Hidden Cameras

Wi-Fi Plant Camera | Secret Video Recorder Review

Xtremelife Wi-Fi Plant Camera - secret video recorderIf you are really in the market for a hidden cam, then this secret video recorder that looks like a real plant might just be right for your home or office. It has HD crystal clear images, live video streaming on your mobile devices, SD card storage and a rechargeable battery. 

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Mini Clock Radio – Hidden Nanny Cam with Audio Review

Mini Clock Radio - Hidden Nanny Cam with AudioIf you are in need of a hidden nanny cam, then this mini clock radio definitely fits the bill. It has a few great features, for example you don’t need to hook it up to your WIFI, you don’t need a computer to watch the recorded footage and you can save up to a month of video on one SD card. it also functions as a real clock radio.

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Cirrus Panda – Hidden Nanny Cam Review

Cirrus Panda - Hidden CameraIf you want a hidden nanny cam to keep an eye on what is going on at home, when you can’t be there yourself, then the Cirrus Panda has to be on your short list. This is a really cute looking hidden cam, that will easily sit on a shelf or dresser in the nursery or even in the family room and it is easily affordable at around $100.

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