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Amazon Key Home Kit – No More Lost Keys or Stolen Packages?


Amazon Key Home Kit


Amazon Key Home Kit – No More Lost Keys or Stolen Packages?

Have you heard about the Amazon Key Home Kit? With the massive increase in online shopping, home deliveries have increased accordingly, but so has package theft!

If you have had an Amazon package stolen from your porch, you will know what I am talking about. Amazon in their wisdom, decided to do something about stolen delivery packages, so they have put together the Amazon Key Home Kit to protect your online purchases.


What does the Amazon Key Home Kit do?

Essentially, this keyless entry kit allows a delivery person to deliver your packages inside your front door. You can also give codes to family members and allow trades people (electricians, plumbers, cleaners, dog walkers) into your home when you are away.

Most people are very hesitant about letting anyone into their home when they are not there, so this might seem rather alarming – but it’s catching on fast!


Amazon Key Home Kit - keyless entry


How does the Amazon Key Home Kit work?

First of all, the Amazon Key Home Kit includes a Cloud Cam and a Yale Smart Lock. You don’t have to use the Yale Smart Lock if you prefer not to, but you will need to use another compatible Smart lock, such as Kwikset.

If you have an existing security system in your home with a security code to turn it off, the Amazon Key Home Kit won’t be compatible. This is because when your front door is opened your home alarm system will be triggered – unless you turn the system off before you leave for work (which defeats the purpose of having a security system!).

The camera operates via WI-FI and communicates with the lock via a wireless protocol used by many smart home devices (Zigbee). You need to position the camera so that you can clearly see the front door of your home (inside your home) and then download the Amazon key app to your smartphone.

Amazon Key Home Kit - prevent stolen UPS packages


When your delivery is due to arrive, you will receive a notification on your smartphone that a delivery is going to be made that day; the notification will include an estimated window of delivery time. You will receive another notification when the delivery van arrives, giving you plenty of time to check the camera.

The delivery person is instructed to ring the bell or knock the door, in case someone is at home, but also to give themselves a heads up if a dog has been alerted to their presence. They are also instructed to place the packages just inside the door and not to enter your home if at all possible.

Once at your door, the delivery person scans the package’s barcode, sending a request to Amazon’s cloud. Amazon then verifies that the package and the address match, then sends a code to the camera to turn the camera on and unlocks your door at the same time.


Amazon Key Home Kit - prevents package theft


You can watch the delivery taking place in real-time via the camera and once completed, the smart lock automatically relocks once the delivery person has placed your packages inside the door; since they didn’t receive any codes themselves – they can’t use the code to open your door in the middle of the night and ransack your home.

This system is also designed to integrate with ALEXA devices, so you could make your entire home smart!


Are there any negatives to using the Amazon Key Home Kit?

In theory, the Amazon Key Home Kit is a solid solution to package theft, however not everyone is going to be comfortable with the system.

Amazon has done a good job ensuring that the delivery people don’t receive entry codes to your home, but what happens if you have a dog that might run out if the door is opened?

Currently, Amazon only uses this system with their own delivery personnel and only in States where their own Distribution Centres handle the deliveries. This might be good if your trust Amazon, but not good if you don’t have a distribution centre in your area.

It is also only available to PRIME members.



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Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair – Review

Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair - Medical Breakthrough


Relax with the Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

The Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair is the perfect solution for anyone who lives a stressful life or suffers from frequent back pain. Designed by over 25 doctors, surgeons, pain specialists and chiropractors and with lots of customization, this full body shiatsu massage chair will definitely put a smile on your dial.

I give you fair warning – it is expensive, but when you can lie back and have the best massage of your life – and feel great afterwards, any price is worth it!

FYI: This full body massage chair is actually selling very well on Amazon (despite its price), so it is definitely worth investigating.

  • Designed by medical specialists.
  • Unlimited customization.
  • Medial Body Scan for ultimate comfort and therapy.
  • Zero gravity for a deep sense of relaxation.
  • Chiropractic Back Stretch – relieves tight muscles.
  • L-shaped design to fit your body perfectly.
  • Multiple massage techniques.
  • 6 massage programs.
  • 2 memory functions to store favorite settings.
  • Manual massage modes with 3 options.
  • Air pressure massage.
  • Foot and calf roller massage.
  • Soothing infrared heat.
  • Remote control.
  • Weight of chair: 190lbs.


Check Price on Amazon



Features of this Full Body Massage Chair By Medical Breakthrough

With one of the most powerful lower back rollers on the market, you can work out the stiffness and pain in your back in just one fabulous, relaxing hour. The adjustable leg extensions mean that even if you are 5’2″ or 6’5″ tall, you can still comfortably fit in this massage chair and enjoy a wonderful, therapeutic massage.


Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair - Medical Breakthrough Full Body Stretch:  A good stretch every day helps to keep us young, supple and healthy, but not many of us actually do any form of stretching on a consistent basis. But we all know that we should – how often has your back ached and the first thing you do is try to stretch the muscles to ease the pain?

Well, the Medical Breakthrough 4 has a built-in a Full Body Stretch function that holds you hips in place while your legs are pulled down and your back is stretched. Just imagine gardening all afternoon or arriving home after a gruelling day at work and having a full body stretch within minutes of closing the front door!

If this is ALL that this reclining massage chair offered it would be cheap at half the price, but it has lots of other great functions.

Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair - Medical Breakthrough Zero Gravity Sleep System: The Medical Breakthrough Full Body Massage Chair is the first zero gravity chair designed to help you fall asleep.

So if you have trouble sleeping because of back pain or you have had a few sleepless nights with the kids, you can simply lie back in this massage chair and be lulled to sleep in perfect comfort.

Smart Full Body Medical Scan: The advanced Full Body Scan Technology used by Medical Breakthrough detects every part of your body and delivers a customized and targeted massage, every time. You can also alter the position of the rollers yourself, so that you can make micro-adjustments to the areas they massage.



What do customers say about this Full Body Massage Chair?

So far, I haven’t found any negative reviews for this zero gravity massage chair – so that say’s a lot about this awesome massage chair!



Overview of the Medical Breakthrough 4 Full Body Massage Chair

As the only zero gravity massage chair designed by medical specialists, it is no wonder that this massage chair is selling very well on Amazon at the moment. 

With multiple massage modes, micro-adjustments, heat therapy, reflexology and plenty of other options (as well as a remote control), this reclining massage chair might be expensive, but certainly packs a punch.

If you have any back pain at all or have trouble sleeping due to stress, this full body shiatsu massage chair might be your ticket to a much better life. 


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Family GPS Trackers – Ultimate Buying Guide

GPS Trackers


GPS Trackers are a cheap way to increase your safety and security

GPS Trackers or Locators are an easy and very affordable strategy to keep a caring eye on your family and recover stolen property. But which GPS Tracker is the best for your family?

Click my quick links below and jump to the GPS Finder Locator that suits your needs:

  1. Family GPS Trackers for Kids.
  2. GPS Tracker for Elderly Relatives.
  3. GPS Tracker for Dogs and Cats.
  4. Car GPS Tracker.
  5. GPS Luggage Tracker.
  6. Location Tracker for Phones.
  7. GPS Tracker for Keys.
  8. Vehicle GPS Tracker for Teen Drivers.
  9. Boat or Bike GPS Tracker.


This specific GPS Tracker is the most popular with our readers


Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker
Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

This is an excellent family GPS Tracker and is perfect for tracking your kids, teenagers, spouse, elderly relatives, vehicles and assets.

Its not the cheapest GPS Location Tracker on the market, but it has a ton of very positive customer reviews – even though you need to subscribe to a monthly tracking plan (but there are no cancellation fees).

If you can get it for under $60, then grab it. That’s one heck of a deal on a GOOD GPS Tracker! 


Which GPS Tracker is Best?

When it comes to a family GPS Tracker with the best online customer reviews, these are the 6 best real time GPS Trackers on the market. All are great devices and very affordable (compare these 6 GPS Trackers here).


Best Family GPS Tracker Choices:

  1. Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker – info page.
  2. Tile Mate Finder – info page.
  3. Optimus Real Time GPS Locator – info page.
  4. Yandog Mini Finder & Bluetooth Tag – info page.
  5. Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker – info page.
  6. Accutracking VTPlug TK373 3G Vehicle Tracker – info page.


Any of the 6 GPS Locator Trackers in the list above are great devices that have plenty of positive online reviews and should be ideal for your family.




There are lots of passive GPS Location Trackers on the market, but knowing whether you should buy one and how you might use it can be tricky.

First of all, placing a live GPS tracker on your personal vehicles and valuable equipment in your home makes sense, because if anything is stolen, you can quickly track each item down. However, attaching a small GPS Tracker to your kid’s school bags or an elderly relative’s belt or handbag might at first seem intrusive to some people, but when it is for their safety in an emergency, that changes your perspective, doesn’t it?

So let’s look at the benefits of using a hidden GPS Tracker for your family and then look at the types of GPS Locators that are on the market.


8 Benefits of Family GPS Trackers

There are lots of great benefits from using a personal GPS Tracker for your family, here are just 8 of these benefits:

1. You won’t worry so much

There is no point in telling parents not to worry, but using a GPS Kid Tracker can certainly reduce your alarm status and give you some peace of mind, just knowing where your kids are at any moment in time.

2. Locate your child in a crowd

We all know that small children can easily become separated from us in a crowd, all it takes is a minute’s distraction and they are gone! A child GPS Tracker can be a serious blessing, allowing you to quickly find your lost child, regardless of where they are in a crowd.

3. Monitor children with special needs

We all worry about our children, but those with special needs can wander off and become distracted very easily. Balancing their independence with their safety is a real concern for parents, so a small portable GPS Tracker for kids is the ideal solution.

4. Ensuring teen drivers are behaving

When you set curfews and boundaries on your teenagers, these all seem to fly out of the window when they get behind the wheel. Teen drivers can age their parents very fast, which is why a car GPS Tracker is such good value.Yes, they need their independence, but they are also under age and behind the wheel – a combination that just about requires the installation of a magnetic GPS Tracker for the car!


Click here to find out which GPS Trackers are Best for You!


5. Track your kids if they are abducted

No-one wants to ever consider that something like this could happen to their children, but at the same time isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? A personal GPS Tracker will let you know exactly where your child is at any given moment, which can make all the difference if they are abducted.

6. Recovering lost pets

If you pet has gone missing or has been dog-napped or cat-napped, a GPS Pet Tracker can have your pet home in no time at all. Racing around the neighborhood calling their name might work, but it is so much easier and less stressful when you attach a cat or dog GPS Location Tracker to their collar and know exactly where they are when you need to find them.

7. Locating stolen cars and property

There are specific GPS Trackers designed for attaching to cars and to your personal property, making it fairly easy to locate them if they are stolen. A Car GPS Tracker, bicycle GPS Tracker or even a boat, trailer, ATV or motorbike GPS Locator ensures that the police know where your stolen property is located and lets them hone in on the culprits very quickly.

8. Locating lost property

How often have you walked away and left your phone, handbag or luggage behind and you can’t remember where? A GPS phone tracker is just about essential in this day and age, because we can even loose our phones in the house! A GPS luggage tracker can be just about essential for anyone who travels frequently and attaching a small GPS Tracker to your handbag can come in very handy the next time you loose it. You can even invest in a GPS Tracker for your wallet, which saves  a lot of angst if someone lifts your purse or wallet in a crowd.


TOP 3 GPS Trackers


Top Buying Tips for GPS Trackers

There are a number of factors you need to take into consideration when you are purchasing a GPS Tracker. 

Compact size

Depending on why you are purchasing the GPS Location Tracker, you will most probably want it to be small and compact. For example, a Car GPS Tracker can be larger than a GPS Finder for dogs, for obvious reasons. In addition, GPS trackers that are attached to your personal items and equipment need to be small enough that they are not noticed, particularly if they are stolen. 

Multiple uses

Generally, the compact vehicle GPS Trackers are small enough to pop into a school bag or briefcase,as well as underneath or inside a car. The newer Tile GPS Trackers are small and flat and are perfect for attaching to your key ring, smart phone or luggage. You can even attach them to the belt of an elderly person, which is particularly useful if they suffer from dementia.

Track and map

One of the best features of a good GPS Locator is that you can use Google Maps to track and locate your kids, elderly relatives, pets, luggage,car, bike, boat, motorbike, phone and other personal belongings, all in real time. 


Obviously, the less you have to pay for your GPS Tracker, the better, but for most of these GPS Locators, you need to purchase a monthly subscription – otherwise you can’t track anything! The GPS Tracker app may be free, but to have full functionality and all of the real time tracking features, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee as well. 

If you are conscious of the price or are on a limited budget, check the page below for all of the GPS Trackers that are discounted today.


This page on Amazon has multiple GPS Trackers on sale today


International travel

If you travel overseas you will need a GPS Tracker Locator that has an international roaming feature. This usually entails contacting the provider of the device and changing your data plan. 

No lock-in contracts for GPS Trackers

Most of the subscription plans no longer lock you into contracts or charge you a cancellation Fee. Always check on this, before you make any purchase.

Alert notifications

Whenever your child, teenager or elderly relative moves outside a set boundary you need to receive an alert notification, so you can track them down, contact them or go and bring them home. So look for geofencing as a feature on your family GPS Tracker.

Battery saving mode

Another great feature is that the GPS tracker doesn’t use up the battery if it isn’t in motion. This saves you from having to replace the batteries too often, which can be a pain if it is attached to a vehicle. The Tile GPS Trackers tend to have a much longer battery (up to a year compared to other GPS trackers), and some pet GPS Locators have batteries that last for a few months as well.

SOS features with GPS Trackers

An essential feature when keeping your kids safe is a button that when pressed, sends an email or SMS message to specific email addresses or phone numbers. This is vital if your kids are in trouble and don’t have time to call you, as they can just press a button on the tracker and you are notified immediately that they are in trouble.

Magnetic mounting for Vehicle GPS Trackers

If you want to attach a GPS Tracking device to the underneath of a vehicle, then you need one that has a magnetic mounting case. Most hidden GPS Trackers for cars sell these separately, but if you look for long enough, you can find a GPS Vehicle Tracker that is magnetic and doesn’t need a separate mounting case.


tinySOS Live Location Emergency Tracker


Best Uses of GPS Trackers for Families

You can purchase a family GPS Tracker that attaches to just about anything, but the most popular GPS Finders are for kids, elderly relatives, vehicle, pets and personal possessions. Let’s take a look at the best GPS Trackers for each of these needs (although each of then can have multiple uses), giving you all the information you need to select the best GPS Tracker for your situation.


Family GPS Trackers for kids

When you need to keep your kids safe, you want all the functionality possible! One of the best features you should look for is an SOS button that your child can press quickly if they are in trouble. Amongst other great features, the Optimus Real Time GPS Tracker has this feature, so this is my pick for the Best Child GPS Tracker. 

The Optimus Child GPS Tracker also has international coverage, as well as email and SMS alerts if your child enters or leaves a specific area. This kids GPS Tracker is compact, so it easily fits into your child’s school backpack and saves you from worrying about the location of your child every minute of the day.

It also has a low battery alert and saves the last known location if the GPS Tracking signal is unavailable. The Optimus also goes into standby mode when it is not moving to save the life of the battery – the battery can last up to 2 weeks, depending on its movements and how often you receive location reports. The Optimus GPS Tracker for kids uses Google Maps with Live Traffic and Street View.

FYI: Currently selling at 25% off RRP.


Optimus Real Time GPS Tracker


GPS Trackers for Elderly Relatives

One of the features that is useful for keeping track of elderly relatives is a device that will attach to their belt or can be easily popped into a handbag. 

The GPS tracker for elderly relatives that I have chosen is the Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Personal GPS Tracker, specifically because it can attach to a belt or be popped into a backpack, handbag or briefcase.

This highly portable GPS Tracker is a Best Seller on Amazon and is a small compact unit that won’t annoy your elderly relative if it is attached to their belt (it only weighs 8oz). It uses Google Maps for real time tracking and is perfect for someone with dementia who tends to wander away from the home.

The Spy Tec GPS Tracker has a built-in accelerometer that detects motion and powers the device on or off depending on whether the person is moving – so the battery won’t die at an inconvenient time. The Spy Tec GL300 has three different subscription plans starting from $24.95/month up to $45.95/month, depending on how often you want the location updated (every 5 secs, 10 secs or 60 secs).

FYI: Currently selling at 50% off RRP.


Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker


GPS Trackers for Dogs and Cats

If you have a wandering dog or you are just concerned that someone might steal your dog then you need a reliable GPS Tracker for dogs. Cat owners can also benefit from knowing where their cat is spending their time, especially if they won’t come in at night.

The GPS Tracker for pets I recommend is Whistle 3, which is a Best Seller on Amazon. This device is the Best GPS Location Tracker for pets, sending you an email or SMS when your cat or dog wanders away from your home, pinpointing their location anywhere in the USA. 

You can even follow your pets trip over the previous 24 hours if you are suspicious about their behavior. The Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker lets you see how active your pet is during the day and whether they race around barking or lie down and snooze all day long!

The Whistle 3 is durable, tough and waterproof and has a battery that lasts up to 7 days (2 hours recharge time). Subscription plans start as low as $6.95/month and definitely make keeping a pet a whole lot easier!

FYI: Currently selling at 25% off RRP.


Whistle 3 GPS Tracker for Pets


Car GPS Trackers

There are plenty of vehicle GPS trackers on the market, but the one that has caught my eye is the AES RGT90 GPS Vehicle Tracker with a waterproof magnetic case. This is the Best GPS Tracker for cars, because it can easily be attached underneath a vehicle and operates for up to 90 days on a single charge – which is awesome!

You have access to a US Based Tech Support, which is available 24/7 and it works anywhere in the US, Canada, Mexico and over 100+ countries. The AES RGT90 GPS Vehicle Tracker also comes pre-activated with 6 months cellular service and 6 months online tracking subscription, making it one of the best deals currently online.

All you need to do is to stick it to the underneath of the vehicle (no fiddly attachment needed). This Location Finder updates the GPS location every 20 seconds when it is on the move and goes into standby – if it hasn’t moved for 5 minutes (saving on battery life). All in all, this is the best magnetic GPS Tracker for a car on the market. 


AES RGT90 GPS Tracker


GPS Luggage Trackers

When you can’t find your luggage at the airport and it keeps going round and round the carousel or you are on a group holiday trip and all of the luggage has been dumped in one lump – how do you find your luggage?

Well its easy if you have a GPS Luggage Tracker, because you just ring your Luggage Finder and use the indicator radar to find your lost luggage! If you get out of range of your luggage, the app records the last known location of your luggage and it will also alert you when the connection is becoming low.

The GPS Luggage Tracker that ticks all of these boxes is by Great Vibez, which has a replaceable battery that can last up to 10 months. It works for both iPhones and Android phones and you can attach it to your luggage using the key ring or just stick it to the side of your luggage.

Best of all – you don’t need to pay a monthly subscription for the Great Vibez GPS Luggage Tracker – and you can also use it to locate your phone, pet or car as well.

FYI: Currently selling at 77% off RRP.


Great Vibez GPS Luggage Tracker


GPS Trackers for Phones

For your phone, I have found a really good GPS Tracker that has good online customer reviews and is very well priced. This is the Yandog Mini Finder & Bluetooth Tag that can be stuck to the back of your phone (adhesive included) making it easy to find anywhere.

The app works for both Android and iPhones and all you need to do is to tap the Yandog Smart Tag and your phone will ring, letting you know its exact location. The Yandog GPS Phone Tracker comes with a replaceable battery that lasts for up to 6 months and doesn’t require a subscription fee.


Yandog GPS Tracker for phones


GPS Trackers for Keys

The Best GPS Tracker for Keys is the Tile Mate (which is a Best Seller on Amazon) and is 25% smaller than previous versions. When you can’t find your keys, all you need to do is to tap the Smart Tag and you can easily locate them by simply ringing them from your phone!

However, if your keys are too far away to locate (more than 100 ft away), when any device in the Tile community passes nearby, you will be automatically notified of their location.

The app works for both iPhones and Android phones and it takes so much stress out of loosing your keys! The Tile Mate battery is guaranteed for 12 months, but you will need to replace the Tile when it goes flat, although you can do so at a reduced price using the reTile program. The good news is that if the battery dies within the year, it will be replaced free of charge – and there is no monthly subscription fee.


TileMate GPS Tracker for Keys


GPS Trackers for Teen Drivers

The best GPS vehicle tracker for teen drivers is the Accutracking VTPlug TK373 GPS Vehicle Tracker. This Tracker has lots of great reviews on Amazon and offers you a Pay As You Go service with no contracts or cancellation fees. It is ideal for keeping an eye on where your teenager goes in the car and covers the USA, Canada and Mexico.

You receive a 7 day free trial with your purchase and monthly subscription fees range from $12.99 to $25.99 depending on how often you want the GPS location updated (from every 15 seconds to 120 seconds). 

All you need to do is to plug the Car GPS Tracker into the OBD-II port in the vehicle (no wiring needed). Installation is so easy that you can quickly switch the GPS Tracker between vehicles yourself. The Accutracking GPS Car Tracker lets you know when the vehicle is turned on, the location and the speed, as well as providing you with data concerning harsh braking, acceleration and turning to fast. Not compatible with Mitsubishi vehicles.

FYI: Currently selling at 37% off RRP.


Accutracking TK373 Vehicle Tracker


Boat or Bike GPS Trackers

How many of us have boats, trailers, ATVs and motorbikes? If you need to make sure that your boat, trailer or motorbike is where it should be and hasn’t been stolen, then you need the Linxup LAAA61 GPS Live Tracking Device.

This is a water resistant GPS Tracker (IP66 Rated) and when wired into your vehicle it automatically recharges. The 6 month battery feature means that if it is disconnected from a power source, it will still send tracking data for 6 months. You can monitor, speed. direction, usage and much more – ideal if someone has walked off with your boat!

You can also set up geolocations, so if your boat, trailer, motorbike or ATV enters or leaves a specific area, you know about it ASAP. If you want a boat, ATV. trailer or motorcycle GPS Tracker, then don’t forget to check out this model by Linxup.


Linxup LAAA61 GPS Tracker for Boats, Trailers & Bikes



Cheapest nanny cams


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Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker – Review

Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker


Ramp up your security with a real time GPS tracker

This compact and cutting edge real time GPS tracker is a Best Seller on Amazon and allows you to track your kids, spouse, partner, car and valuables and now exactly where they are at all times. Its small size makes it easy to attach to valuables or to slip into backpacks or handbags and you can track its location in real time using Google maps for $25 per month.

There are no lock-in contracts or cancellation fees and you receive an email notification when the tracker leaves a specific area (geo fencing). Currently selling at less than $50 on Amazon, this real time GPS tracker is the latest high tech way to keep your kids and loved ones safe.

  • Real time GPS tracker.
  • Best Seller on Amazon.
  • Cutting edge GPS Satellite and cell technology.
  • Uses Google Maps to keep track of your loved ones and valuables.
  • Continuous tracking or once the device leaves a set area.
  • Access via PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • $25 monthly fee, no lock-in contracts or cancellation fees.
  • Email or text notification when tracker moves out of area.
  • SOS button can be set to call multiple contacts in case of an emergency.
  • Ideal for tracking elderly relatives, kids, teens, partners, spouses, cars and valuables.
  • Stores data for up to a year.
  • A waterproof, magnetic case is available as an additional purchase.
  • Rechargeable battery that lasts for 2 weeks.
  • You can also purchase an extendable 6 month battery.
  • Works in the US, but an international roaming feature is available at no extra cost.
  • Size: 1.5 x 0.9 x 2.7 inches.
  • Weight: 8 ounces.
  • 100% satisfaction, 30 day hassle free return policy from SpyTec.


Buy Today on Amazon



How do you use the Spy Tec GL300 Real Time GPS Tracker?

Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker This nifty little GPS tracker lets you keep track of just about anything in real time. For example, you can set it to send you a tracking signal all the time, which makes it easy to know where your kids or teenagers are every minute of the day. 

Or you can set it to track only when it is moved outside a specific area, so this option makes it perfect for tracking your valuables, in case they are stolen.

This geo-tracking feature is also great for keeping an eye on elderly relatives (using the Belt Holster that is sold separately), so you know if they are wandering from your home.

You can use the magnetic and waterproof case (must be purchased separately) to attach the real time GPS tracker to the underneath of a vehicle or simply place it under one of the seats.

The rechargeable battery lasts for 2 weeks and is enhanced by a built-in accelerometer that detects motion and powers the tracker on or off, depending on whether the tracker is in motion or not. This helps your battery to last longer. Most customers have found that they get at the least a full week of tracking before they need to recharge the device.

Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker You can even view a map where your teenager has been driving, so you will know if he or she has made any worrisome side trips.

With an elderly relative you can set it to send you an email or text if they wander away from home and you can track your young child to ensure that he or she arrives home on time. You can even attach it to a your business car to make sure that there are no unauthorized trips.

FYI: This GPS tracker uses a satellite connection to determine it’s location, and then uses a cell connection to transmit the location details to the Spy tec GPS tracking platform.

This is such a useful little real time GPS tracker, it is no wonder that they are flying off the shelves!



Information on the monthly payment options for this real time GPS tracker

To activate the Spy Tec Real TIme GPS Tracker you need to subscribe to one of their monthly plans. There are no lock-in contracts or cancellation fees, which is a blessing, so it is pretty much stress free.

The Basic Plan is currently $24.95 a month and is best for tracking physical assets and valuables, because it only updates the GPS location every 60 seconds. To track your elderly relatives or children, it might be best to use their Plus Plan, as this updates more frequently every 10 seconds and currently costs $34.95 a month. 

That top Premium Pan costs $44.95 a month and as it updates every 5 seconds so is best used for tracking vehicles.


Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker




What do customers think about the Spy Tec Real Time GPS Tracker?

The majority of customers really like this compact GPS tracker, loving its affordable price and that there are no lock-in contracts. They also like that it is really accurate, works well and is really easy to use. 



Overview of the Spy Tec STI GL300 Real Time GPS Tracker

SpyTec real time GPS trackerThis lovely and compact real time GPS tracker is ideal for keeping track of your valuable belongings and for knowing where your loved ones are at all times.

You can attach it to a vehicle, to an elderly relatives belt, to the children’s backpacks or to your golf clubs!

You do have to pay a monthly subscription to use this tracker with the best plan being the most expensive option at $44.95 a month, because with this plan it updates every 5 seconds. The $25 plan only updates every 60 seconds, but if that suits your needs then that’s the best plan for you. 


Buy Today on Amazon



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Nest Labs – Home Automation and Security Specialists


Nest Labs home automation and security


Are the Nest Labs Home Automation and Security Cameras right for you?

Are you interested in home automation and security? Well, if you are in the market for nanny cams or security cameras, you might also want to take a look at home automation as well.

This is because with a well thought out home automation system, you can control many other functions around your home, not just the security cameras. For example, you can play music through your Amazon Echo or Fire TV, control the temperature of your water heater to save money, turn on your home’s lights when you are away, turn on the heating so your home is nice and cozy when you arrive home and even connect with your GE Appliances that are WIFI enabled.

Home automation is really the way of the future, so let’s take a look at some of the Nest Lab’s home automation and security products, giving you a better idea if they are suitable for your home.



Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera - home automation and securityIf you want 24/7 live video recordings on the exterior of your home then this outdoor security camera might be right for your home.

With 130 degree wide angle shots and 1080p HD resolution, you will have crystal clear vision all day long and even at night.

This is a weatherproof camera that works in the rain and sends you alerts and snapshots if it detects any outdoor activity within its range. It even has a built-in speaker and microphone so when you receive an alert, you can speak to whoever is on your property.

If its the mailman, you can tell him to leave the parcel by the door and if it an intruder, you can tell them that you are calling the police.

This is an easy DIY install, as all you have to do is to attach it to the wall and plug it into an outdoor socket. You can even attach it to a magnetic surface, in the garage or workshop for example.

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera - home automation and security camerasYou will need to purchase a Nest Aware subscription, but this gives you a 10 or 30 day continuous video history, activity zones, better alert notifications and other functions as well.

You start with a free trial period, but then at the date of writing this article, the cost of storing videos for 30 days on the Nest Cloud is $30 or $300 a year. Additional cameras cost $15 per month or $150 per year.

The majority of customers love the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Cameras as they are so easy to setup and use, provide good quality images and look sleek and modern. The only negative is the subscription to Nest Aware, but if you don’t want to save a video history and just want live recordings, you can most probably dispense with this additional cost.



Nest Cam Home Security Indoor Camera

Nest Cam Security Camera - Nanny CamWhen you want to keep your home and family safe indoors, then the Nest Cam nanny cam or home security camera fits the bill.

With a 130 degree wide angle lens, 2 way communication, a x8 digital zoom, IR night vision, push notifications and a variety of mounting options, this is a great little security camera.

Setup is simple and fast, just scan in the QR code, connect to your home’s WIFI network and you are good to go. Just as with the Nest Outdoor Cameras, you do need to subscribe to the Nest Cloud if you want to keep your video recording for any length of time.

The Nest Cam security cameras don’t work on batteries, as they need to be plugged into the mains power. If you want a sleek and sturdy little home security camera to keep an eye on your kids when you are away at work or on the baby sitter, then these Nest Cams are very popular. You can read my full review here.



Nest Learning Thermostat – 3rd generation

Nest Thermostat - home automation and securityThe 3rd generation of this thermostat has a thinner, sleeker design than previous models and a sharper display.

It also allows you to see the display from across the room and it lights up when it sees you approaching for easier viewing.

When you spend half your energy bill on heating, it is important that you have a high tech thermostat that is designed to help you save money on your heating and cooling costs. The Nest Thermostat is designed to do just that, and can turn itself down when no-one is at home.

This thermostat has been shown to cut your heating bills by around 10% and your cooling bills by 15%, on average. it even tells you how much money you have saved each day. Install the Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm and if there’s a carbon monoxide leak, Nest Protect can tell your Nest Thermostat to turn off the heating.

You can even connect the Nest Thermostat to Google Home or to Amazon Alexa, controlling the thermostat with your voice, and both are good options for easy home automation and security. 

Nest Thermostat - home automation and securityThe Nest thermostat offers a fast set up process in 30 minutes or less, auto scheduling and you can control it from your smart phone. It connects to your home’s WIFI system and can be access on the go, via your smart phone, tablet or iPad.

With nearly 12,000 reviews on Amazon and 95% of customers giving it a 4 or 5 star rating, the Nest Learning Thermostat is a Best Seller on Amazon.



Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide AlarmEveryone needs a number of high quality smoke and carbon monoxide sensors to keep their family safe  at home.

The Nest alarms are great for many reasons, but one is that they can be either wired into your home or operated via batteries.

Connect the alarm to your home’s WIFI and whenever the device detects smoke or carbon monoxide you will be sent an alert to your smart phone, telling you what the problem is and where it is in your home. You can also silence the alarm via your mobile device and it will send you an alert if the batteries are running low (unless it is wired in).

The Nest Protect uses two different wavelengths of light to detect both fast and slow burning fires, so it provides superior protection for your family and your property. 

Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide AlarmWhether you decide on the battery operated or the wired versions of Nest Protect, both are easy to install, taking only minutes to setup on your mobile device.

Once installed, every Nest protect device will automatically connect with any others that are already installed, making keeping your home and family safe very easy. 

With nearly 5000 reviews on Amazon and 95% of customers giving the Nest Protect a 4 or 5 star review, customers clearly love this device. 



Overview of the Nest Labs home automation  and security products

Nest Labs home automation and security camerasThe Nest Labs home automation and security devices not only work and connect to each other, but they also connect with other devices.

These devices include Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Rheem Hot water systems, Luton Caseta lights and shades, Automatic connected car adapter, Sleep Number beds and GE Appliances with WIFI capabilities.

Keeping your home and family safe and comfortable in your home is easy when you use the Nest labs home automation and security devices.



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Cirrus Cloud Storage Box 2TB – Review

Cirrus Cloud Storage Box


Save your video footage with the Cirrus Cloud Storage Box

When you want to save all of your video footage, you need lots of space. That’s why the Cirrus Cloud Storage Box is so useful, because it stores up to 2TB of live video footage and photos, keeping them safe forever.

This cloud storage box is compatible with the Cirrus i6 and the i8 nanny cams, the Cirrus o7 (outdoor cloud security camera) and the Panda hidden camera. 

Let’s take a look at the features of the Cirrus 2TB Cloud Storage Box. 

  • Stores up to 60 days of video.
  • No monthly service fees.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Access footage from 4 video cameras.
  • Compatible with Cirrus i6, i8, o7 and the Panda hidden camera.
  • Ethernet interface: 10/100Mbps RJ-45 connector.
  • Hard drive speed: 7200 rpm.
  • Video recording: Supports up to 4-channel 720p video.
  • Power supply: DC 12V/2A.
  • Weight: 2.2 lb. (1 kg).
  • Size: 7″ x 7″ x 1.9″ (17.8 x 17.8 x 4.8 cm).
  • 1 year SpyTec Limited Warranty.




Why buy the Cirrus 2TB Cloud Storage Box?

Cirrus Cloud Storage Box 2TBOver the past few years, people have found that storing their live video feeds and images to the cloud saves both time and money.

They are also safe from hackers and if someone steals your SD card or your PC, you still have all of your footage and snapshots safely stored on the cloud.

The problem is that cloud storage is quite often, very expensive and when you find that you have to pay to store your videos on the cloud, it can increase the price of your nanny cam or security camera quite substantially.

This is why this 2TB cloud storage box is such good value, because there are no ongoing fees, once you have purchased it from Spytek.

Another good reason to use this cloud storage box is that many nanny cams when you save the footage to the cloud, simply overwrite the footage when your storage is full – and you have to pay for more storage. Other cloud packages keep your footage for 7 days and then delete it.

With the 2TB Cirrus cloud storage box, you have lots of space to begin with you always know that your videos and images are safe and sound.



How do you use the Cirrus Cloud Storage Box?

Cirrus Cloud Storage BoxThe Cirrus cloud storage box gives you 2TB of storage space on the cloud, which is up to 60 days of video footage.

That is a lot of footage and to be honest, you are not going to save all of your video footage, not unless you own and operate a huge business.

For someone who has the Cirrus i6 or i8 nanny cams or the o7 outdoor security camera, even the hidden camera in the Panda, 2TB is plenty of space. You will most probably only want to save videos of special events and when you have viewed all of the other footage, you will most probably delete it.

You can also save all of the footage from the motion detection alerts as well, but again, it is unlikely that you will save all of your footage, so 2TB should be plenty of space.

Set up is simple, all you need to do is to download the Cirrus app onto your smartphone (you might already have this downloaded if you have another Cirrus device). Connect the cloud box to the internet and add it to the list of connected devices on the app. Once your nanny cam or security camera is connected to the storage box, you can download, view and manage all of your videos and images on your smartphone, tablet or PC.



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TaoTronics Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier Diffuser Review


TaoTronics Ultrasonic Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier


Experience clean air with a warm & cool mist humidifier

This stylish and sleek black and silver colored warm & cool mist humidifier by TaoTronics has plenty of great features to keep you comfortable during the day or night. It comes with a large 6L water capacity, a  built-in water filter that retains bacteria and bad odors and a a disposable air filter that removes dust from the air.

This ultrasonic air humidifier is perfect for adding moisture to the air and removing bacteria and odors during both summer and winter. Dry air can be just as problematical in the winter as it can be in the summer, taking a toll on your health all year round. 

Why not reduce static electricity, freshen  and clean the air, remove stale air and add much need moisture in your home?

  • Bedrooms.
  • Nurseries.
  • Studies.
  • Living areas.

With the TaoTronics Humidifier, you can turn off the LED display in night mode, so the display doesn’t disturb your sleep, set a timer and even add essential oils for a lovely perfumed ambiance to your room. Not many humidifiers give you the option of warm or cool air, making this humidifier a great gift for yourself, your family and friends.

  • Ultrasonic air humidifier.TaoTronics warm & cool humidifier
  • Warm or cool mist.
  • Touch sensitive LED status display.
  • 6 L capacity.
  • Separate essential oil container.
  • Low water protection.
  • Preset humidity level (can be changed).
  • 3 misting levels.
  • Timer (1 to 9 hours).
  • Screen lock.
  • ON/OFF switch.
  • Night mode.
  • Displays only in Celsius (not Fahrenheit).
  • Mains power.
  • 12 months warranty.


Buy on Amazon



Features of the TaoTronics warm & cool mist humidifier

With plenty of great features and a minimalist design, this electronic humidifier will fit perfectly into your decor and give your family a healthy and comfortable environment to grow and flourish.


Ultrasonic air humidifier

An ultrasonic air humidifier, doesn’t use a fan to blow air through a filter, instead it vibrates a small metal diaphragm at an ultrasonic frequency. This breaks the water into microscopic droplets, dispersing an ultra fine mist of air and water particles into the room. These are one of the most silent humidifiers, which makes them great for in your home.

Increasing the humidity in the air helps to reduce the transmission of airborne viruses that produce the flu, stops your sinuses drying out in winter, reduces coughing and sneezing by keeping your nasal passages moist, helps to prevent really dry skin and can help to reduce snoring due to a dry throat.


Warm & cool mist humidifier modes

Both the warm and the cool mist modes help to trap dust particles and send cleaner, fresher air circulating around your home.

The cool mist mode can be especially good in arid climates and the warm mist mode is ideal for the winter months, when children tend to get dry, tickly coughs.

You can easily switch between the two modes depending on your needs. The warm mist is heated to 35C to 38C in just 30 minutes and if the warm mist doesn’t fix your problem, try the dry mist mode instead. 

Note: The LED display on the humidifier only shows the room temperature, not the temperature of the mist. Also, the LED display only shows you the temperature in centigrade, not Fahrenheit and this cannot be changed. 


Clean air

We all understand the benefits of having clean air, but quite often we don’t understand how clean, filtered air can help in our homes. For example, asthmatics will benefit greatly from clean, dust free air in their homes and young children who are prone to coughs and colds will benefit from removing bacteria and viruses from the air.

Anyone with sinus problems, dry throats or scratchy eyes will love the extra humidity in their homes, making them feel much more comfortable, during the day or night.


LED display

LED display for the warm & cool humidifierWith the warm & cool mist humidifier by TaoTronics you have a large, easy to see LED display on the front of the machine. Here you can see the ambient room temperature in centigrade and the % humidity as well.

Along the bottom of the LED display there is an ON/OFF button, and also buttons for the 3 misting levels, warm mist, a timer and a button to set the humidity.

When you press the warm mist button, it will take 30 minutes to heat the water to 38C; warm mist can increase the speed of humidification by 15% to 20%, but it also uses more power than the cool mist mode.

If you press the humidity button you can set the level of humidity you want and the device will continue to disperse mist into the air until the desired level of humidity is reached. There is also an indicator to tell you when the level of water is too low and it also flashes when you lift the water tank from the base.


Night mode

When you touch the night mode button on the LED display, the humidifier enters sleep mode. This means that the humidifier adjusts its output according to the ambient humidity level, keeping your sleeping environment nice and comfortable.

The LED display on the warm & cool mist humidifier will also turn off and you won’t hear any beeping sounds. So in Night Mode, the humidity level button and the mist output button won’t work. To exit Night Mode, just press the button again and the LED display lights up and the humidity and mist buttons come back online.

FYI: You need to have the humidity already at the level you want, because in Night Mode, it will simply keep it at the same level.


TaoTronics humidifier


Timer and screen lock mode

You can set the timer so that the humidifier runs for one hour or up to 9 hours (the latter is good for Night Mode), or you can simply turn it on and let it run. When the water becomes too low it will turn off, so you know that it needs to be refilled.

Setting the timer is great if you tend to forget that the unit is switched on and you leave the house, even though it does have an auto shut-off feature when the water gets low. The screen lock is another great feature, because it locks all of the other LED controls. Perfect when you have little inquisitive fingers in your home!


Essential oil container

TaoTronics Ultrasonic Air Humidifers We all love our homes to smell beautifully, so having the ability to diffuse essential oils around your home as well is a wonderful additional feature.

This means that you can save money you might have spent on an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser and just use the humidifier instead.

Just drop 3 or 4 drops of your favorite essential oils into the container and your home will smell fabulous!

FYI: Don’t add the essential oils to the water tank or it can corrode.



What do customers say about the TaoTronics warm & cool mist humidifier?

A few customers have complained that the water tank leaks or that the warm mist feature didn’t work. In every case customer support have responded and offered a refund or a replacement. In the vast majority of instances however, customers love this humidifier and they are selling on a daily basis.



Summing up the TaoTronics Ultrasonic humidifier

TaoTronics Ultrasonic Warm & Cool Mist HumidifierThis sleek warm & cool mist humidifier looks fabulous and is well liked by customers. It comes with both a warm & cool humidification feature, so you can decide which suits you best depending on your needs and climate. 

With 3 misting modes and a timer, you can customize the level and length of humidification and once it has reached your desired level of humidity, it stops and keeps it at that level.

You also have a Night Mode that turns off the LED display and keeps the humidity at a set level and a screen lock mode so you don’t accidentally change the setting. 

Add in an aromatherapy feature, where you can diffuse your favorite essential oils into the air as well, and this ultrasonic humidifier makes life so much more comfortable and enjoyable. Currently priced at less than $100, this makes a great Christmas or Birthday gift, as well as an essential item for your own home.



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Deluxe Stroller Organizer Bag- Stroller Accessories – Review



Beautiful Mother Pushing Baby Stroller In Park - stroller organizer bag


Are you looking for a stroller organizer bag?

Recently I was looking online for a stroller organizer bag for a friend of mine and I whittled it down to my top 2 bags. It took me quite a while to find the stroller bag that I wanted and even longer to decide between my Top 2 picks.

I can imagine that you are going through the same problem, deciding which organizer bag is best for your stroller. To save you going through the same angst that I did – let me tell you about the two bags that I decided were the best of the bunch and hopefully cut down on your own online search.

The two stroller organizer bags that I decided were at the top of my list were the Deluxe Stroller Organizer by Dwelling Place and the Best Stroller Organizer by Ethan & Emma.

Let’s take a look at each of these in turn and then I will compare them together at the end.



Deluxe Stroller Organizer Bag by Dwelling Place

Deluxe Stroller Organizer bag by Dwelling PlaceThis is a sleek and stylish stroller organizer that is made from premium denim fabric, fits just about every stroller on the planet and converts into a handbag as well.

It is large enough to hold bottles, baby wipes, keys and snacks, so you can leave your handbag at home and not have to keep juggling bags when you are out with the stroller.

You have neat compartments so everything isn’t jumbled in together in the same space. There are 2 insulated cup holders, one for your coffee and the other for your little one’s bottle. The Velcro straps wrap around the handlebar of the stroller, so you can easily move it from an old to a new stroller and it should fit with no problem.

There are also organizer straps that you can attach to the bag to turn it into a shoulder handbag (extra versatility) and it has a LIFETIME guarantee! So if you ever have any problems with the Deluxe Stroller Organizer by Dwelling Place, they will give you a FULL refund and give you a new organizer absolutely FREE.

  • Deluxe Stroller Organizer Bag.
  • Made from premium denim.
  • 2 insulated cup holders.
  • Multiple compartments.
  • Universal fitting for most strollers.
  • Collapsible frame so it folds up with your stroller.
  • Fits a double stroller.
  • Size: 16 x 8 x 2.8 inches.
  • Lifetime guarantee.




Deluxe Stroller Organizer bag by Dwelling PlaceYou know by now that I like to look at the online customer reviews, so I can get a feel of what other customers think about the products I review.

This Deluxe Stroller Organizer Bag has around 400 online reviews and every single one gives it a 4 or 5 star rating.

This means that no customers have anything bad to say about this organizer bag, which is a true miracle!

Deluxe Stroller Organizer bag by Dwelling PlaceThe main comments made by customers about this organizer are that they love the high quality material, they love its compact size, that they don’t need to carry another bag and that it holds so much!

Currently, this stroller organizer is around $20, which is a great deal and makes an ideal gift for anyone who is expecting or already has a little one.



Best Stroller Organizer Bag by Ethan & Emma

Best Stroller Organizer Bag by Ethan & EmmaThis organizer bag by Ethan & Emma is a Best Seller on Amazon and has been designed so that you can take all of your ‘stuff’ with you when you go out with your little one in the stroller. 

It has 2 insulated drinks holders, a large cellphone pocket and 5 storage spaces. So you can easily find a place for everything, whilst not spilling your coffee and talking on the phone!

This organizer has a magnetic closure, so it is easy to open and close with one hand , it is made of high quality and durable material, is easy to keep clean and fits most strollers.

  • Best Stroller Organizer Bag by Ethan & Emma.
  • Universal fit for most strollers.
  • Convenient zip off pouch.
  • 2 Insulated deep drink holders.
  • Adjustable Velcro straps.
  • Fits a double stroller.
  • High quality and durable.
  • Easy to clean fabric.
  • Magnetic closure on main pocket.
  • Large roll up mesh bag for extra storage.
  • Folds up with your stroller.
  • Size:13 x 3.9 x 6.5 inches.
  • Lifetime replacement warranty.




Best stroller organizer bag by Ethan and EmmaThere are more than 1000 online customer reviews for this stroller organizer bag and nearly 95% of them have given very positive reviews.

In fact, there are hardly any negative comments about this organizer bag, but those that do exist have said that it didn’t fit their stroller properly (in particular Bugaboo strollers) and that there doesn’t seem to be enough structure to the bag – not enough to hold a coffee upright anyway. 

Best stroller organizer bag by Ethan and EmmaSo whilst most customers love this organizer bag, some have found that it doesn’t always fit their stroller and that it doesn’t seem sturdy enough to hold their coffee without spilling – the straps seem to slip along the stroller’s handlebars.

If you are interested in this stroller bag, it is currently retailing around $30.



Comparing these two stroller organizer bags

At first glance you might think that both of these stroller organizer bags are very much the same and in fact there isn’t much to choose between them at all. They both have lots of organizer pockets to keep all of your necessary items safe, 2 insulated pockets for your coffee or baby bottle, Velcro straps, fold up easily with your stroller and come with a lifetime guarantee.

In reality after I completed my reviews, the Deluxe Stroller Bag by Dwelling Place just piped the Best Stroller by Ethan & Emma at the post.

This is because of the customer reviewers who have found that the Ethan & Emma organizer bag isn’t as stable when it is attached to the stroller’s handlebars as is the organizer by Dwelling Place. Since the organizer bag by Dwelling Place is cheaper than the one by Ethan & Emma – its a win-win situation!



Hopefully, my reviews of these two organizer bags for strollers has given you enough information to make an informed decision for yourself. I am sure that whichever organizer bag you pick, will be ideal for your stroller or make a fabulous baby shower gift 🙂



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Furbo Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser Review


Furbo Dog Camera


How cool is the Furbo Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser?

Pet cams are one thing, but when you can add in a treat dispenser that is fun, then you have the Furbo Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser!

With this pet cam, you can check up on your pets at home anytime, take snapshots and videos and toss them a treat if they have been good. You even receive alert notifications if your dog barks, so you can check in with them, calm them down and toss them a treat – I love the tossing treats part 🙂

  • HD camera and night vision.
  • 720P  live video streaming.
  • 120 degree wide angle lens.
  • x 4 digital zoom (on app).
  • Take snapshots and videos.
  • 2 way communication and chat.
  • Made from extra strong PC-ABD plastic.
  • Apple watch compatibility.
  • iOS and Android apps.
  • Social media sharing.
  • Smart privacy mode – Furbo shuts off when you arrive home.
  • Very durable. 
  • Mains power only.
  • Size: 5.9 x 4.7 x 8.9 inches.




Check Price on Amazon



How do you use the Treat Dispenser part of the Furbo Dog Camera?

furbo-dog-camera-and-treat-dispenserThis is basically a pet cam with a treat dispenser, all in one. Inside the Furbo is a plastic hopper that holds you doggie treats.

These need to be fairly small treats to fit through the hole in the front of the dispenser, but you receive a free pack of treats with your Furbo, so you will know the ideal size.

The plastic hopper is spring loaded, which when activated, launches a treat into the air for your dog to catch. The trajectory is always the same (unless you move the Furbo Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser), so if your dog is clever, they will know exactly where the treats land – so they can intercept them in the air.

The plastic hopper is only small, so you will need to fill the hopper daily, particularly if you love launching treats at your pet! 



How do you use the Furbo Dog Camera itself?

furbo-dog-camera-and-treat-dispenserYou can only use the Furbo Dog Camera and the Treat Dispenser via an app on your smart phone. There are no buttons on the actual machine itself, so you can’t sit there launching treats at home, unless you use the app that is!

All you need to do is to download the app and follow the instructions to sync the Furbo with your phone. Once you have done that, you are good to go.

The images are pretty good and you can take snapshots of your pets or even funny videos, if you catch them doing something hilarious (you can share these snaps and videos on your social networks quite easily). The night vision is also quite good and you can easily see what your pet is up to at home, if you are on night shift.

You can either check in yourself randomly during the day or only when notified that your dog is barking. Just a note on the sensitivity of the sound detection – by default they are set to HIGH, so the Furbo will detect just about any noises, even cars honking outside your home. 

It might take a while to find the right sensitivity, so you might have to put up with lots of notifications for the first few days, until you get the sensitivity set so that it only notifies you when your dog barks – but its worth it!



So the steps to using the Furbo are:

  1. Download app.
  2. Load with treats.
  3. Check in, chat and launch treats!



Why should you use the Furbo Dog Camera?

How many times have I been out all day and thought how great it would be to phone my dogs and make sure that they were OK at home? You might think I am daft, but a dog lover would understand 🙂

Our dogs don’t know why we have left them, only that they are on their own and we are not there. So it makes us feel better if we can check in on them, make sure they are fine, hear our voice and give them a treat, even if we can’t be there with them all the time.

furbo-dog-camera-and-treat-dispenserAnyone who has to leave their pets at home alone to go to work or even out for the day will appreciate how cool this gadget really is to your sanity.

It’s even better if you think that your dogs are barking and causing a fuss when you are not home, because the last thing you want is for the neighbours to complain about your dogs barking all day.

You can check in on them every now and again and even catch them misbehaving on times. You might be surprised to learn that your dogs sleep all day long when you aren’t there or that they bark at every little noise.

You will soon find out if they bark a lot because you will receive oodles of notifications on your smart phone (just make sure that the sensitivity isn’t set too high, as I mentioned above). If your dogs are barking too much, then you can call them over to the Furbo Dog Camera, calm them down and then toss them a treat.



Customer reviews of the Furbo Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser

furbo-dog-camera-and-treat-dispenserOne of the consistent online comments from customers is that the customer support is awesome, so if you do have any problems with the Furbo, you should have no problems contacting customer support and sorting it out.

Having said this, customers love how easy the Furbo is to setup and to use.

They even talk to their kids over the Furbo! Their dogs also love it and pet lovers say that they feel so much better when they leave their pets home alone, because they have the Furbo. 

I have noticed that some customers have had trouble connecting the Furbo to their smartphone and others say that the app doesn’t always work. Nevertheless, most customers love the Furbo and have great fun tossing treats to their pets when they are at work.



Summing up the Furbo Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser

furbo-dog-camera-and-treat-dispenserWith a wide 120 degree angle lens and HD images, you can see just about anywhere in the room and take snapshots or videos of your pets.

You can call them over to the Furbo, chat to them and toss them a treat for being good.

With the Furbo, you don’t need to feel guilty when you leave your pets home alone and you can stop them barking and calm them down if they are misbehaving as well. It’s fun checking in on your dogs, you have no idea what they get up to when you are not there!

The Furbo Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser is fairly expensive, but why not treat yourself and your pets to one for Christmas, your Birthday or even their Birthdays?


Check Price on Amazon




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Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic – Review


Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic


Treat yourself to the womb music heartbeat baby monitor

The womb music heartbeat baby monitor is a Best Seller on Amazon and makes a great gift for yourself if you are expecting, a baby shower or a friend or relative who is pregnant.

  • Hear your unborn baby’s heartbeat.
  • Hears all sounds in the womb.
  • Enhances bonding with your baby.
  • Record your heartbeat and play it back to your new baby.
  • Non-invasive.
  • Compact and easy to carry.
  • Ultra clear audio sounds.
  • Includes 2 sets of ear plugs (for mom and dad).
  • Record to your PC.
  • Free lullaby album that sings your baby’s name in the songs.
  • ON/OFF/POWER control.
  • POWER ON LED light.
  • Requires a one 9V rechargeable battery (included).
  • Requires doppler gel (not included – you can use KY gel).


With this wonderful heartbeat monitor, you can listen to all of the sounds your baby makes in your womb and even record them to your PC and then share the recording with friends or family on your social media network.



Is the Womb Music safe?

Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by WusicThe womb music heartbeat baby monitor is both FDA and CE certified, so it is safe to use at home to listen in to your baby’s heartbeat.

However, it is important for you to realize that it is not a medical device and should not be used instead of your usual obstetric care.

Wumic recommend that you use this heartbeat monitor in short bursts of around 10 minutes or less, not continuously and after the first trimester, even though it the technology it uses (low level ultrasound) is considered safe.

The Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor does not use radiation at all, simply ultrasound waves to pick up the sounds in your womb, but if you are concerned at all, then please talk to your medical professional.



Benefits of using the womb music heartbeat baby monitor

womb music heartbeat baby monitorThe Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor was designed to help moms and dads hear their baby’s heartbeat before it is born and to enhance bonding. You can share the recordings of your baby’s heartbeat with your family and other children, helping everyone to bond with your baby before he or she is born.

Everyone knows that you are pregnant, but it changes everything when they and even you – can hear their heartbeat and even their hiccups inside your womb. The Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic is simply a lovely way to bond with your unborn baby and makes a wonderful gift for the mum-to-be.

You can share the real-time sounds of your baby’s heartbeat with your partner, children and friends very easily, because there are two set of earbuds. All you need to do is to set up the monitor and both of you can listen to your baby’s heartbeat at the same time.

Don’t forget that you can also record your own heartbeat and play it back to your baby when they are born. This is a very effective and loving way to help your little one settle at night, because they are used to listening to your heartbeat in the womb.



Customer reviews of the womb music heartbeat baby monitor

Without a doubt, the vast majority of parents love this heartbeat monitor. They like that their kids can listen in to their new baby’s heat beat, either through the earbuds or the loudspeakers on the PC. Mums also like to hear their baby’s heartbeat as it reassures them and becomes easier to find as your baby grows bigger.

The only negative reviews seem to be from parents who can’t find their baby’s heartbeat (even though their baby is well), as it can be difficult sometimes to pick it up for a variety of reasons.



Summing up the womb music heartbeat baby monitor

Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic When you read the online customer reviews, you realize that this womb music heartbeat baby monitor is worth every dollar. Some mums do have problems finding their baby’s heartbeat, but the majority find it with a little patience.

It is a wonderful idea to share your baby’s heartbeat with your family and children before your baby is born. You can even download a free lullaby album that includes your baby’s name in the songs. Not only that, but you can record your own heartbeat and play it back to your baby after birth to help them settle.

The womb music heartbeat baby monitor make s a fabulous gift for yourself or for anyone who is a mum-in-waiting. 


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Are the Arlo Home Security Cameras Worth the Price?

Arlo Home Security Cameras and Nanny Cams


Why are the Arlo Home Security Cameras so popular?

Arlo only has 4 home security cameras, which can also be used as nanny cams, but recently they have been flying off the shelves – so why is that?

What is so good about these surveillance cameras that makes them so popular? I mean there are plenty of other security cameras and nanny cams on the market (many of which I have reviewed) that have more features than the Arlo cameras.

What gives? 

Well, the popularity of these Arlo Home Security Cameras comes down to three factors:

  • They look sleek and fabulous.
  • An awesome combination of features.
  • Easy to install and to use.

We are going to compare the 4 Arlo Home Security Cameras, so you can see exactly what each one offers. The beauty of these nanny cams however, is in their flexibility and that you can add all 4 to the same system and benefit from all of the features on one network.

It is rare that you find one security camera or nanny cam that has all of the features you want, so you end up settling for one that has the most features on your list. Since you can mix these Arlo Home Security Cameras together, you can have everything you want to keep your family safe.


Arlo ProArlo QArlo Q Plus
1080P HD videoNo - 720PNo - 720PYesYes
Digital zoomYes x8Yes x8Yes x8Yes x8
Field of view110 degrees130 degrees130 degrees130 degrees
2 way communicationNoYesYesYes
Night visionYesYesYesYes
100% Wire FreeYesYesNoNo
Sound and Motion detectionMotion onlyYesYesYes
Smart AlertsYesYesYesYes
Optional 24/7 recordingsNoYesYesYes
SD card slotNoUSB portNoYes
Free cloud recordingYesYesYesYes
Arlo Smart Home Security CameraArlo Pro Arlo Q - Arlo HD Security CameraArlo Home Security camera
Read ReviewRead ReviewRead ReviewRead Review


The Arlo Smart Home Wire-Free Security Camera

Arlo Smart Home Security SystemAs you can see from the table, the absolute best feature of the Arlo Wire-Free Nanny Cam is that it is waterproof.

This means that you can put it next to the pool or outside in the rain and it just keeps on working.

Another great feature of the Arlo Wire-Free nanny cam is that it is wireless! So you don’t have to worry about locating it close to a mains power outlet, because it doesn’t need to be plugged into the wall. 

It also has a battery life of up to 4 to 6 months, before the lithium batteries need replacing, but this would depend on how often the camera is triggered to record motion alerts – it can be much less.

The Arlo Smart Home Wire-Free Camera doesn’t have 2 way communication, which is pretty much a necessity when you want to keep in touch with your family. This is where the Arlo Home Security System comes into play, because you can add the Arlo Q or the Arlo Q Plus to your network and both of these have 2 way communication – as does the new Arlo Pro below.


The new Arlo Pro

Arlo Pro Outdoor Security System with SirenThe problems with the original Arlo have been resolved in the Arlo Pro. That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with the original Arlo above – it is a great nanny cam and home security camera.

The issues are that it doesn’t have rechargeable batteries, so customers were having to pay a fortune replacing the batteries. Then it doesn’t have 2 way communication, which is important if you want to use the Arlo as a nanny cam to keep an eye on your children, elderly relatives or your pets.

It also doesn’t have a pan and tilt, which the Arlo Pro doesn’t have either – but whilst the original Arlo has a 110 degree wide angle lens, the Arlo Pro has a 130 degree wide angle lens. So whilst you can see just about all of the room with the original Arlo, you can see even more with the Arlo Pro.

You also have something which has become very popular with home owners and that is a siren with the Arlo Pro. This is located in the base unit, so whilst you can interchange the original and the Arlo Pro with both base units, you will only have the siren with the new Arlo Pro base unit.

Don’t forget that you now have a USB port, so you can save your live recordings locally, as well as on the cloud (which is still free for 1 GB of storage), an option that you don’t have with the original weatherproof Arlo.

One last upgrade with the Arlo Pro is that you now have both sound and motion detection and notifications, not just motion detection as you do with the original Arlo. Everything else is the same between the two Arlo cameras. The Arlo Pro is expensive, but it is definitely worth a look, if the additional features are important to you


The Arlo Q Security Cam

Arlo Q HD Security CamWith the Arlo Q you have 2 way communication and 1080P HD resolution (the Arlo Wire-Free has 720P), a slightly wider viewing angle than the Arlo Wire-Free (130 degrees vs 110 degrees) and the Arlo Q detects both sound and motion (the Arlo Wire-Free only detects motion).

You would buy the Arlo Q if you didn’t need a wireless or waterproof nanny cam, but you did want sound and motion detection and a wider angle lens.

As I said earlier, the Arlo Q fits in nicely with the Arlo Wire-Free security cam on the same network.


The Arlo Q Plus Security Cam

Arlo Home Security Camera - The Arlo Q PlusThe Arlo Q Plus has all of the features of the Arlo Q, but in addition it has an SD card slot and the flexibility of using a PoE connection.

The SD card allows you to have a backup of your live video recordings, if the internet goes down and it is a great feature to have in your nanny cam.

You can’t actually save non-triggered events to the SD card (or to the Arlo cloud), so if you want this functionality in your nanny cam then check out my recommended nanny cam here.

So the Arlo Q Plus is one step above the Arlo Q giving you two extra features – an SD card slot and PoE connections.


Cloud storage options for your Arlo Home Security Cameras

With all 4 Arlo Home Security Cameras you have 7 days of free cloud storage. This gives you up to 1GB of storage on the cloud and if you exceed this limit within any 7 day period, you either have to manually delete the videos to free up space or wait until they are automatically deleted after 7 days.

On the other hand, if you want more storage space or you want to save your live video recordings for more than 7 days, then you can upgrade your subscription plan. You can also opt for a subscription that includes live video recordings on both the Artlo Q and the Q Plus, but not the Arlo Wire-Free camera.

The cost of 30 days video storage on the cloud is currently $9.99/month and for 60 days is $14.99/month with 10GB and 100GB of storage respectively.



Arlo Home Security Cameras FAQ


Arlo Home Security Q Plus camerasQ. Do Arlo Cameras record sound?

Both the Arlo Q, the Arlo Q Plus and the Arlo Wire-free home security cameras all record sound and motion in your live video recordings. 

Q. Do Arlo Cameras work through windows?

NO. The Arlo cameras do not detect motion though windows, as the motion alerts are triggered by a change in heat. 

Q. How are Arlo Cameras powered?

The Arlo Wireless Smart Home Camera is wireless and operates solely on rechargeable lithium batteries. The Arlo Q and Q Plus are both operated on mains power (not batteries). 

Q. How long do batteries last in Arlo Cameras?

Only the Arlo Wireless Smart Camera requires batteries and they will last for around 4 to 6 months, before needing to be recharged, but this does depend on the amount of live recordings that are triggered.

Q. How many cameras can Arlo support?

With the Arlo Q and the Q Plus you can view 5 video streams at the same time, and with the Arlo Wire-Free cameras you can view 4 video streams at the same time.

The Arlo Home Security System can support up to 5 cameras at the same time on the Basic Plan (Free), but for more cameras you need to upgrade to the Premier or the Elite paid subscriptions (10 and 15 cameras respectively). 

Q. How can I connect the Arlo Cameras?

You simply need to add each separate camera using the Arlo app and they will all be joined on the one network (up to 5 cameras can be added on the Basic Plan, more on the paid Plans).

Q. How can I install the Arlo Cameras?

All you need to do is to download the free Arlo app and follow the prompts. You can watch the installation video below.


Q. How can I turn off the Arlo Cameras?

You can either turn the camera off completely via the app or create a mode for no motion detection and that camera will not be triggered by motion events. You can also turn off alert notifications, if you still want the camera to be triggered and take live recording, but you don’t want to receive notifications all the time.



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Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder and Pet Cam Review


Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder and nanny cam


Love the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder and Pet Cam

It is such a relief when you go out to work, knowing that your beloved pets are happy at home with their new Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder. Unlike many other smart feeders, this one has a nanny cam or pet cam attached, so you can watch your pets when you are not at home as well.

One of the best features of this dog and cat camera and feeder is that once you set up a feeding schedule, even if your WiFi goes down at home, the feeder will still operate to your set schedule. This feature definitely takes all the worry away from leaving your pets home alone when you are at work.

  • Holds both wet and dry food.
  • Treats and medications.
  • Connects to your home WiFi.
  • Easy to set up and keep clean.
  • Locking mechanism makes it cat proof.
  • Built in pet cam.
  • Works with iOS, Android and Windows smartphones.
  • Works with tablets and PCs.
  • 4 rubber feet stops it sliding around.
  • Ability to schedule feeding times.
  • Stores schedules inside the feeder.
  • Real time notifications that your pet has been fed.
  • Records your voice messages to your pet.
  • 6 compartments, each holding 8oz.
  • Mains power only.
  • Size: 20 x 16 x 3 inches.
  • 12 month warranty.


Check Price on Amazon



How does the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder work?

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder If you look on the top of the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder, you will see a large triangular compartment. This is one of the 6 feeding compartments available to you, but you don’t need to use them all.

If you just want to give your pet one meal while you are out and maybe a treat as well, then you just use 2 of the compartments. So you add the food or treats to each compartment (each compartment holds an 8oz cup of food) and close the lid leaving an empty compartment visible.

If you need to fill each of the 6 compartments, then one will immediately be accessible to your pet, so you need to decide what’s best for your pet. You can either set up a schedule for a number of feeding times during the day or just one time.

The manufacturers have designed the feeder so that the compartments are just about airtight, which means that wet food won’t dry out quickly. You can leave the food in the feeder for up to 24 hours and it should still be good to go. 

Once you have set up the schedule, the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder will slide across the next meal for your pet at the scheduled time. You can either leave them to find the food themselves or it will play your recorded message to them, calling your pet over for their snack or dinner.



How do you set up the schedules?

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder web portalTo initially set up the schedules for feeding your pet, you need to access the web portal.

The portal is very easy to understand and you can set up regular scheduling for your pet’s feeding times and even schedule multiple Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeders, if you have more than one pet.

You will receive SMS or email notifications of when your pet is about to be fed, when they have been fed or even both types of notifications. When they are eating their snacks or dinner you can watch them from the comfort of your office and know that they are happy.



How does the pet cam work?

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder pet camWell, first of all you can record your own voice messages for your pet, so you can call them over to be fed or just so you know that they are OK (though that latter is a bit cruel if they don’t get a snack for coming!).

The dog and cat camera is located at the back of the open feeding compartment and always faces the front of the feeder. So whenever your pet eats their dinner or has a snack, you can see them at the same time on your smartphone.

A pet cam was not the priority for this feeder and I can’t find any specs for the web cam at all, not even in the manual. So this is primarily an automatic pet feeder with the added feature of a web cam, so whilst you can’t expect the best nanny cam ever, it is certainly good enough to watch your pet at home.



Points to note about the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder

With the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder, you have to go to their website to make any schedules or to view your pet feeding. Currently, there is no app for this feeder and pet cam, but hopefully the manufacturers will add one in the future.

You can however, add a shortcut link to the front screen of your smartphone which will take you straight to the web page.

Another feature which would be perfect for this feeder is a backup battery. At the moment, if the power goes out, then the feeder stops working, although it remembers your schedules when the power comes back on again.

If your WiFi goes off, the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder also remembers your schedules, so that’s not a problem – having a backup battery however, would be fabulous.


Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder



Summing up the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder and Pet Cam

Feed and Go Smart Pet FeederIf you mainly want an automated feeder for your pet with a pet cam as a bonus, then this might be the solution for you and your pet. You can of course, just buy a nanny cam and an automatic feeder, which will work better for you if you want a full featured pet cam.

For simply checking on your pet quickly during the day when they are feeding (you can call them over at any time as well), the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder is a great product. You can’t talk to your pet spontaneously, as you can with a pet cam that has 2-way communication, but then a nanny cam won’t feed your pet!

The Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder is fairly expensive (more than $200), but the look on your happy pet’s face is sometimes priceless.


Check Price on Amazon



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Canary vs Piper nv Security System – Who Wins?

Canary vs Piper nv Security System


Canary vs Piper nv Security Systems – Who Wins?

With home security and home automation being such important topics right now, it is inevitable that the Canary vs Piper nv Security System debate would rear its head. 

This is because both the Piper nv Smart Home Security System and the Canary All-in-One Home Security Device are recent releases and they are fairly similar in their appearance. There are however, some distinct differences between these two home surveillance cameras or nanny cams, which as you will see, will give one of them an edge over the other as both a nanny cam and a home security camera.

Let’s start off looking at the similarities between the Piper NV and the Canary and then we will enter the Canary vs Piper nv Security System debate. 



Canary vs Piper nv Security System – what are the similarities?

As I mentioned above, the Piper nv and the Canary look pretty similar and have a lot of similar functions. For example, both of these security cameras have the following same features:

  • Night time vision.
  • Works on Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Requires WiFi.
  • 1080p camera resolution.
  • Indoor cameras.
  • Live video streaming.
  • A loud siren.
  • High level encryption.
  • Requires an app.
  • Does not work via a web browser.
  • Cloud storage.
  • Motion detection.
  • Temperature and humidity sensors.
  • Customized alarm notifications.
  • Pet settings.

Even though both the Piper nv and the Canary have the above similar features, some of them are slightly different.

Canary Home Security DeviceFor example, with the siren, the Piper nv automatically switches on the siren if it detects sound or motion (according to your settings). On the other hand, the Canary sends you a notification of these alerts and you then have to manually switch on the siren.

With both the motion and sound detectors, the Canary learns what to ignore and what to report and this takes time, so you can have lots of false positives in the first few months. With the Piper nv, you can change the settings and tell it what to report and what to ignore right at the start.

You can see some of these differences in the table below the next section, where I discuss the key differences between these two home security cameras.

So let’s continue with the Canary vs Piper nv Security System debate and look at the differences between them, depending on whether you want a nanny cam or a home security camera.



Canary vs Piper nv Security System – nanny cam differences?

If you want to use your security camera as a nanny cam, then there are a few features that you might really want in a nanny cam, but which are different between the Piper nv and the Canary. These are: 2-way communication, video recording and downloads, and sound detection.


2-way communication

Piper nv Smart Home Security SystemThe Piper nv has 2 way communication, but the Canary only has one-way audio. This means that with the Canary you can hear what is happening at home, but you can’t talk to them.

With the 2-way communication offered by the Piper nv however, you chat to your children or elderly relative at home, and even chat to your pets if they are home alone.

2-way communication is usually an important factor in a nanny cam, although some customers have said that if they want to talk to anyone, they can simply phone them!


Video recording and downloads

With a nanny cam, you usually want to record videos of special events or memorable occasions to keep as mementos or share with friends and family. You can do this with the Piper, but the Canary only records 30 second breaches in security.

Also, the Piper nv Smart Home Security System lets you download as many videos as you want, whilst the Canary gives you 3 downloads and then you need to upgrade your plan.  


Sound detection

Cabary Home Security Device - silverWith children at home or a baby in the nursery, it is really nice if you can be alerted when they wake distressed, so you can comfort them, even though you can’t be there with them.

With the Piper nv, if your baby cries or your children call out, you can receive instant notification, but not with the Canary, because it doesn’t have sound detection.


As a nanny cam, in the Canary vs Piper nv Security System debate, the winner has to be the Piper nv Smart Home Security Device.



Canary vs Piper nv Security System – home security differences?

If you want to use either of these devices as home security cameras, rather than as nanny cams, then there are three key features that are different between them.


Automatic siren blasts

Piper nv Smart Home Security SystemIf an intruder breaks into your home or office, having a siren blast into their ears is just about guaranteed to set them off and running. The problem is that whilst both of these security systems have a siren, only the Piper nv has an automatic siren.

This means that with the Piper, the siren is automatically switched on when your security is breached, as well as sending you an alert notification. With the Canary All-in one System however, you receive the notification first and then you have to manually turn on the siren. 

With the Piper nv, you can also set the siren to go off a certain number of seconds after you receive an alert notification, just in case it is a false alarm. For a security system, having a siren is a great feature, but whether an automatic siren (with customizable settings) or a manual siren is best for you is something to consider.


Auto rearming after security breach or power outage

Canary - Home Security Device - whiteIf the power goes out you would want the unit to power up again and if your security is breached, you would want the unit to rearm. Both of these are in-built features of the Piper nv, but not with the Canary. 

To be more specific, the Piper nv Smart Home Security Device automatically rearms after a security breach, but it does take 15 seconds to do this. During this 15 seconds, the camera is not recording, but you can manually rearm it remotely before the 15 seconds are up.

The Canary All-in-One Security System has to be manually powered up and reset, so if you are away in another State or you have installed the Canary in your holiday home, you have to physically go there to switch it back on and rearm. This  can be a huge problem and is an upgrade that we hope the manufacturers include in the next model.


Add-on accessories

Since the Piper nv works with the Z-wave technology, it can integrate with any compatible devices. So window and door sensors are popular add ons, as well as power switches and dimmer switches.

The Canary only works with the WINK app and so whilst there are no comparable security add-ons, you could connect other WINK compatible devices to your home automation. For example, thermostats, door locks, appliances, irrigation systems, garage doors and lights.


As a home security camera, in the Canary vs Piper nv Security System debate, the winner has to be the Piper nv Smart Home Security Device.



 Piper nv Smart Home Security System
Piper nv Smart Home Security System
Canary All-in-One Home Security Device
Canary Home Security Device
2-way communicationYesNo - Audio only
Video recordingOn demand and eventsOnly on events
Video downloadsUnlimitedLimited unless you upgrade
Pan & TIltYes - 180 degreesNo - 147 degrees
ZoomYes - digital x10Yes - digital x3
Sound DetectionYesNo
Motion DetectionYesYes
Battery BackupYesNo
SirenAutomatic 105dbManual initiation of 90db siren
Home AutomationZ-wave and IFTTTWink and IFTTT
Add-on AccessoriesYes - window, doors, dimmer switches and power switchesNo
Automatic arming/disarmingNo - prompts you to manually arm or diarmYes
Auto rearm after security breachTakes 15 seconds to rearm automaticallyManual rearming required
Power on and rearm after power outageYes - remote activationNo - requires manual activation
Temperature change alertsYesNo - just records the changes
Monthly Storage FeeFreeFree with upgrade plans
Read FULL ReviewRead FULL Review



Canary vs Piper nv Security System – which is better?

Before I give you my final verdict, there is one more feature that I feel is important to both nanny cams and home security systems, and that is battery backup. If the power goes out or an intruder pulls the mains power out of the security camera, then you have lost any chance of recording the following events.

Only one of these two security devices has a battery backup and that is the Piper nv. So for this an the other differences I have outlined above, I feel that the Piper nv Smart Home Security Device wins the battle, as both a nanny cam and as a home security camera.


in the Canary vs Piper nv Security System debate, the winner for both a nanny cam and a home security camera is the Piper nv Smart Home Security Device.



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MORzA Pan/Tilt WiFi HD Security Camera Review

MORzA PanTilt WiFi HD Security Camera Review

Check out this wide angle WiFi HD Security Camera

With all of the bells and whistles you need in a high quality WiFi HD Security Camera (it has bank level security), the MORzA Pan/Tilt nanny cam is a great deal. It is easy to set up and in just 15 minutes you will be viewing live stream video from your home, wherever you are in the world, on any mobile device.

There are however, two negatives with this WiFi HD Security Camera and these are that it doesn’t have 2-way communication or a zoom. Despite these shortfalls, with its extra wide field of vision and the pan & tilt function, you have a massive viewing angle, as well as crystal clear HD images, so it is perfect to re-purpose for house security when your children are grown .

  • Wide field of view
  • Pan & Tilt
  • Night time vision
  • Image adjustments
  • Motion detection and customized alerts
  • Simultaneous viewing
  • Connect up to 8 cameras
  • HD resolution
  • Bank level security
  • Secure, offsite video storage


Check out today’s price on the BrickHouse Security Website


Viewing angle

When you combine the 77 degree horizontal and the 54 degree vertical viewing angle, you can already view a substantial part of the room. Then when you consider the remote pan & tilt with a 350 degree pan and a 125 degree tilt, you can see the power of this nanny cam, giving you the ability to turn the lens to jus about any location in the room.


Night time vision

With  a low light sensitivity feature of 0.3 lux at 1/5 sec, you will easily see your little ones at night and capture clear videos of what is happening in your home.


Motion detection and customized alerts

If you want to know your children arrive home from school while you’re away at work or at a conference, you can set up a motion alert for your front door and receive a text or email notification whenever the door opens.


Multiple cameras

With the ability to add up to 8 cameras to this system, you can cover every inch of your home. Most other cameras only let you add 4 or 5 cameras to the system, so the MORzA WiFi HD Security Camera System, gives you far more coverage than most other camera systems, which is ideal for the security of your home and your family.


Simultaneous viewing

Up to 10 different people can view your live recordings at any one time, so it is easy to share your little one’s special moments with friends and family. 


Crystal clear images

With HD image quality, high and medium compression options and 1280 x 800 HD resolution, you have crystal clear images 24/7. Don’t forget that you can adjust these images for brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness and exposure and you can see why this nanny cam is a showcase for awesome images.


Bank level security

You won’t have to worry about anyone hacking your live video streams with the bank level security used by this system. It uses a Digest Password Authentication, which is used to confirm your identity before sending sensitive information, which is the same authentication used by online banking institutions.


Secure off site video storage

MORzA PanTilt WiFi HD Security Camera ReviewWith the MORzA Pan/Tilt WiFi HD Security Camera, you not only have a top of the line WiFi HD Security Camera, but you also have the wealth of services provided through BrickHouse Security’s Video Monitoring Platform.

Powered by, BrickHouse’s technology partner, this platform allows you to stream multiple live video feeds directly from your smartphone, tablet, or PC and record these video clips for later review.

The camera will capture your video as long as motion is occurring within its field of view, and securely store that footage in the cloud for you to access at any time. They do charge a monthly fee for this service, which currently for one camera is only $9.99/month and the more cameras you add to the network, the more money you save on these monthly fees.

WiFi HD Security Camera - morza savings chart




  • WIFI: 2.4GHz, 802.11 b/g/n.
  • Battery: No
  • Power supply: 12V DC, 5.1W.
  • Storage: Cloud storage only.
  • Two-way communication: No.
  • Pan & Tilt: Yes and you have a wide 350 H x 125 V viewing angle.
  • Infrared: Yes, low light sensitivity with 0.3 lux at 1/5 sec.
  • Zoom: No.
  • Live feeds/Remote monitoring: On WIndows PC, MAC or your smartphone.
  • Alerts: Push email alerts for motion detection.
  • Data encryption: WEP, WPA or WPA2 and Bank level Digest Password Authentication.
  • Lullabies: No.
  • Warranty: Lifetime Service Warranty.



Recording Specifications

Images from the MORzA WiFi HD Security Camera is crystal clear and this is one of the best features of this security camera.

  • Video resolution: 1280 x 800.
  • Live Quality: High, Medium and Low Compression Options.
  • Recording Quality: High and Medium compression Options.
  • Recording Compression: H.264, MPEG-4.
  • Image Sensor: 1/4″ CMOS, 1280 x 800.
  • Iris: Fixed Iris, F1.8.
  • Field of View: 77 degree (horizontal), 54 degree (vertical).
  • Color images: Yes during daylight, grey and black in low light conditions.
  • Motion detector: Yes.
  • Sound detection: No.



Inclusions for the MORzA WiFi HD Security Camera

What’s in the box?

  • BHS Pan/Tilt WiFi HD Security Camera
  • Camera Stand
  • Wall Screws
  • Power Adapter



My thoughts on the MORzA Pan & Tilt WiFi HD Security Camera

MORzA PanTilt WiFi HD Security Camera ReviewI couldn’t find any online customer reviews for MORzA WiFi HD Security Camera and nanny cam, so it is hard to gauge customer opinion.

What I can say is that this is a nanny cam that focuses on high quality images, is easy to set up and to use, and can easily be re-purposed as a home security camera when your family is grown.

You can also set up 8 cameras in your home, all on the same network and up to 10 people can share the live videos at the same time. Without 2-way communication, you can’t talk to your children at home, but you don’t have to worry about illegal audio recordings in your State and you can talk to them on the phone anyway!

The MORzA WiFi HD Security Camera is a little pricey (more than $200), but you are paying for a solid camera with crystal clear images, bank level encryption, remote pan & tilt and a wide angle viewing range.

Brickhouse also give you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, Free Unlimited Lifetime Technical Support and a Lifetime Service Warranty, as long as you have an active service with them. So if your MORzA WiFi HD Security Camera stops working at any time, they will replace or repair it.


Check out today’s price on the BrickHouse Security Website



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HooToo Security Camera Review


HooToo security camera and nanny cam

The NEW HooToo Security & Surveillance HD NannyCam

The HooToo Security & Surveillance HD camera is a new release and it already has pretty good reviews online. This is a very well priced and extremely affordable nanny cam (currently less than $30) with plenty of great features including IR night time vision, a wide viewing angle, 2-way audio and local SD storage. 

  • Micro SD card slot for local storage (up to 32 GB).
  • Simple P2P (Peer to Peer) set up with your smartphone.
  • WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup).
  • IR-cut filter for enhanced night time vision (26 ft).
  • Pan & Tilt: 355 degrees H x 90 degrees V. 
  • Motion detection email alerts.
  • Two-way audio (built in mic and speaker).
  • HD images 720P.
  • Audio recording can be turned off.



2-way communications

HooToo security camera and nanny cam When you want to use your security camera as a nanny cam you really need two way communication, as this allows you to talk with your children, partner of nanny when you are not at home.

You can chat to your partner and watch them when they are changing your baby, feeding or playing with them and not feel that you are missing out on these important times.

If you have a nanny cam in the family room as well as the nursery, you can also talk to your kids as they are completing their homework or eating dinner. A nanny cam is a much better way to keep in touch with your family than simply calling them on the phone, because you can see them as well as speak to them.

You also have an audio jack so you can connect your nanny cam to external speakers. One hiccup with the HooToo camera is that you can’t use the audio and the speaker function together, which is a bit weird.

So you have to listen to the other person using the speaker and then switch to the microphone so you can talk and then switch back to the speaker so you can hear the other person talking to you. This is not the best way they could have designed their 2-way communications and hopefully they will fix this in future models.

IR night tiHooToo security camera and nanny cam me vision

Every nanny cam needs night time vision, so you can clearly see you baby or child at ni
ght and during low light levels. The HooToo nanny cam has a 26ft range (8 meters), so you can set the camera on the shelf in the nursery and still see your baby easily in the dark.

Pan & Tilt

Every good security camera needs a pan and tilt function and the HooToo has a wide 355 degrees horizontal range and a 90 degrees vertical range. This gives you the ability to pan the camera lens around the room and tilt it up or down to catch your little one who is scampering across the floor or just to take in the entire room, so you can watch your children.

MicroSD card storage

Local storage is a great way to save videos and snaps of your baby from the nanny cam. When motion is detected, a snapshot of the activity will be sent to your smartphone and saved to your SD card, but it is best to save any video recordings to your PC as you will quickly fill up your SD card if you keep receiving motion alerts.

HD images

With the new HooToo security camera and nanny cam you have 1280 x 720P HD resolution with H.264 compression for smoother video streaming. There is also minimal bandwidth consumption and as part of the H.264 compression the HooToo saves on disc space when recording video.


HooToo security camera and nanny cam Whether you use your nanny cam to keep an eye on your baby or children at home or re-purpose it for home surveillance when they are grown, motion detection alerts can be a vital part of your home security.

You can make changes to the settings, but essentially, every time motion is detected by the nanny cam you will receive an email notification with a snapshot of the activity that set off the alarm. At this point you can access your nanny cam and watch what is happening in your home yourself. 

FYI: The HooToo also has occlusion detection, so if someone covers up the camera, you are sent an alert – a great additional feature I haven’t seen before on other nanny cams.


HooToo security camera and nanny cam HooToo have improved their set up process and now advertise this particular nanny cam as their first Plug & Play camera.

All you need to do is to connect the camera to your smartphone using the QR code on the underneath of the camera and this can easily be completed by anyone without any IT experience. 

Reading the online reviews of this nanny cam, it appears that whilst most customers don’t have any problems setting up the HooToo camera, some people really have lots of problems, even using the QR code. 

Security issues

Some customers have stated that that this security camera can be accessed from any third party app without having to enter your password. If so, this is a big problem, so it will pay you to read the online reviews for yourself or to read some of my other nanny cam reviews.

To be fair, this security camera does have WEP/WPA/WPA2 security, and I find it difficult to believe that HooToo would design a security camera with such a glaring issue.

UPDATE: I contacted HooToo and they stated that some popular remote surveillance apps that connect using Onvif rather than P2P protocol could be a security issue. They have assured me that they are developing new firmware, so their customers can encrypt their live streams and prevent outsiders from accessing their cameras.

This new firmware should be available by the middle to the end of June 2016.




  • WIFI: 2.4GHz, 802.11 b/g/n.
  • Battery: No
  • Power supply: 100 to 240 volts.
  • Storage: MicroSD storage only.
  • Two-way communication: Yes.
  • Pan & Tilt: Yes and you have a wide 355 H x 90 V viewing angle.
  • Infrared: Yes, 8 high power LEDs with an IR cut filter.
  • Zoom: No.
  • Live feeds/Remote monitoring: On WIndows PC, MAC or your smartphone.
  • Alerts: Push email alerts for motion detection.
  • Data encryption: WEP/WPA/WPA2 security.
  • Lullabies: No.
  • Warranty: 1 year limited warranty.



Recording Specifications

Images from this nanny cam are crystal clear and this is one of the best features of this security camera.

  • Video resolution: 1280 x 720P HD, Dual stream encoding.
  • Frames per second: 25.
  • Color images: Yes during daylight, grey and black in low light conditions.
  • Motion detector: Yes.
  • Sound detection: No.



Connectivity requirements

HooToo security camera and nanny cam


The HooToo security camera and nanny cam is compatible with Windows PC and Mac Web Browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari), iOS and Android mobile devices.



Inclusions for the HooToo nanny cam

What’s in the box? When you receive the HooToo nanny cam in the mail you have the following inclusions:

  • HT-IP211 HDP IP Camera.
  • Resource CD.
  • Mounting bracket.
  • Power adapter.
  • Quick start guide.
  • Ethernet cable.
  • WiFi antenna.

You will need to purchase your own 32G MicroSD card, as one is not supplied with the camera.



Customer reviews

The one overwhelming positive comment about this nanny cam is that most of the customers love the crystal clear images form this camera. Other positive comments include the ease of set up (although this isn’t universal) and the low price of the nanny cam.

Many customers have problems setting up this camera and the instructions are not very clear. There is also a problem with using the pan and tilt function, which takes a little while to grasp on your mobile phone. One of the biggest complaints from customers is a problem with the firmware, which is difficult to negotiate, but once actually setup, the camera works well.

Of course, if there really is an issue with security for this camera (as suggested by a few customers) this is HUGE, and whilst only a few customers have mentioned this problem, HooToo are currently developing new firmware to address this problem.




HooToo security camera and nanny cam The HooToo security camera and nanny cam is a very affordable unit with 2-way communication, pan & tilt, MicroSD card storage, motion alerts and HD images.

Online customer reviews are pretty good with most finding the setup of this camera fairly easy, some however, do have problems.

The overwhelming issue with the HooToo camera is one of security, a problem that has been raised by only one or two customers, but concerns access to the camera without needing a password. 

I recommend that you read the online customer reviews yourself and I will update this review when the new HooToo firmware is available.

>> You can read the customer reviews for the HooToo security camera on Amazon for yourself here.



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Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell - home security


My Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell Review

This is an absolutely fabulous product that I just have to tell you about – the Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell is a super product that everyone should have in their home.

With this video doorbell, you won’t miss any more deliveries and no-one can sneak up on you at home. You will always know who is at your door and with the real-time video, you can quickly decide whether or not you want to let them into your home or not.

>>> Short on time?  To skip my review and check out the best price I can find for this WIFI enabled video doorbell, click here.



What does the Wi-Fi Enabled Video Door bell do?

This is a doorbell with a difference, because when someone presses the doorbell, it uses a HD camera (720p) and your home’s Wi-Fi to send a real time video to your smartphone or tablet.

You can actually see who is at your door and speak to them, regardless of where you are in your home and even if you are out at the shops or at work. it can even be activated by motion at your front door, not just by someone ringing the bell.

  • Alerts and live video triggered by motion detection or ringing the doorbell.
  • Has built-in night vision.
  • Quick and easy setup – mount and sync to your personal Wi-Fi network in minutes.
  • 180 degree field of view.
  • Dual powered: Use built-in rechargeable battery or existing doorbell wiring.
  • WiFi Compatibility Requirements: Wi-Fi internet connection (802.11 b/g/n 2.4Ghz).
  • The metallic bottom part of the doorbell is available in Satin Nickel, Antique Brass, Polished Brass and Venetian bronze.
  • LED back light when the doorbell is pressed.
  • Comes with a 4.9″ x 2.9″ mounting plate that attaches to most surfaces, including cement, brick, wood, vinyl and stucco.
  • Lifetime purchase protection: If your doorbell gets stolen, don’t worry, the seller will replace it free.




Live video alerts

When you have this video doorbell installed in your home, you can answer the doorbell from anywhere in your home using your smartphone or tablet. This is because you will receive alerts on your mobile device (the alerts can be sent to more than one device), whenever someone presses the bell or when there is motion at the front door.

So if some tries to steal your potted plants or a recent parcel delivery from the area around your front door – you will receive an alert on your smartphone with real time video as proof of what is happening. With the HD camera and night vision, you always have a crystal clear view of your front door, during the day or night.

Speak to whoever is at the door

You not only can see who is at your door, but you can talk to them as well. This is a great feature when you are upstairs or right down the back of the yard, because you don’t have to come all the way back to house or walk downstairs to answer the front door.

FYI: Remember to wait until someone presses the doorbell before speaking to them or they might loose a few years 🙂

East set-up and installation – dual power options

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell ReviewWith the built-in rechargeable battery, you can install the doorbell anywhere in your home, without having to worry about wiring. 

If all you intend to do is to operate it on the rechargable battery, then it can be installed in just a few minutes, but remember that the doorbell will only ring if it is hardwired. 

So if it is attached to your existing doorbell wiring, the doorbell will ring and you will receive motion alerts on your smartphone. If it is not hard wired in, but is running on the batteries, you won’t hear the doorbell, but you will still receive motion alerts on your smartphone.

You need to download the free RING app (iOS and Android) to your mobile device and then follow the simple steps to connect it with your home Wi-Fi network. Then you are good to go! 

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell Review

Recharging the doorbell

If you decide to use the battery and not wire it into your home, then you need to slide the doorbell off the mounting plate and connect it to a USB charger (a USB cable is included). It takes around 10 hours to fully charge and it should give you a year of battery life – but of course that depends on how many times it is activated. 

Cloud storage

One of the great features of this doorbell is that it stores all of the recordings on the Cloud. So you can access previous recordings and snapshots of who triggered the alerts at your front door. However – you can only access these recordings if you subscribe to the RING cloud storage.

if you don’t do this, then you will still receive the alert notifications and see the live video, but you can’t access recorded video. The subscription fee for the cloud storage ia around $30 per year (at time of writing), which isn’t a lot of money to spend on peace of mind – particularly if you can access recorded video of someone stealing or vandalizing your property.

Ring Wi-Fi Enbaled Video Doorbell

Multiple doorbells

If you have more than one door to your home that requires additional security, then you can install more of these Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbells and receive the alerts all on one smartphone.

Alert settings

You can set the range for the motion detection, so you don’t pick up passing cars on the road or people walking past your home. The shortest distance you can set it to is 5 ft, so if the road is 3 ft away from your front door – you can actually turn off the motion alerts and just have alerts sent to your phone when someone presses the doorbell.


What are customers saying about this Wi-Fi Video Doorbell?

More than 80% of the online reviews give this Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell a 4 or 5 star rating. Customers find that it is really easy to install, does exactly what is advertised and customer support are brilliant.



Summing up

With the Ring Wi-Fi-Enabled Video Doorbell you can quickly see who is at the door at anytime, say or night and anywhere in the world. The live videos allow you to speak to your visitor and you can also give the recordings to the police if any crime has been committed. Customers love the easy set up and whilst it is on the pricey side, it is definitely a very useful accessory to your home security.

>>> Check out the Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell here.


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Is the 3rd generation Nest Cam worth the price?

Nest Cam Security Camera - Nanny Cam


The Nest Cam is a Nifty Little Nanny Cam

Google has been busy the past few years spending up big on new commercial acquisitions. Most notable in 2014 was NestLabs, which includes smart thermostats, smoke detectors and the Nest Cam. Not forgetting that they also acquired Dropcam as well – so they have a hefty slice of the home surveillance and nanny cam business.

So Google now owns the Nest Cam, which is a sleek looking and robust nanny cam that not only looks awesome, but also has some great features as well.



What’s so good about the Nest Cam?

Nest Cam Security Camera - Nanny CamWith the Nest Cam you have high definition video footage, a 130 degree wide angle lens, 2 way communication, a digital zoom (x8), bank level encryption, IR night vision, a variety of mounting options and push notifications.

So it has a lot of functionality, which is essential when you want to use it to protect your family, your home or your business. 

The first things you notice about the Nest Cam is that it feels sturdy and it looks like a high quality product. The unique swivel joint, the wide angle lens and the magnetic base gives you plenty of flexibility, so it is easy to find the best angle and position for the Nest Cam (making up for the lack of a pan & tilt feature).

Multiple mounting options make the Nest Cam very useful around the home, and the magnetic base means that you can attach it to a garage door, a fridge or any other metal surface in your home. 

One unusual feature is that there are no buttons on the Nest Cam, because all of the settings are controlled via the app. This might be a good security feature, because no-one without the app can change any of the functions, but it is one more step that is involved if you do need to change the settings for any reason.

Nest Cam Security Camera - Nanny CamSet up is really easy and simple with the Nest Cam, something that just about all customers agree on.

You just need to download the free app, scan the QR code with your smart phone’s camera and plug in your WiFi password – that it!

Another great feature of the Nest Cam is the crystal clear HD images, due to the 1/3″, 3 megapixel sensor, 1920 x 1080p resolution and the digital zoom (x8).



What’s so bad about the Nest Cam?

First of all, you don’t have any battery backup with the Nest Cam, so if the power goes off then so does your Nest Cam. This is not unusual, as many of the nanny cams don’t have a battery backup.

However, if a battery backup is important to you then you can check out my review of the D-Link DCS-855L nanny cam, which  can be powered by an external USB battery. Also, the D-Link DCS-825L, DCS-850L, DCS-820L, DCS-800L and the iBaby M2 all can either be charged using an external USB battery or a lithium battery.

Nest Cam Security Camera - Nanny CamAnother potential downside of the Nest Cam is that after the 30 day free trial of their Nest Aware Cloud service, if you don’t subscribe to their monthly plans – then you can’t access past video footage or even save any of the footage.

All you can do is view live recordings – which might be all you want anyway.

Monthly subscriptions are either $10/month or $30/month for access to the previous 10 or 30 days footage (respectively – correct at time of writing this article) and the ability to save your live videos as well.

The Nest Cam is also on the expensive side, so you might want to check out other options here.


Summing up the Nest Cam

Nest Cam Security Camera - Nanny CamIf you want a sleek, sturdy nanny cam with lots of features, then the Nest Cam might be the one for you, particularly if you have other Nest products, such as the Nest Thermostat or Nest Protect.  

The monthly subscription might be a problem to some people, so if you don’t want to be locked into a subscription service, then check out my top rated nanny cam – the Amcrest ProHD instead as it has the same functionality (plus pan & tilt) and you have the option of cloud storage or local storage using an SD card as well.


You can read my full review of the Nest Cam here.



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Is the Foscam FI9816P nanny cam right for your family?

Foscam F19861P wireless IP camera


You can turn off the audio recordings with this nanny cam, which is vital if you live in a State where audio recordings are illegal. Most nanny cams don’t give you the ability to switch off audio recording, making the Foscam F19816P a great option.

One point to note about the Foscam F19816P is that it is not actually wireless. it is advertised as being a wireless IP camera, but it still needs to be plugged into the mains power to work.



Keeping your family safe with the Foscam wireless IP camera

The Foscam F19816P is the latest Foscam wireless IP camera, which is a popular choice for parents who want to keep a protective eye on their family at home.

You can also make sure than an elderly relative is a safe at home, as well as watching what mischief your pets get themselves into when they are home alone.

All you need to do is to set it up (and set up is a breeze with the Foscam plug & play technology) and you are good to go. You will receive email alerts on your smartphone or tablet whenever the motion detectors go off at home and so you know exactly what is going on at any time.

It might be wise to turn off the motion detectors if people are moving around at home or else you will be constantly notified all day long.



Benefits of using the Foscam wireless IP camera at home

First of all, this nanny cam does not have a zoom, play lullabies, have a temperature sensor or send you notifications when sounds are detected.

As a hoFoscam F19861P wireless IP camerame surveillance camera, these omissions might be fine for you (maybe not the zoom though), but if you want to use the Foscam F19816P as a nanny cam, you might prefer one or all of these features as well.

If, so you can select one of the other nanny cams and read their reviews here.

This Foscam security camera is perfect for home surveillance, so if you purchase it as a nanny cam, you can just re-purpose it when the children are grown.

So with this nanny cam, you can talk to your children at home and they can talk back to you via the nanny cam and you can also sing a lullaby to your baby to help them drift off to sleep.




Using the Foscam F19816P when you are at work

Man calling to children using nanny cam appWhen you have to work odd hours, late nights or you are away at a conference, feeling guilty that you are away from your young family is always a problem.

With the Foscam F19816P however, you can chat to your children anytime you are free – you can even talk to them while you are at the office and help them with their homework.

If you have a baby, then being able to still feel part of the family when you are at work is awesome. With the Foscam nanny cam set up in the nursery, you can chat to your partner when they are changing or feeding your baby and sing a little lullaby to help them drift off to sleep. 



Using the Foscam F19816P when you are out for the evening

using the Foscam F19816P nanny cam when you are out for the eveningWhen you need to leave your little ones with a babysitter, you always need to be ultra careful.

Of course we can vet the babysitter and if they are a friend or relative we always trust them. However, having an extra level of security doesn’t hurt, does it?

So once you have your Foscam security monitor set up in the nursery or in a few extra rooms dotted around the house, you can always pick up on any behaviors that might concern you – which you would have otherwise missed.



Recording with the Foscam F19816P

You can store any of the snapshots and videos you take with the Foscam wireless IP camera on the SD card and then transfer them to youFoscam F19861P wireless IP camerar PC. Foscam also have a cloud storage option as well and give you a free 30 day trail of their cloud storage, which you can continue at the end of the 30 day trial if you like this way of storing your photos and images.

Cloud storage is a great option, because your precious memories are always kept safe, even if your computer is stolen or crashes. As soon as your computer is online again, you can simply restore all of your photos directly from the cloud. 

Read my review of the iDrive free cloud storage here – iDrive  stores all your files, documents and other family photos as well, making backing up your hard drive even easier – and you get 5GB of free storage in the cloud with iDrive.




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Checking out the iBaby Nanny Cams

iBaby Nanny Cams


iBaby nanny cams help to protect your family

The five iBaby nanny cams offer different levels of functionality and are all very reasonably priced. Each will help you to monitor your children or your baby when they are left alone in the care of a baby sitter and will also keep you in touch with your family when you are working away from home.


Common features of these five iBaby nanny cams

  • 2-way communication, so you can talk to your baby and calm them when they are upset. You can also talk to your children when they are completing their homework or having dinner, as well as your partner or baby sitter – from anywhere in the world.
  • Infra-red night vision (16 foot).
  • WIFI: 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4 GHz.
  • Free cloud storage – unlike other nanny cams that make you pay for cloud storage.
  • None of thee nanny cams have a zoom lens, but you can use the iOS function in the app to zoom and take a closer look at your baby.
  • All have email notifications for any sound or motion triggering events (sound detection can be more important to parents than motion detection).
  • Password protection and cloud security. 


These 5 iBaby baby monitors were designed for Apple mobile devices. As such, they work very well on iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch. There is now an Android app available on the Google Play Store, so you shouldn’t have any problems using them on Android devices.

As far as cost goes, currently (and for some unexplainable reason) the iBaby M3S is the most expensive, followed by the M6S, then the M6T, M6 and M2 Pro with the M2 coming in as the least expensive.

Personally, I believe that the iBaby M6S has the most useful features out of all the iBaby nanny cams and the best resolution – but it can be quite expensive. So keep you eyes on this Amazon page and if the price goes down to less than $150 – then grab it with both hands! 

The table below shows you the features of the 5 iBaby WIFI nanny cams, starting at the top with the most expensive model. 


iBaby M3S

iBaby M3s WIFI nanny cam - small
- 480 VGA
- Pan & Tilt (360 x 70 degrees)
- Plays lullabies
- Sound & Motion Alerts
- 2-way Communication
- Night Vision
- Cloud Storage
Check price
iBaby M6S

iBaby M6S Nanny Cam
- 1080p HD
- Pan & Tilt (360 x 110 degrees)
- Air Monitoring
- Temperature
- Humidity
- Plays lullabies
- Sound & Motion Alerts
- 2-way Communication
- Night Vision
- Cloud Storage
Check price
iBaby M6T

iBaby M6T Nanny Cam
- 720p HD
- Pan & Tilt (360 x 110 degrees)
- Sound & Motion Alerts
- 2-way Communication
- Plays lullabies
- Night Vision
- Temperature
- Humidity
- Cloud Storage
Check price
iBaby M6

iBaby M6 WIFI nanny cam with audio
- 720p HD
- Plays lullabies
- Pan & Tilt (360 x 110 degrees)
- Sound & Motion Alerts
- 2-way Communication
- Night Vision
- Cloud Storage
Check price
iBaby M2 Pro

iBaby M2 Pro Nanny Cam
- 720p HD
- Sound & Motion Alerts
- Plays lullabies
- 2-way Communication
- Night Vision
- Temperature
- Humidity
- Cloud Storage
Check price
iBaby M2

iBaby M2 Nanny Cam with audio
- 480 VGA
- Rechargeable Battery
- Sound & Motion Alerts
- 2-way Communication
- Night Vision
- Cloud Storage
Check price



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