in the world. 

This is a great feature to have and 16 feet is a fair distance, so you can easily see across the nursery to the cot – if the nanny cam is on a shelf across the room.


High quality images

Calvary IPC10010 nanny camThe video images are crisp and high quality and the infrared light gives you 24/7 secure monitoring. The resolution of the images is 1280 x 720 with CMOS 1/4 inch 1.3 million pixel resolution images at 30 frames per second. You also have auto white balance and auto exposure for perfect images at any time of the day or night.


Pan & Tilt

This is a super feature in a nanny cam, because you can move the camera around remotely and catch your little one scampering across the room or follow your partner as they move around the nursery. The camera rotates horizontally 355 degrees and elevates vertically 270 degrees – so you have a really wide angle of view.


Alert notifications

With the Cavalry IPC10010 nanny cam you only have motion alerts on your smartphone or mobile device, you don’t have sound notifications.

If you are using the Cavalry camera for home surveillance this is most probably OK, otherwise read my iBaby M6 review, as this is the highest scoring nanny cam that also gives you sound notifications, although it doesn’t have an SD card slot.

On the other hand, if you want an SD card slot and sound notifications as well, then check out my D-lLink DCS-855L review (the DCS-855L also has a digital zoom, plays lullabies and has an ambient temperature sensor).




Who uses the Cavalry IPC10010 nanny cam?

Anyone who needs to keep a close eye on what is happening at home, will benefit from installing the Cavalry IPC10010 nanny cam. You can use it to:

  • Make sure your baby is safe at home when you are in work.
  • Talk to your baby, children or partner when you are away from the home.
  • Keep in touch with the babysitter.
  • Monitor your baby at night when they are asleep in the nursery.
  • Keep an eye on an elderly relative in the home.
  • Watch your pets when they are home alone.
  • Use as a nanny cam or home surveillance camera.

Calvary IPC10010 nanny cam for home security



What do customers think about the Cavalry IPC10010? 

Most customers give these surveillance cameras a 4 or 5 star rating. Comments include “very easy to set up”, “excellent video quality”, “gives a good view with my cellphone anywhere I am” and “even a child could set this up”.

Customers also note that they are happy with the customer service, as they respond quickly and are very helpful.

Other great benefits include the ability to view your recordings on your PC using a VLC Media Player or download the ‘View Anytime’ app from Google Play Store for mobile devices. The nanny cam can also be easily set up in a hotel room to protect your children when you pop out of the room for a few minutes.

Some customers feel that these cameras do not have a lot of options and that they are best for the novice user.

However, on the plus side is the fact that the Cavalry is easy to set up – you just plug it in and it works – you don’t have to configure IP addresses, port forwarding or deal with complicated instructions. I also noted from the comments that it cannot be used with a Mac, but apparently it can work with Linux.



IPC10010 vs the IPC10020 and the IPC10030 

Cavalry sell the IPC10010 Camera, the IPC10020 and the IPC10030 Camera. The only difference I can see between these three models is that the IPC10020 comes with a  bonus 16GB Micro SDHC  Class 10 card, whereas the IPC10010 does not and the IPC10030 actually comes with a 32GB SDHC card.




Features I like about the Cavalry IPC10010 nanny cam

A very affordable nanny cam with excellent video quality even during the night. Setup is really fast and pain free, app is easy to use, there is no expensive cloud storage (because you have a micro SD card), pan and tilt is a great feature and customer support are very helpful. 

Points to note about the Cavalry IPC10010 nanny cam

Does not go work well with Blue Iris or other commonly used DVR software or port forwarding, but since it is designed to be an easy ‘plug and play’ set up – you don’t need any of these other complicated steps, including fiddling with IP addresses to setup and configure the nanny cam.

There are also not a lot of options or controls, but this can be a good feature making it much easier to set up and use. It also only has motion detection and alerts, not sound detection, which would be a nice added feature for a nanny cam.



Concluding thoughts on the Cavalry IPC10100

Cavalry IPC10010 nanny cam with audioJust about every customer goes out of their way to state that this camera is really easy to set up and use, which is very refreshing because so many other brands are very difficult to set up in the home.

The Cavalry IPC10010 WIFI surveillance camera is suitable for use as a nanny cam, for surveillance at your place of business, to check up on your pets or elderly relatives while you are away at work or for home security.

So if you are looking for a versatile and easy to set-up, home surveillance camera, then the three Cavalry cameras are all ideal, you just have to decide if you want the one with a 16GB (IPC10020) SD card, a 32GB SD card (IPC10030) or none at all (IPC10010). 

For the price points, all three of these nanny cams are well worth the money. They are reliable, work well and the customer support is exemplary. Well worth a look. 


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