Samsung SEW 3043W baby monitor

Check out the Samsung SEW 3043W video baby monitor

The Samsung SEW 3043W BrightView baby monitor is a sturdy little camera unit with pan & tilt, 2-way communication, IR night time vision, feed timer alert, long 900 ft range, touch screen, standby VOX and a 4.5 hour battery life (when used continuously).

  • Pan & tilt.
  • 2-way communication.
  • Zoom.
  • IR night time vision.
  • Night light.
  • 4 pre-programmed lullabies.
  • Feed timer alerts.
  • Supports multiple cameras.
  • Long 900 ft range.
  • Standby/sleep mode/VOX.
  • Touch screen.
  • 4.0 hours monitor battery life and USB charger.
  • Easy setup.


2-way communication

This lovely Samsung BrightView Baby Monitor comes with 2-way communication and has a built in microphone and HD audio. This is a great feature and allows you to not only hear your little one when they wake in the nursery, but to also chat to them or even sing to them as you make your way into their room.

Pan & tilt

Another great feature, pan and tilt gives you the ability to move the lens 300 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically. This means that if your little one is already crawling or walking, you can follow them around the room with the camera as you finish up what you are doing and head to their room.


With the BrightView baby monitor you also have a zoom function (x1, x1.5, x2) which you can access on the touch screen and zoom in or out on the camera.

IR night time vision

Samsung BrightView baby monitorNight time vision is essential in a baby monitor, because you need to see your baby or toddler during the night from your room.

With non-visible IR LEDs you can actually see your baby in the dark, but the LEDs themselves won’t wake up your baby.

The range of the IR night time vision is 16 ft, so you can easily pop the Samsung baby monitor on a shelf in the nursery and still see your baby clearly in the dark. The IR function automatically turns on when the camera detects low light levels.

Night light

Your Samsung baby monitor comes with a soft night light, which by default switches on when you turn the camera on. You can turn this night light off on the camera itself or remotely, if you prefer to have the room dark. 


This video baby monitor comes with 4 pre-set lullabies, which you can turn on or off remotely. This means that you can be on the other side of the house, hear your baby wake over the monitor and remotely play one of the lullabies to help keep them settled, while you make your way to the nursery.

Feed timer alerts

Samsung SEW 3043W BrightView baby monitorThis is an unusual feature, but might come in handy for you, depending on your needs.

All you need to do is to access the feed timer alert on the touchscreen, and input the time of your next feed.

You will receive a notification alarm when the time is up, so you never forget another feed again (not that most babies give you the opportunity!). 

Supports multiple cameras

You can add up to 3 more Samsung baby video cameras to the one system, which is enough to monitor your family all over the house. 

Operating range

You have a large 900 ft operating range, so there is plenty of room for you to move around and still be within range of the camera. You don’t need to worry, because there is an out of range alarm, which notifies you when the hand held parent unit is no longer within the detection range of the camera.

Standby/sleep mode/VOX

Samsung BrightView baby monitorIn VOX mode, you can save the life of the battery in your hand held unit so that if there is no significant sound after 30 seconds, the screen turns off and goes into standby mode.

Whenever there is a sound above a certain level, the screen on the hand held unit comes back to life and you can see what is happening.

You can set the sensitivity of this sound detection to low (60dBA) or high (50dBA), depending on your needs. There is also a VOX mode indicator on the screen, letting you know which of the detection modes you have selected.

Both the low and high sound level detection modes will trigger the screen to turn on for 30 seconds and then return to standby mode. You can also set the unit to AUDIO ONLY, so that when the screen turns off you can still hear what is going on. 

Touch screen

The 5.0″ touch screen is a great feature of this baby monitor, making it much easier to change your setting that having to press buttons all of the time. With our smart phones and iPads, a touch screen seems second nature to us now and it is nice to see a baby monitor with this type of screen.

Battery life and USB charger

Samsung SEW 3043W baby monitorThere is a battery capacity level indicator at the top of the touch screen on the hand held unit, so you always know how much charge you have left (its a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery). 

A second indicator will flash if you need to recharge the unit and the monitor needs to be plugged into the mains power to charge. You can also use the USB charger which comes with this baby monitor. 

The battery life in continuous mode is 4 hours, but you can dramatically extend this time frame by using the VOX mode.

Easy setup

All you need to do is to place the camera in the best position for yourself and plug it into the mains power. Then pair the monitor with the camera using the touch screen on the hand held monitor, choose your settings and you are good to go. A baby monitor is so much easier to set up than a nanny cam!



Features of the Samsung BrightView Baby Monitor

  • WIFI: No.
  • RF frequency: 2.4Ghz.
  • Battery: Screen monitor – 1 Lithium Ion battery with a 4 hour life in continuous mode, but is greatly extended using the VOX mode. 
  • Power supply: 100-240 V mains supply for the monitor and camera.
  • Two-way communication: Yes, you can talk to your baby and soothe them anywhere within the 900ft operating range.
  • Infrared: 16ft night vision range.
  • Zoom: X1, X1.5, X2.
  • Pan and Tilt: Yes, 300 degrees H and 110 degrees V.
  • Temperature sensor: No.
  • Live feeds: Yes.
  • Data encryption: I can’t find any information on data encryption for this baby monitor. Not even in the user’s manual. 
  • Antenna: Yes.
  • VOX: Yes.
  • Range: Maximum signal range 900ft range.
  • Lullabies: Yes – 4 pre-set lullabies.
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.



Specifications of the Samsung SEW 3043W Video Baby Monitor

  • Screen size: 5.0 inch.
  • Camera resolution: 1280 x 720.
  • Monitor resolution: 800 x 480.
  • Viewing angle: 55 degrees (diagonal).
  • Imaging device: 1/4″ Color CMOS Image Sensor.
  • Color images: Yes during the daytime, black and grey during the night.
  • Motion detector: No.
  • Sound detection: Yes.



Inclusions with the Samsung Video Baby Monitor

When you receive your Samsung BrightView baby monitor in the mail, your box will include the following:

  • Wireless camera.
  • Wireless monitor.
  • Camera adaptor.
  • Monitor adaptor and USB charger.
  • Anchor and screws.
  • User manual and warranty.

Samsung BrightView baby monitor



Customer Reviews

The majority of customers love this baby video monitor with many of the comments from online reviewers remarking about the crystal clear HD images and the large size of the touch screen.

The only complaints are about the short battery life (unless you switch the monitor to the VOX mode) and some people have had problems with limited range. Oh and the customer support apparently isn’t very helpful, so that could be a problem for you if you need to contact the manufacturer.




The Samsung SEW 3043W BrightView baby monitor has all of the features you need  in a baby monitor, as well as a nice big touch screen and crystal clear images. Customers love this baby monitor with hardly a bad word to be said at all. Definitely worth a look.



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