Camera Bulb VR Panoramic Hidden Camera with 360 Degree Fisheye Lens


Who knew a light bulb could be a real hidden cam?

Now this is seriously a real hidden cam! How cool is this? This is new to the market and is a light bulb that actually works, but it is also a hidden camera that is powered from the light socket.

It is WiFi enabled, has HD videos, night time vision, motion activation, push email alerts, two way communication and it’s super easy to setup. You can’t ask for more than that, except for it to be fairly affordable as well (around $50).

  • Real hidden cam.
  • 960p HD night-vision video and audio recording.
  • WiFi – watch remotely on smartphone or tablet.
  • Night time vision.
  • Five different viewing modes.
  • 360 degree panoramic viewing angle.
  • Accepts worldwide voltage AC 100-250V.
  • Max128GB Micro SD card (not included).
  • Requires an app on your mobile device.
  • Supports loop recording.
  • Includes audio recordings.
  • Draws power from the light socket.
  • Motion activated (5 meters) or continuous.
  • Alert notifications on mobile device.
  • Two Way Communication.
  • East setup.
  • 1 year Limited Warranty.


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How does this Light Bulb Camera work?

Camera Bulb VR Panoramic Hidden Camera with 360 Degree Fisheye Lens - real hidden camThis is a real hidden cam disguised as a light bulb and makes an awesome hidden cam at home or at the office.

It actually functions as a light bulb, so no-one will ever know that you are secretly recording what is happening within its field of view.

When you download the app onto your mobile device, you can watch the live video feeds anywhere, anytime. With night time vision as well, you can also record during the night or in low light levels – even when the light is not on!

Using the app, you can switch the light ON and OFF and you have crystal clear images due to the 960p HD resolution. The built-in WiFi capability lets you watch what is happening on your smartphone or tablet, without having to access the hidden camera in the light bulb.

When you install a Micro SD card, you can record up to 24 hours of video or you can record to your smartphone instead.To cap it all off, since it draws power from the light socket itself, you never have to worry about batteries running out or electrical cords acting as a give away.


Motion detection

You can operate the hidden cam continuously, but you can also set it to record when motion occurs in its field of view. You might want to set it to motion activation if there is not much traffic in a particular area (for example an entrance way or storeroom), but it is important to know who is entering a room.

If you leave it to record continuously, you will have to view all of the video to find the parts that are of interest to you (but you won’t have to worry about a battery running out!). When the hidden cam is set to the motion detection mode, you will receive an alert notification on your mobile device and you can then access the app and examine the video footage.


Easy setup 

Camera Bulb VR Panoramic Hidden Camera with 360 Degree Fisheye Lens - real hidden camAll you need to do is to insert the SD card into the light bulb and screw it into a light fixture.

Then download the app to your mobile device, locate the WiFi light Bulb Camera on the list, and type in your password (this comes with the light bulb camera).

The camera is now connected to your mobile device, but you still need to click on your WiFi network on your phone (through the app) and connect the Light Bulb Camera to your WiFi.

Once you have done this correctly, the camera will be live on the app and you can view the room in real time. 

Even though the steps are fairly simple to setup this hidden camera, some customers have had problems, but have stuck with it and successfully connected it to their WiFi.




Summing up this Funky Light Bulb Camera

Camera Bulb VR Panoramic Hidden Camera with 360 Degree Fisheye Lens -real hidden camAs far as hidden cameras go, this is a real hidden cam that absolutely no-one will realise is actually recording their movements.

One of its best features (apart from the fact that is is so brilliantly disguised) is that it takes its power from the light socket itself.

So there is no worry about batteries or finding a power point for your hidden camera. It also operates as a real light bulb, so it is functional as well. With HD live video, motion detection, alert notifications, a 3600 degree viewing angle, night time vision and SD card storage, you have everything at your fingertips.

The 960p HD Wi-Fi IP Light Bulb Camera is definitely worthwhile considering if you are looking for a hidden camera for work or for home.


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