Can a WiFi nanny cam lower your home insurance costs?

Benefits of a WIFI nanny Cam


Added security may lower your home security rates

Home surveillance systems and WiFi nanny cams are becoming increasingly popular for a whole host of different reasons. Clearly the reasons for installing a home security system center around making your home safer for your family and to protect your belongings from being stolen, vandalized or destroyed.

A WiFi nanny cam on the other hand, tends to be installed to keep your children safe and to remain in contact with them when you are away from the home, rather than to secure your home.

It is definitely worth your while to contact your home’s insurance company, when you have installed either home security monitoring or a WiFi nanny cam. This is because you might be happily surprised to learn that your insurance company offers discounts to home owners who install security monitoring systems.

Discounted premiums from your insurance company

wif nanny cam benefits - discounted premiumsOf course your insurance company will have certain standards your monitoring system will have to adhere to, but in many circumstances you can receive a discount on your premiums if they believe you have increased your property’s security.

I am sure that you are aware that many insurance companies already reward safe drivers with reduced premiums, as they also do for car owners with a GPS tracking device enabled in their vehicle. In a similar vein, insurance companies can also reward home owners who take practical steps to reduce the vulnerability of their home to invasion.

You might find that the discounts you receive from your insurance company over a 12 month period, easily offsets the purchase cost of one or more home surveillance cameras or WiFi nanny cams.

Even though the peace of mind that comes with ensuring the safety of your family makes the purchase costs worthwhile, it is good to know that you might also receive a discount on your property insurance as well.

Insurance companies are well aware that they lose a lot of money through property theft, so installing security cameras in your home makes your property a lower risk to insurance companies, making them more inclined to discount your premiums.

Is a WiFi nanny cam as good as a home surveillance camera?

Nest Cam Security Camera - Nanny CamIn many instances, home security cameras are used as nanny cams and vice versa.

There is nothing that really differentiates one from the other. I guess if you really want to draw a line in the sand, then you wouldn’t expect a home surveillance camera to play lullabies or monitor the ambient temperature.

However, many nanny cams don’t have these features either, so the line between what is considered a home security camera and a WiFi nanny cam is grey and very difficult and even unnecessary to determine.

Both home surveillance cameras and nanny cams can have HD images, pan & tilt, digital zooms and local storage, so both can be used for home security or monitoring your children.

Whether your surveillance camera plays lullabies or not, shouldn’t make any difference to your insurance company, if they offer discounts for additional home security measures.

Using your nanny cam for security purposes

Even though you might have purchased your nanny cam to keep an eye on your little ones at home when they are left with a babysitter, you can still use it for security purposes as well. In fact, their use as a security camera is often overlooked by many parents.

For example, if yoFoscam F19861P wireless IP camerau have a few nanny cams dotted around your home you can easily keep an eye on not only how the baby sitter, nanny or housekeeper interacts with your children, but also what else they are up to in your home. 

You might be surprised to learn that a lot of theft is actually perpetrated by someone known to your family who is either employed by you or has easy access to your property.

Of course, none of us like to think that someone close to us could steal something from our home, but with a nanny cam in your home you will have visual evidence if this type of crime does occur. It is sad if one of our employees does steal from us, but I am sure that you would want to know if it was the person looking after your children.

State laws against audio recordings

If you intend to install a home security camera or a nanny cam in your home then you need to be aware of the laws in your State governing voice recordings. In many States it is illegal to record audio without the participants permission, so if you purchase a security camera or a WiFi nanny cam with audio, makes sure that you can turn the audio function off.

You can read about these laws, specific for your State here.

The following nanny cams allow you to switch the audio function off: 

For help deciding which surveillance camera or WiFi nanny cam is best for your family, check out my article here.

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