iBaby Monitor M6 WIFI Nanny Cam Review

iBaby M6 babysitter cam -M6 ibaby monitor


The M6 iBaby Monitor is a great way to keep your baby safe

This cute iBaby Monitor is a multiple award winning nanny cam with 2-way communication, pan & tilt, IR night time vision, sound and motion alerts, integrated social media sharing of images and videos, and lullabies as well.


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Good points of the M6 iBaby Monitor

One of the great features of the iBaby monitor is the integrated social media facility, making it super easy to share your saved images and videos on Facebook and Twitter.

Another useful feature is that you can also have up to 4 people accessing the live feeds at any one time, so it is great for sharing your baby’s precious moments with grandparents or other family members. 

You don’t actually have pre-loaded lullabies with the iBaby M6 nanny cam, but you can load your own lullabies or favorite songs, so that is a good feature as well.


Points to ponder

M6 iBaby monitor - i baby monitorYou cannot access the images and videos on a PC, as this nanny cam was designed only for mobile devices (which is usually not a huge problem for most people).

You only have cloud storage because the iBaby monitor does not have an SD card slot, but the storage is free so that is actually a good point.

Android users tend to have problems with the app, because the M6 iBaby monitor was initially designed to be compatible with Apple devices and the app is a bit ‘glitchy’ with Android devices.


Bottom Line of the M6 iBaby Monitor

The iBaby M6 is fairly expensive, so even though it has lots of great functions, it might be wise to read some of my other reviews for comparative purposes.



Review of the M6 iBaby Monitor/Nanny Cam

The iBaby M6 is a super little nanny cam winning the Mom’s Choice Awards, a Gold Winner of the 2015 National Parenting Publications and the Winner of 2015 Creative Child Product of the Year Award.

It has just about every function you need in a baby cam to keep your baby safe at home and while you are away at work. It doesn’t have every possible feature, but it does have a collection of great functions which suit just about everyone.

  • 2-way communication, so you can talk to your children, partner or babysitter
  • Pan & Tilt, so you can follow your toddler around the room
  • IR night time vision, so you can see clearly at night
  • Cloud storage, so your photos are always safe
  • Sound and motion alerts via email or SMS
  • Record your own lullabies or messages via the app
  • Integrated social sharing with Facebook and Twitter
  • Up to 4 people can view the live feeds at the same time



Pan & Tilt on the iBaby Monitor

The pan and tilt functionality is a great feature with 360 degree coverage and a 110 degree tilt. This means that with the touch of your finger, you can remotely move the camera lens to easily monitor all activity in the room or nursery.


IR Night Vision

With the iBaby M6 you also have high definition, infra-red night vision so you can keep an eye on your precious children during the evening and nighttime.


Lullabies on the M6 iBaby monitor

When you baby wakes, you can either play him or her a soothing lullaby of your choice (there are no lullabies pre-installed – you have to load your own) or you can calm and soothe your baby or toddler by talking to them in real time, using the two-way communications or even a prerecorded messaM6 iBaby monitor 0 i baby monitorge of your voice.


Totally mobile friendly

The iBaby M6 is easy to set up (just plug in and it automatically connects with your WIFI), it has free iOS and android apps and can be viewed from your iPad, iPod Touch or smart phone, from anywhere in the world, so long as you have an internet connection. Unfortunately, the iBaby M6 is designed only for mobile devices, so you cannot use it on a PC.


Alert notifications with the M6 iBaby monitor

You have both sound and motion detection and as soon as these are activated by your baby, you will receive an alert notification along with a series of snapshots or a short video of the event. You can immediately, talk to your baby and let them know that you love them.


Social sharing

The iBaby M6 even has integrated social sharing with Facebook and Twitter so you can take snapshots of your baby or record video and share your most memorable moments with friends and family.

You have the benefit of cloud storage and the iBaby M6 security is the very latest and most up to date, used by cloud technology.


Multiple users and cameras for the iBaby Monitor

Another plus with the iBaby M6 nanny cam is that apart from having an unlimited number of invited users accessing the live video, you can actually have up to 4 people accessing the monitor feed at the same time. This means that you and your friends or relatives can watch your baby crawling or just walking and savor those wonderful memories in real time.

You can also have an unlimited number of iBaby camerasM6 iBaby monitor - i baby monior added to the network and can switch between them easily by tapping the name of the camera on your phone.

If you really want a nanny camera that is powered by a battery, then check out the D-Link DCS-855L, which can be powered by an external USB battery and has similar features to the iBaby M6.



The M6 iBaby Monitor/Nanny Cam is great for:

  • Watching your pets while you are at work
  • Keeping an eye on an elderly relative in the home
  • Observing your baby at night when they are sleeping
  • Chatting with your baby, children, partner or babysitter while you are at work



Features of the iBaby M6 Monitor

  • WIFI: 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4 GHz – compatible with 3G/4G 
  • Size: 6.7 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches
  • Battery: No – requires mains power
  • Recharge time: N/A
  • Power supply: 110-220V AC
  • Storage: Cloud storage
  • Two-way communication: Yes
  • Infrared: You have 16 feet night vision coverage
  • Pan and Tilt: 360 degree pan and a 110 degree tilt
  • Zoom: The M6 does not have a zoom lens
  • Installation: Easy 60 second plug and play installation
  • Live feeds/Remote monitoring: Yes, via WIFI
  • Email notifications: Yes, motion and sound alert notifications
  • Lullabies: Record your own messages, lullabies or stories 
  • Temperature sensor: No
  • Password protection: Yes plus the Amazon Cloud for added security
  • Warranty: 365 day limited warranty


M6 iBaby monitor - i baby monitor


Recording Specifications

  • Video resolution: 1280 x 720 HD
  • Frames per second: 30
  • Color images: Yes during daylight, but grey and black at night
  • SD card: No
  • Motion detector: Yes
  • Sound detector: Yes



Inclusions with the iBaby M6 Baby Cam

  • You need to download the required software from the Apple Store or Google Player
  • Quick start guide
  • Power adapter
  • Magnetic camera base



Compatibility of the iBaby Monitor/Nanny Cam

The iBaby Monitor is compatible with the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad 2, iPad, iPod Touch 4th generation or later.

The specs say that it is also compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, LG Nexus 5, HTC One and most other Android smart phones.

Note: Some Android users have problems setting up this camera, because it was initially designed to be compatible with Apple devices



iBaby M6 vs iBaby M6T and other iBaby Nanny Cams


iBaby M3S

iBaby M3s WIFI nanny cam - small
- 480 VGA
- Pan & Tilt (360 x 70 degrees)
- Plays lullabies
- Sound & Motion Alerts
- 2-way Communication
- Night Vision
- Cloud Storage
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iBaby M6S

iBaby M6S Nanny Cam
- 1080p HD
- Pan & Tilt (360 x 110 degrees)
- Air Monitoring
- Temperature
- Humidity
- Plays lullabies
- Sound & Motion Alerts
- 2-way Communication
- Night Vision
- Cloud Storage
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iBaby M6T

iBaby M6T Nanny Cam
- 720p HD
- Pan & Tilt (360 x 110 degrees)
- Sound & Motion Alerts
- 2-way Communication
- Plays lullabies
- Night Vision
- Temperature
- Humidity
- Cloud Storage
Check price
iBaby M6

iBaby M6 WIFI nanny cam with audio
- 720p HD
- Plays lullabies
- Pan & Tilt (360 x 110 degrees)
- Sound & Motion Alerts
- 2-way Communication
- Night Vision
- Cloud Storage
Check price
iBaby M2 Pro

iBaby M2 Pro Nanny Cam
- 720p HD
- Sound & Motion Alerts
- Plays lullabies
- 2-way Communication
- Night Vision
- Temperature
- Humidity
- Cloud Storage
Check price
iBaby M2

iBaby M2 Nanny Cam with audio
- 480 VGA
- Rechargeable Battery
- Sound & Motion Alerts
- 2-way Communication
- Night Vision
- Cloud Storage
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What do people say about the M6 iBaby monitor?

Around 60% of all customer reviews have given the iBaby monitor a 4 or 5 star rating. Customers like the high quality images and the fact that you can change the sensitivity of the sound and motion detectors.

They have found that the setup is easy and it is a huge bonus being able to watch your baby when you are working away from home. Another bonus is that there are no cloud fees, as with many other nanny cams.


I like it because I can tune in to interact with my son during my business trips.

It’s the perfect baby monitor our family needed.

I am amazed by both quality of the video (very clear picture) and the angle the camera allows you to see (basically the whole room).



The main problem for some customers is difficulty in the initial setup and with making it work on Android devices.

This seems strange as mostiBaby M6 WIFI nanny cam with audio customers didn’t have any problem with the setup, but then I realized that this nanny cam was designed for Apple devices.

The Android app is only new and is still in beta mode and whilst it is available on the Google Play Store, it appears that it does have some problems.

Other customers have had problems with connectivity and the signal dropping out, but that can be a problem with any of these WIFI cameras and does not appear to be a problem specific to the iBaby M6.



Additional information for the iBaby M6

The iBaby appiBaby M6 baby cam can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

You can add an unlimited number of cameras to the iBaby network, unlike other systems where you are limited to 4 cameras in total.




Summing up the M6 iBaby Monitor

iBaby M6 baby cam

Overall, the iBaby M6 is a super looking WIFI nannycam that has all of the functionality you need.

It stores the live feeds to the cloud – but cloud storage is free – unlike many other nanny cams, has Pan and Tilt and good quality HD images. 

Many customers love this little nanny cam. A number of customers have had problems with connectivity dropping out and in the initial setting up of this nanny cam. The majority of customers however, are still more than happy with the iBaby M6 and the iBaby M6T.


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