Honrane Baby Monitor with Night Vision

Honrane Baby Monitor

Is the Honrane Baby Monitor suitable for your family?

The Honrane Baby Monitor is at a good price point and comes with a 3.2″ LCD display, night time vision, ambient temperature monitoring and eight lullabies. It gives you high quality pictures and sound and you can talk to your little one using the monitor.

Two way communication

Ambient temperature monitoring

HD LCD 3.2″ screen

Automatic IR night vision (15 ft)

Wide viewing angle 

8 lullabies

VOX mode (power saving mode)

No WIFI needed

100 foot range

Supports multiple languages

Handheld monitor operates on Li-ion  batteries

Camera operates on AC power


How do you use the Honrane Baby Monitor?


Honrane Baby Monitor

The handheld monitor requires lithium ion batteries to operate and lasts for up to 20 hours in VOX mode and 3 to 4 hours in normal mode. The camera needs to be plugged into the mains power to work.

You don’t need to hook it up to your home’s WIFI system for the Honrane Baby Monitor to operate, so if your internet reception is poor, you can still use this baby monitor. If you set the alerts to only notify you when sound is detected, you can make the most out of the handset’s battery life.

You can move the angle of the camera manually (360 degrees horizontally, 45 degrees diagonally and 90 degrees vertical), but it doesn’t have a pan & tilt function that you can operate remotely via the handset. 

At night the IR night vision automatically turns on and you can see up to 15 feet away from the camera on your handheld monitor. You can also set an alarm to notify you if the temperature of the nursery changes by a set amount.

When you little one wakes, you can play them a lullaby via the handset and you can also talk to them or sing them a song – as you make your way to their room.  


What do customers say about the Honrane Baby Monitor?


Honrane Baby Monitor


The monitor it’s easy to use, doesn’t have complicated instructions before you use it. 

Both day and night the picture quality is clear. It has no trouble getting signal even in the basement. 

Great product with large LCD display. The user manual is easy to follow.

The monitor has high resolution, the night version works well too.

I can see my girl is great in the crib and hear her little sounds. Night vision works great too!

I use it as a dog monitor and it works perfectly! I can connect with my dog from anywhere.



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