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When you need to leave your baby or children with someone else, either to go to work or just to go out together for dinner as a couple, you want to feel  that you are still protecting your family.

Of course, you are only going to leave your children with someone you trust, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. This is why nanny cams are so popular, because you can check in with the babysitter when you are away or simply dial in and watch what is going on at home – unobserved.

So if you feel that a nanny camera will make you feel more secure leaving your family at home, here are my top 10 picks.

  1. Amcrest ProHD
  2. Arlo Pro
  3. Vimtag WiFi IP Surveillance Camera
  4. Orb WIFI Nanny Cam
  5. Foscam F19816P
  6. Cavalry IPC10010
  7. Dropcam Pro
  8. Nest Cam
  9. Piper nv Smart Home Security System
  10. D-Link DCS-5029L


Don’t forget that you can use a nanny cam to keep an eye on an elderly relative at home or even watch the antics of your mischievous pets when they are home alone.



1. Amcrest ProHD 1080P Nanny Cam

DIY home surveillance - Amcrest ProHD 1080P nanny camThis nanny cam is a very popular choice with many home owners and parents.

It is really easy to set up and has 2-way communication, so you can talk to the babysitter at home or sing your little one a lullaby as they drift off to sleep.

The Amcrest nanny cam also comes with IR night time vision, pan & tilt, a digital zoom, microSD and cloud storage and HD images. You don’t have sound notifications on your phone, but you do have motion alerts. 

For the price it is a great nanny cam which can be later used for home surveillance.


So what do customers say about the Amcrest ProHD nanny cam?

This is a pretty nice camera. Setup was effortless and easy enough for non technical folks to do. Can’t beat the picture quality.

This is a great camera; I have tried numerous ones over the years, and this one definitely takes the cake as being the most solid, having the best image, and easiest to setup.

The Amcrest ProHD is the best purchase I have made all year. The camera works as advertised. It was simple to setup on both the device and on the Website.

I put this in my living room and now I can keep an eye on the dogs when I am on vacation and make sure that they are being let out like they are suppose to be. I also use it to keep an eye on the grand kids when I am watching them and I am in the other room.





2. Arlo Pro nanny cam & home security camera

Arlo Pro Outdoor Security System with SirenThe new Arlo pro is the upgraded version of the original Arlo, which is a pretty great nanny cam in itself. The reason the original Arlo camera isn’t in my Top 10 is because it lacks a few features that I think are important in a nanny cam.

So the Arlo Pro is exactly the same as the original Arlo but it has a few additional features. To begin with, they are both totally weatherproof and waterproof, so they can be used indoors or outdoors and they are completely wireless. 

This means that you can put them anywhere, as they don’t need a power point. They both have 720p HD images and night vision, and are freestanding with magnetic mountings, a zoom function on the app, customizable alert notifications and 7 days of free cloud storage (1 GB).

The Arlo Pro however, has 2 way communication, which the original Arlo doesn’t, it has a siren on the base unit, a rechargeable battery, a USB port for local storage, a 130 degree wide angle lens (the original Arlo only has 110 degrees) and both sound and motion detection (the original has only motion detection).

The Arlo Pro is not cheap, but it is a very popular camera and is selling well online at the moment. 


What do customers say about the Arlo Pro?

Great security camera and alert system.

Easy to set up. No monthly fees. App makes monitoring a snap.

This surveillance camera is great! Set-up was very easy. Picture quality is very good.

We love how it notifies us of activity right on our smartphones, and the basic (free) subscription stores clips for a week which is perfect for us.

This Arlo model is the very best yet. The picture is excellent. The big added feature is the rechargeable battery which make a big difference.


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3. Vimtag WiFi IP Surveillance Camera/Nanny Cam

smart-cloud-wifi-ip-cameraThe Vimtag nanny cam is a great little camera with sleek and modern lines and lots of features. You have 2 way communication, pan & tilt, a x4 zoom with the app, an SD card slot, night time vision and crystal clear images.

It is very quick and easy to set up as well, and online customer reviews back up this fact.

You can also by a 1 TB cloud storage box to save all of your images and videos, if you run out of space on the SD card. There are no monthly fees for cloud storage, which is a huge plus. 

It also detects both sound and motion, which is another plus, because most nanny cams or surveillance cameras only detect motion, not sound. At around $100, its not cheap, but it has oodles of features, great images and is easy to set up.


What do customers say about the Vimtag WiFi Security Camera?

Great camera. Very easy to set up and use.

Very simple installation. I especially love that you can use it with a laptop or Android tablet

Just purchased and was easy to hook up. Picture is clear and voice is clear.


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4. Orb WiFi Security Camera & Nanny Cam

Orb WiFi Security Camera and Nanny CamThe Orb WiFi Security Camera & Nanny Cam is very affordable and has lots of great features, letting you keep an eye on your family from anywhere in the world.

It has 2 way communication, a x2 optical zoom, night vision, a wide viewing angle and micro SD storage. You also have customized motion alerts via email or SMS, it is easy to set up and there are no monthly fees.

Another great benefit with the Orb WiFi Security Camera & Nanny Cam is that it has a 30 day money back guarantee and free unlimited technical support from BrickHouse Security.

Whilst, it doesn’t have a pan & tilt feature like some of the other nanny cams or a digital zoom (instead it has an optical zoom), the lifetime technical support is worth its weight in gold, which is why I have rated it so highly.


So what do customers say about the Orb WiFi Security Camera & Nanny Cam?

So easy to connect on the wifi, so easy to bind with your cellphone app. Resolution is perfectly clear both daytime and if using the night vision.

This little camera is powerful. The app is easy and free to download. It’s super easy to set up. Gives me piece of mind.


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5. Foscam F19816P Nanny Cam

Foscam F19861P wireless IP camera - foscam reviewThis is a very versatile DIY home surveillance nanny cam at a very affordable price. It has 2-way communication, pan& tilt, IR night time vision, SD card and cloud storage and email motion alerts. 

You don’t have a digital zoom with this nanny cam, lullabies or a temperature sensor. It is however a very good quality camera with HD images and it is very easy to setup. 

The reason it comes out close to the top, even though it doesn’t have all of the functionality of some other nanny cams is because customers have given it a high 4 or 5 star rating.

One of feature of this nanny cam, which makes it very popular is that you can turn off the audio recordings – a point which is very relevant in States where audio recording is illegal.


So what do customers say about the Foscam F19816P nanny cam?

I love these cameras! they are so awesome and I feel safe and secure I can monitor my house on my iPhone and i also get emails when someone is at my door!

Great camera for the price! Set up was so easy. 4 steps and done. So far the app works great. Unpacked it, plugged it in, downloaded the app, scanned the image and boom, done. Highly recommended if you want to keep an eye on your house, kids, or pets.

We are very happy with this product so far! We purchased this product as a monitor for our baby room – it was highly recommended to us by a family member.





6. Cavalry IPC 10010 Nanny Cam

Cavalry IPC10010 nanny camThis is a great little nanny cam or home surveillance camera with 2 way communication, IR night time vision, highly quality images, pan & tilt, microSD storage, motion detection and alert notifications on your mobile devices.

You don’t have lullabies, a temperature sensor or a digital zoom, but the images are crisp and you have auto balance and auto exposure for perfect images, day or night.

One of the most frequent comments from customers about this nanny cam is that it is so easy to set up – you just plug it in and it works. This makes a huge difference when you compare it with the set up problems that come with many other nanny cams.


What do customers think about the Cavalry IPC 10010 nanny cam?

I have 3 of these looking around my home from different angles. Great way to keep track of what’s going on when you are or aren’t there.

Easy to set up. Plugged it in, downloaded the app and started using it right away.

This camera is very easy to setup. it took me less than 10 minutes. I bought the camera to watch the house while I am out but it came in handy when I had handymen working inside my house.

The perfect camera to keep an eye on my dog at home while I am away.

Just had our first born recently and this camera is installed to monitor her in her crib. After 3 months of use it is working great.





7. Dropcam Pro Nanny Cam

Dropcam Pro - nanny cameraThe Dropcam Pro is the updated version of the Dropcam and has 2-way communication, IR night time vision, an optical zoom (x8) and a wide angle lens (130 degrees).

This is a cloud based WiFi video recording nanny camera with an optional CVR (cloud video recording) subscription available.

If you chose not to buy into the subscription ($29.95 for 30 days) then you can only view live video, not previous footage.

You receive both sound and motion alerts on your smartphone or iPad and it has bank level encryption. Setup is very easy and you can do this even without a computer, as long as you have a compatible Apple mobile device.


What do customers say about the Dropcam Pro?

I can’t express how much better this is than the original Dropcam. I’ve had the original one for years and thought I liked it (not loved it, but liked it).

This is my fifth DropCam, so obviously I love them. SUPER easy to setup (less than a minute) and you have a live webcam.

Ridiculously simple. I plugged it into the computer (Mac) as instructed. It calibrated itself, logged onto my wifi and was ready in less than 2 minutes. I then plugged it in to monitor my living room; worked immediately. I don’t know what else to say, it seems stupid proof.





8.  Nest Cam

Nest Cam Security Camera - Nanny CamThe Nest Cam is a super little nanny cam with lots of great features, but to get the best out this nanny cam, you really do need the monthly subscription to Nest Aware – Nest’s Cloud based storage.

With this subscription you can view past recordings and save video recording, but without it you can only view live video, not save it.

The $10/month subscription gives you 10 days of prior footage and the $30 /month subscription gives you 30 days of previous footage.

The Nest Cam has 2-way communication, a digital zoom (x8), a wide angle lens (130 degrees), IR night time vision, sound and motion alerts and bank level encryption.


What do customers think about the Nest Cam?

The best with picture sound and options, very easy to set up did not take 15 minutes

Love the camera and the video quality. Setup took a couple of minutes and it always works. I did a lot of research before buying the camera and cannot be happier with my purchase. I’m using it as a baby monitor and love everything about it.

Set up took about an hour, I set up 3 cameras with no problems. I am considering getting rid of my alarm system because this is so much easier to use and it’s really sensitive for both noise and motion.

I’ve been using it to keep tabs on my elderly mother with dementia. It has given me some freedom than I really needed!





9. Piper nv Smart Home Security System/Nanny Cam

Piper nv Smart Home Security System - blackThe Piper nv Smart Home Security System is a kind of hybrid between a home automation system and a nanny cam. You have 2-way communication, a wide angle lens, pan & tilt and a x10 digital zoom, as well as sound and motion alerts and night vision.

On top of all this, you also have a 105db siren that automatically turns on when an intruder alert is triggered, a battery backup if the power goes out (or a burglar disconnects the device from the mains power), auto rearming and it is compatible with Z-wave accessories (window and door sensors, power switches and dimmer switches).


What do customers say about the Piper nv Smart Home Security System and nanny cam?

I like having another “set of eyes” making sure all is well, and alerting me when it may not be.

I love this little thing. Set up was easy, including adding two sensors, alarms, notifications (it calls me when there is an issue!!), web apps works well even when we are outside the US.etc.

Well worth the money! No comparison. I am still evaluating Piper but so far, after 2 weeks it is very effective.

I never write online reviews but felt compelled to for this product. This thing is awesome. Super easy to set-up.. I took it out of the box just to look at it and before I knew it, I had it running (5 minutes).

So far so good. We now have three Pipers in our home, 2 NV and one regular along with a range extender and light controller. They cover our entire ground floor quite well.

This is seriously a nice system. We have good solid wifi and a fast connection so all aspects have worked well.





DCS-5029L wifi nanny cam with sound and motionThe D-Link DCS-5029L is a great little nanny cam with lots of features.

One of the most important of these features for many people is that you can mute the audio recordings, so you don’t record people talking – which is important is some States.

The DCS-5029L has two-way audio, IR night time vision, a digital zoom (x10), pan & tilt, an SD card slot for local storage and motion alerts on your mobile devices.

Most customers find it easy to set up this nanny camera, but of those that have had problems – customer support have been awesome.


What do customers say about the D-Link DCS-5029L nanny cam?

This is my second D-Link camera. Very simple to install if you set up via WPS. It took me less than 30 minutes.

This camera was easy to setup. I can login from a remote location and view the camera. Also works with pretty much any smart phone.

A little tricky to get set up, but once connected it works great!

Great View. Easy to setup. Incredible images and functionality.

I use this to check on my dog from work. Works great.







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