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The iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep is designed as a standalone nanny cam or home security device, but it also seamlessly fits in with the iSmartAlarm Home Security System as well. With HD images, sound and motion detection, pan & tilt, digital zoom and on-demand live video streaming to your smartphone, the iCamera Keep has a lot to offer parents who can’t be at home all the time.

The one function that it doesn’t have, which would be great if you want to use it as a nanny cam is 2-way communication. You can listen to what is happening at home remotely using your smartphone, but you can’t have a conversation with them.

  • Works with both Android and iPhones.
  • Works as standalone or with iSmartAlarm security system.
  • WiFi Nanny Cam & Security Camera.
  • 1280 x 720 HD images.
  • Sound and motion detection.
  • 350 x 40 degree pan & tilt with motorized base.
  • x4 digital zoom.
  • IR night vision.
  • Multi iCamera support on one app (4).
  • On-demand video streaming.
  • Free cloud storage.
  • No monthly fees.
  • Free mobile app.
  • Mains power.
  • Size: 5.2 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches.
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds.



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On-demand streaming with the iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep

iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep reviewWhen the iCamera was first available you couldn’t capture live videos, you could only view live videos. Thank goodness that has changed, because now with the latest firmware upgrades you can record live videos and save them to the cloud for free.

Without the ability to save videos, the iSteamAlarm iCamera Keep was a bit under the weather in the security department, but now you can view past footage easily on your smartphone via the app.

Armed and dangerous: When your iCamera is armed and it detects either sound or motion, you will receive an instant alert notification on your smartphone and a live iSmartAlarm camera recording of the event will instantly be saved to the iSmart cloud.

You can receive a text message, email, push notification or even a phone call and any of these can be sent to up to 12 different family members. Receiving a phone call sets the iCamera Keep way above other nanny cams and security devices and alerting other family members is a great safety feature as well.

The iCamera gives you a number of different options at this point:

  • Alert the authorities.
  • Ignore the alert notification.
  • Listen to what is occurring at home.
  • Take a snapshot of the event.
  • View recorded video.
  • View live streaming video.

Remote viewing: You can remotely view exactly what is happening at home at anytime of the day or night, pan around the room and zoom in to something interesting, then take a snapshot or record the event. If you want to use the iCamera as a nanny cam, being able to take snaps or live videos any time something happens at home is an important feature you need to have available.



Free cloud storage with the iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep

ismartalarm icamera keepWhen an event occurs, a 10 second live video recording is triggered and saved to the cloud. You can save a total of 5 minutes of video clips to the iSmart cloud and you can download them quite easily as well and save them to your gallery.

You might not think that 5 minutes of storage is very much, but when it is in 10 second snaps, you will find that you can store a lot of videos in the cloud. Even better, you can simply download them and save them to your PC, so you will always be emptying your istorage anyway. And don’t forget that there are no fees and your cloud storage is absolutely free!



iSmartAlarm iCamera Setup

If you are looking for a high quality nanny cam with lots of features and is easy to set up, then you might just have found the system for your family. First of all, you need to download the free iSmartAlarm app to your smartphone and simply tell it that you want to add a new device.

Then you just need to follow the prompts to connect the iCamera to your phone using the USB cable and the iCamera will then connect with your home WiFi. That is it! Simple as 1-2-3 and you are ready to view live footage from your home.



Online customer reviews for the iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep

iSmartAlarm iCamera KeepOnline reviews for the iCamera Keep are mixed, but they do fall into the mainly positive category. If we look at the negatives first, the main complaints are about the fact that if the iSmart server is down, you can’t access your live or recorded feeds.

This is because the camera authenticates through the iSmart server, and once it authenticates through this server it is allowed to show you the live feed. This is for security and privacy reasons and would be the same for any security camera or nanny cam that worked via an app.

Other negative comments concern the lack of response from customer support or their unhelpful manner, for which I don’t have an answer except to say that many customers don’t seem to have this problem at all.

After all is said and done, the iSmart iCamera Keep is selling well, because customers love the monitoring and control you have when away from your property.



Summing up the iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep

iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep nanny cam reviewThe iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep has just about all of  the functionality you need in a home security device or nanny cam, except for 2 way communication (and it doesn’t have SD storage).

You even have free storage for your videos on the cloud and it is easy to use and to install.

Many customers already have the iSmart System in their home and buy the iCamera Keep as an extra camera, but it is designed to also be a stand alone nanny cam. This means that you don’t need to buy the iSmartAlarm System and you don’t need their cube hub to operate the iCamera Keep.

The online customer reviews are rather mixed, so it will pay you to read through them yourself before you make a purchase.

If you want a nanny cam that operates via an app on your smartphone, then a good comparison is the Arlo range of nanny cams, as these also operate using an app. 


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