What is a Retractable Baby Gate and Do You Need One?


Retractable Baby Gate


What is a retractable baby gate?

A retractable baby gate is a baby gate that retracts against the wall when not in use. The more usual baby gates remain in place when you aren’t using them and can become frustrating when you have to keep opening and closing them to move around your home.

A retractable baby gate is perfect for parents who don’t need a baby gate all the time, maybe just to keep their toddlers out of specific rooms when they are in use – such as the laundry, study or workshop.

They are also ideal for grandparents who need a baby gate when the grand-kids visit, but would prefer to have it stowed away when they have gone home with their parents.

You can also use a retractable baby gate when you have a litter of puppies to keep them confined to one room and prevent them from racing all over your home! It also gives your dog a rest from her pups as well!

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular retractable baby gates on the market and see what customers think about them.




Retract-A-Gate - retractable baby gate


This retractable baby gate has been certified by JPMA to be used at the top and bottom of stairs. This is a huge bonus with the Retract-A-Gate, because not many  baby gates are able to be used at the top of the stairs – most are designed to be installed at the bottom of the stairway.

Scratch resistant mesh material

One hand open and closing mechanism

Tough, washable, see through fabric

Childproof lock to prevent little fingers opening the gate

Available in white, cafe and black mesh

Available in 52″ and 72″ widths

Height of mesh is 34″

Easy and quick installation – screwed to the wall (not pressure mounted)

Made in the USA

Currently selling for less than $140


Retract-A-Gate - retractable baby gate


Customer reviews of the Retract-A-Gate


It is the best gate we have ever had.

My niece loved it. Keeps her little boy safe , while she is working.

This gate is great, easy to install, safe, sturdy and good looking. 

Super easy to install. When locked there’s no way any child is going over through or under it. 

I searched for months to find a gate that would fit at the top of our metal spiral staircase. After several failed attempts, I found the Retract-a-gate & it has worked perfectly.

My cat can jump over it but that’s fine, it’s the dog I’m trying to keep downstairs.

Great stuff …. easy to use and the baby is safe



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Retract-A-Gate - best retractable baby and pet gate



Evenflow Expansion Retractable Swing Baby Gate


Evenflo Expansion Swing Wide Gate


Whilst the Evenflow Baby Gate isn’t fully retractable, it does expand and retract as you open and close it – opening up the walkway and not restricting your access when it isn’t in use. This rustic baby gate is ideal for doorways, hallways and the bottom of stairs (it’s not suitable for the top of stairways).

It comes with a telescoping safety rail that prevents pinching of little fingers and the gate swings open in both directions and easily retracts. 

Made from plastic and wood

Width: 24″ to 60″

Height 32″

Easy installation

Opens, closes and retracts with one hand

Child resistant lock


Evenflo Expansion Swing Wide Gate


Customer reviews of the Evenflo Expansion Swing Wide Gate


I prefer them over the typical door gates, because they can easily swing to the side, so you don’t have to squeeze through the narrow opening most gates have. 

Easy to set up and easy to open and close.

Much easier than typical baby gate with handle/latch in middle. Using for 12lb dog to keep in kitchen/laundry room. Cannot get through openings or under bottom.

Every parents best friend!

They are easy to use and the fact that they can be completely out of the way in seconds (either folded over or unclipped entirely) makes them top notch.

Keeps my one year old confined to the carpeted play area while he’s learning to walk.



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Evenflo Expansion Swing Wide Gate - retractable baby gate


Little Llama Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate


Little Llama Retractable Indoor - Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate

The Little Llama retractable baby gate fits hallways,doorways or the bottom of stairways up to 54″ in width. At 34″, this is a fairly tall baby gate that is easy to install and use.

The opening and closing mechanism is a dial situated at the top of the gate that needs to be turned in a clockwise movement to unlock the baby gate. This makes it difficult for little ones to reach this dial and open the gate.

Fully retractable, the Little Llama rolls back around its supporting post and takes up hardly any room against the wall. You can even purchase additional mounting brackets for different areas inside or outside your home – removing the gate from one set of mounting brackets and refitting it to another set quite easily. This saves you from having to buy multiple baby gates for your home. 

This lightweight baby gate is fully retractable and its sleek, modern look suits most decors.

Complies with ASTM F1004-13 Safety Standards

Made from tough, weather resistant, woven mesh

Height: 34″

Width: 54″

Easy installation

Child resistant lock

Fully retractable

Screw mounted

Currently selling for less than $70


Customer reviews of the Little Llama Retractable Baby Gate


I can’t see any toddler being able to open this. It is very strong and a great space saver.

Easy to work with, easy set up. Keeps my baby out of the stairs.

Going to order a second one for other door. So happy to get rid of portable gates!

Great gate so far. The installation was about as easy as it gets. Very impressed with the design.

The fabric is resilient enough to take a toddler leaning on it without yielding.

This gate was the perfect gate to keep are stairway safe for kids and our puppy. It is very easy too install as well.



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Little Llama Retractable Indoor - Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate



Perma Child Safety – Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate


Perma Child Safety - Outdoor Retractable Gate


This retractable baby gate is just about identical to the Little Llama above, except that it is much wider – which is why we have included it in our list. Able to span widths up to 71″ wide and at 33″ high, this is a baby gate that can be used in standard or unconventionally sized doorways, hallways, decks, patios and at the bottom of stairwells.

This fully retractable baby gate is perfect for confining toddlers and dogs in specific areas of your home – indoors or outdoors. It is easy to install and use, all you need to do is push the down on the dial and turn the it clockwise (located at the top of the gate) to lock or unlock the gate.

Made from tough and durable weather resistant mesh

Fully retractable

Complies with ASTM F1004-13 Safety Standards

Height: 33″

Width: 71″

Dual action child safe locking mechanism

Easy grip handle

Mounted using screws

Currently selling for less than $55


Customer reviews of the Perma Child Safety Retractable Baby Gate


These gates work wonderful in my house to keep the dog out of rooms he is not allowed in to when no one is home, but make it super easy to be able travel back and forth between rooms when we are home!

This is the most amazing retractable gate ever. 

Bought several retractable gates from different companies. This one is by far the best.

Our child kept escaping the living room we put this up and now she’s can still see us but can’t get out! 


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Summer Infant Retractable Baby Gate


Summer Infant Retractable Baby Gate


This stylishly designed baby gate by Summer Infant can be used at the top of the stairs, between rooms or in hallways to keep your toddlers safe and your puppies out of trouble! 

It fits openings up to 50″ wide and is 30″ tall, giving you plenty of scope for different size spaces. If you have a baseboard that is in the way, this product also comes with a special baseboard kit for easy installation.

It has a simple locking lever that is pushed down to lock the gate in position and lifted up to unlock the gate.

Fully retractable baby gate

30″ high and 50″ wide

Simple locking lever

Comes with a baseboard kit

Screw mounting

Silver post design

Tough, durable & decorative patterned mesh

Currently selling for around $80


Customer reviews of the Summer Infant Retractable Baby Gate


Easy to install and when not In use it actually mostly disappears from view

Awesome gate. Like that it’s out of the way when you need but easy to use when you want it.

Excellent solution for doorways you want to keep open as well as easy on the eyes. When the gate is not in use it’s hardly noticeable.

The mesh is sturdy and if my baby tries to bite into it or bump into it, she doesn’t hurt herself.

The kids don’t slip or crawl under and the retraction portion locks in place!


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Summer Infant Retractable Baby Gate




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