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Amazon Key Home Kit – No More Lost Keys or Stolen Packages?

Have you heard about the Amazon Key Home Kit? With the massive increase in online shopping, home deliveries have increased accordingly, but so has package theft!

If you have had an Amazon package stolen from your porch, you will know what I am talking about. Amazon in their wisdom, decided to do something about stolen delivery packages, so they have put together the Amazon Key Home Kit to protect your online purchases.


What does the Amazon Key Home Kit do?

Essentially, this keyless entry kit allows a delivery person to deliver your packages inside your front door. You can also give codes to family members and allow trades people (electricians, plumbers, cleaners, dog walkers) into your home when you are away.

Most people are very hesitant about letting anyone into their home when they are not there, so this might seem rather alarming – but it’s catching on fast!


Amazon Key Home Kit - keyless entry


How does the Amazon Key Home Kit work?

First of all, the Amazon Key Home Kit includes a Cloud Cam and a Yale Smart Lock. You don’t have to use the Yale Smart Lock if you prefer not to, but you will need to use another compatible Smart lock, such as Kwikset.

If you have an existing security system in your home with a security code to turn it off, the Amazon Key Home Kit won’t be compatible. This is because when your front door is opened your home alarm system will be triggered – unless you turn the system off before you leave for work (which defeats the purpose of having a security system!).

The camera operates via WI-FI and communicates with the lock via a wireless protocol used by many smart home devices (Zigbee). You need to position the camera so that you can clearly see the front door of your home (inside your home) and then download the Amazon key app to your smartphone.

Amazon Key Home Kit - prevent stolen UPS packages


When your delivery is due to arrive, you will receive a notification on your smartphone that a delivery is going to be made that day; the notification will include an estimated window of delivery time. You will receive another notification when the delivery van arrives, giving you plenty of time to check the camera.

The delivery person is instructed to ring the bell or knock the door, in case someone is at home, but also to give themselves a heads up if a dog has been alerted to their presence. They are also instructed to place the packages just inside the door and not to enter your home if at all possible.

Once at your door, the delivery person scans the package’s barcode, sending a request to Amazon’s cloud. Amazon then verifies that the package and the address match, then sends a code to the camera to turn the camera on and unlocks your door at the same time.


Amazon Key Home Kit - prevents package theft


You can watch the delivery taking place in real-time via the camera and once completed, the smart lock automatically relocks once the delivery person has placed your packages inside the door; since they didn’t receive any codes themselves – they can’t use the code to open your door in the middle of the night and ransack your home.

This system is also designed to integrate with ALEXA devices, so you could make your entire home smart!


Are there any negatives to using the Amazon Key Home Kit?

In theory, the Amazon Key Home Kit is a solid solution to package theft, however not everyone is going to be comfortable with the system.

Amazon has done a good job ensuring that the delivery people don’t receive entry codes to your home, but what happens if you have a dog that might run out if the door is opened?

Currently, Amazon only uses this system with their own delivery personnel and only in States where their own Distribution Centres handle the deliveries. This might be good if your trust Amazon, but not good if you don’t have a distribution centre in your area.

It is also only available to PRIME members.



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