Xtremelife Wi-Fi Plant Camera | Secret Video Recorder Review

 Xtremelife Wi-Fi Plant Camera - secret video recorder


How cool is this  secret video recorder hidden in a plant?

If you are looking for a secret video recorder for your home or office, one that no-one will ever recognize, then this WiFi Plant Camera is a serious contender. It is WiFi enabled, operates on a rechargeable battery and has crystal clear video images.

It is fairly expensive however, and it doesn’t have night time vision or pan and tilt, but it is easy to set up, sends you alert notifications when triggered by motion and has Micro SD card storage.

  • Secret video recorder.
  • Hidden WiFi camera.
  • No wires.
  • IR remote control.
  • Local storage on micro SD card up to 64GB (not included).
  • 3 recording modes – motion detection, continuous or scheduled.
  • Time and date stamp.
  • Color images and video.
  • 62 degree viewing angle.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • 90 day standby battery life.
  • Charging time 4 to 5 hours.
  • Access live feeds on mobile devices or PC.
  • Use on multiple mobile devices.
  • Motion alert notifications on your mobile device.
  • 4 channel hidden camera connectivity.
  • USB interface for PC recording and remote video setup.
  • Transmission distance is approx 450 ft in line of sight.
  • Weight: 2 pounds.
  • Easy to set up.
  • 1 year warranty.


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Live video streaming for your secret video recorder

Xtremelife Wi-Fi Plant Camera - secret video recordingYou don’t have to wait for an alert notification on your mobile device to view what’s happening at home or in the office, as you can view live video at anytime.

If you want to use the remote viewing feature, then you need to set up a PC (either at home or work – but in the same location as the hidden camera).

The PC will need to be operating whenever you want to view the live feeds, running the supplied ASP4 software with the wireless receiver connected to the USB port.

You don’t have pan and tilt, but you do have a x4 zoom with the app and you have a 62 degree viewing angle, making it ideal as a hidden cam if you want to focus on particular areas of the home or office.

You can also add more than one secret video recorder around your home or office and view them all through the one app on your mobile device. It can be set up so that more than one person can access the live feeds on their mobile devices as well. 


Motion activated recordings

Xtremelife Wi-Fi Plant Camera - secret video recorderThere are three settings for this secret video recorder and you can change your options whenever you need to do so.

You can set it so that the camera is only triggered to record when motion is detected within its field of view and in this case, you will receive a notification on your mobile device that an event has occurred.

Once you have received an alert notification, you can access the video recording via the app and see what happened. There is also the option to simply leave the camera recording continuously, however the battery charge will only last for around 8 hours if you do this.

Video recordings can also be scheduled via the app. So if you want to keep an eye on a certain person or an activity at a specific time of the day, then you can set up a schedule and the camera will automatically start recording at the set time.


Rechargeable batteries

Xtremelife Wi-Fi Plant Camera - secret video recordingNot having to plug the camera into the mains power is essential if you really want a hidden camera, particularly one that is on view.

This WiFi Plant Camera has a rechargeable battery with a 90 day standby mode, so if motion does not occur at all within its field of view, the battery will last for around 3 months before it needs to be recharged.

As you can imagine, this Plant Camera makes a really good hidden camera, but if it had an electrical wire hanging out the back, it might raise some suspicions!

Since it is truly wireless, you can place this hidden cam just about anywhere in your home or office and you don’t have to worry about the location of power outlets. For example, you can set it on a shelf in the garage or shed, the study, living room or nursery, or in the tea room at work, the office or close to the photocopier machine.


Easy to setup

This hidden camera is really easy to setup, because you can use the QR code and there is no worry about fiddling with your router or PC. All you need to do is charge the batteries first (4 to 5 hours), then insert the SD card into the camera and connect the battery to power the camera.

Download the “EZ-SEE” app from Google Play or the Apple Store to your smartphone or tablet, select the EZ-SEE network and enter your password (you will find this in the manual). Open the app, press ‘add’ and then ‘scan’.

Scan the QR code by pointing your mobile device at the QR code (the QR code comes with your camera) and the app will automatically scan the code. Once scanned, the camera will be connected to your mobile device. Next, you need to select the WiFi network you want to connect to, enter your password for access and the camera will reboot.

Once the camera comes back on, it will be ready for live viewing. That is all you need to do to connect the Xtreme Life Plant Camera to your mobile devices and your WiFi.


Xtremelife Wi-Fi Plant Camera - secret video recorder



Specifications of the Xtreme Life WiFi Plant Camera

This secret video recorder is ideal for keeping a close eye on on what is happening at home or at work and no-one will realize that this lovely plant is really a hidden camera.

  • WIFI: IEEE802.11b/g/n..
  • Battery: Rechargeable 2.7v Li Polymer battery.
  • Power: 12V.
  • Storage: 64GB Micro SD Card storage.
  • Two-way communication: No.
  • Pan & Tilt: No, but you have a 62 degree viewing angle.
  • Infrared: No – no low light vision.
  • Zoom: x 4 using app.
  • Remote monitoring: iPhone 3 +, iPad iOS 4.3 +, Android 2.3 +
  • Alerts: Yes, motion alerts on your mobile devices.
  • Video resolution: 720 x 240 HD.
  • FPS: Up to 30.
  • Warranty: 1 year limited warranty.



My thoughts on the Xtremelife Wi-Fi Secret Video Recorder

Xtremelife Wi-Fi Plant Camera - secret video recorderIf you are really in the market for a hidden cam, then this secret video recorder that looks like a real plant might just be right for your home or office.

It doesn’t have 2-way communication, but that isn’t really the point of this hidden cam.

It also doesn’t have night time vision, so it won’t be much good in dark rooms or low light levels. If you want a hidden cam for low light levels, check out my review of the Mini Clock Radio, which operates on mains and batteries and doesn’t need a PC or WiFi to operate.

What this lovely hidden plant camera does give you is HD crystal clear images, live video streaming on your mobile devices, SD card storage and a rechargeable battery. It also has a 90 day standby mode, so if no events are triggered, you won’t need to recharge it for 90 days.

The major issue with this hidden cam is the price point, because it is sitting around the $400 mark. This makes it out of reach of most people, but  if you really want a hidden cam that no-one will recognize, this might be a good choice (and it has a 1 year limited warranty).


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