Baby monitor table comparisons


Baby Monitor Comparison Table – 2019

On this page, I have listed all of my baby monitor reviews, along with a baby monitor comparison table. This makes it easy to read down the chart for the review you want to read and then click on the link.

All of these baby video monitors are wireless and they are designed to monitor your baby in your home, and cannot be used with a WIFI connection and your smartphone. If you want to keep an eye on your baby while you are away from home, then you need a WIFI nanny cam.

The ranks of the baby monitors below are heavily influenced by the online reviews of customers who have already purchased and used these baby monitors. So you might find that in the baby monitor comparison table below, a baby monitor with lots of features is rated lower than one with fewer features.

This is because customers are happier with the monitor that has fewer features than the one with more features. This might be because of better connectivity or clearer images for example.



Baby Monitor Reviews - Comparison Table

Read ReviewsNight visionMax rangeBattery lifeTemp sensorLullabiesRead Review
Samsung BrightView
Samsung SEW 3043W baby monitor
16ft900ft4hrs continuous use, much more in VOX modeNoYes x 4Read Review
Infant Optics DXR-8

DXR-8 Infant Optics Baby Monitor
Yes but no range given700ft10hrsYesNoRead Review
Philips Avent Dect
Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor
N/A1000ft18hrsYesYes x 5Read Review
Levana Jena

levana jena 2.4 digital video baby monitor
15ft500ft12hrsYesYes x 5Read Review
Timeflys AudioBaby Monitor
Timeflys Video Baby Monitor
15ft1000ft12hrsYesYes (preset and load your own)Read Review
Levana Ayden
Levana Baby Monitor (Ayden)
15ft750ft48hrsYesYes x 3Read Review
Infant Optics DXR-5
Infant Optics DXR-5 Baby Monitor
10ft800ft4hrsNoNoRead Review
Summer Infant Wide View
Summer Infant Wide View Baby Monitor
Yes but no range given600ft6hrsNoNoRead Review
Levana Astra
Levana Baby Monitor (Astra) 2 way baby monitor
12ft750ft48hrsNoYes x 3Read Review
Levana Sophia
Best baby video monitor
15ft500ft48hrsYesNoRead Review
Motorola Baby Monitor MBP36
Motorola MBP36
Yes but no range given650ft8-10hrsYesYes x 5Read Review
VTech DM221-2
VTech DM221-2 digital audio baby monitor
N/A1000ft18 hrsNoNoRead Review
VTech DM112-2
Vtech baby monitor
N/A1000ft12 hrsNoNoRead Review

DBPower Baby Monitor
15ft1000ft9hrsYesYesRead Review

Honrane Baby Monitor
15ft100ft20 hrs in VOX modeYesYes x 8Read Review



Using my baby monitor comparison table, you can compare the features of all of the baby video monitors I have reviewed and also go straight to your chosen baby monitor reviews and read them at your leisure.

On the other hand, if you need to monitor your baby at home remotely, when you are at work or outside your home, then you need a nanny cam rather than a baby monitor.

This is because baby monitors have a very limited range around your property and are only meant to be used whilst you are at home – either to monitor your baby at night or when you are in another part of your home during the day.

I hope this baby monitor comparison table and my baby monitor reviews help you to decide which monitor is best for your needs.