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Nanny Cam Reviews

On this page, I have listed all of the nanny cam reviews for you so you can run down the list and decide which review to read.

All of these nanny cams are WIFI and are designed so that you can monitor your baby when you are not at home, using your smart phone or any mobile device.


Read ReviewSD Slot2-way communicationPan & TiltDigital ZoomBattery
Amcrest ProHD
Amcrest ProHD 1080P DIY home security nanny cam
Arlo Pro
Arlo Pro
USB port onlyYesNo - But has a 130 degree wide angle lensNo (x8 optical)Rechargeable
Vimtag IP camera
YesYesYesx 4 (on app)Mains power but also USB charging3
OrbOrb WiFi Security Camera and Nanny CamYesYesNoNo (x2 optical)No4
Foscam F19816P
Foscam F19861P wireless IP camera
Cavalry IPC10010
Calvary IPC10010 nanny cam with audio
Dropcam Pro
Dropcam Pro
NoYesNoNo (x8 optical)No7
Nest Cam
Nest Cam Security Camera - Nanny Cam
Piper nv
Piper nv Smart Home Security System
NoYesYesYes (x10 digital)Mains power but battery backup9
D-Link DCS-5029L
DCS-5029L home security nanny cam
Cirrus i6
Cirrus i6 - Indoor Pan Tilt Cloud Security Camera
YesYesYesYes (optical on app)Mains power11
Arlo Q Plus
Arlo Q - Arlo HD Security Camera
WiFi Baby 3.0
WiFi Baby 3.0 - WiFi Baby Monitor reviews
YesAudio onlyNoNoNo13
iCamera Keep
iCamera Keep review
NoAudio onlyYesx4No14
WiFi Baby 4.0
WiFi Baby 4.0 - WiFi Baby monitor reviews
YesAudio onlyNoNoNo15
Arlo Q
Arlo Q HD security camera
Canary Home Security Device
Canary Home Security Device
NoAudio onlyNoNoNo17
Foscam FI8918W
Foscam F18918W wireless IP camera - Foscam Review
D-Link DCS-930L
DCS-930L affordable nanny cams
NoAudio onlyNoNo (x4 optical)No19
iBaby M6

iBaby M6 WIFI nanny cam
D-Link DCS-5222L
D-Link DCS-5222L home security camera and nanny cam
iBaby M3s
iBaby M3s WIFI nanny cam
TrendNet TV-IP745SIC
Trendnet WIFI nanny cam
D-Link DCS-855L
DCS-855L nanny cam with audio
YesYesYesx4Mains power but also USB charging24
TrendNet TV-IP743SIC

TRENDnet WiFi Baby Cam TV-IP743SIC - smallest
D-Link DCS-825L
DCS-825L - nanny cam with audio
YesYesNox4Mains power but also USB charging26
D-Link DCS-850L
DCS-850L nanny cam with audio
NoYesYesx4Mains power but also USB charging27
D-Link DCS-820L
DCS-820L nanny cam with audio
YesYesNox4Mains power but also USB charging28
D-Link DCS-800L
DCS-800L nanny cam
NoYesNox4Mains power but also USB charging29
Motorola Blink 1
Motorla Blink 1 baby camera
Fosbaby by Foscam
Fosbaby WIFI nanny cam with audio
iBaby M2
iBaby M2 Nanny Cam
NoYesYesNoMains power and a backup battery32
ALLie Security Camera
ALLie 360° Security Camera with Dual Fisheye Lens
NoAt home - Yes
Remotely - No
Yes - only by tilting smartphoneYesNo33
Arlo Smart Home Security Camera
Arlo Smart Home Security System
NoNoNo - But has a 110 degree wide angle lensx8YES - completely wireless with lithium batteries34
MiSafes Mini
YesYesNo - Has 360 degree manual swivel mounting and wide angle lensNo (does have optical zoom on app)Mains power but also USB charging35


Using the nanny cam comparison tables

In the above table, I have compared the different features of the WIFI nanny cams that I have reviewed. Just scroll down the features and the scores and then click on the image of the nanny cam reviews you want to read.

I will keep adding more reviews, so you are welcome to check back again to see if any new nanny cams, baby monitors or home surveillance camera have been added.