ALLie 360 degree Security Camera

Never miss a thing with the ALLie 360° Security Camera

With the ALLie 360° Security Camera you can record, playback and share your 360 degree videos and snapshots with family and friends on Facebook and YouTube quite easily.

The innovative dual fish eye lenses give you the ability to easily navigate around your room and see everything that is going on with no blind spots, so you never miss a thing! You can even use a VR headset to truly have an immersive experience.

  • Black or white.
  • Requires WiFi to view videos on mobile devices.
  • 2048p Resolution.
  • 2 back to back fish eye lenses (2.8mm).
  • 360 degree vision (188 degrees per lens).
  • 10 IR LEDs for night vision.
  • 2 way communication.
  • Digital zoom and pan.
  • Records both sound and video.
  • Pan using gyroscopic motion sensor.
  • Record and playback with cloud storage (subscription required).
  • Store to smartphone or tablet.
  • Auto white balance, auto gain and noise reduction for clear images in a variety of lighting conditions.
  • Standalone, wall or ceiling mount (mounting ring included).
  • Requires the ALLie App to run (free).
  • Mains power.
  • Size: 3.0 x 3.0 x 3.5 inches.
  • Weight: 10.0 oz.


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Storage Options

ALLie 360° Security Camera with Dual Fisheye Lens - whiteVideos taken in the AWAY mode (remote viewing) are stored to the cloud, whilst videos taken in the HOME mode are saved to your mobile device using your home’s WiFi.

Your AWAY mode videos are all stored securely to the cloud, giving you the option to go back in time and see what you’ve missed. You will be happy to know that ALLie provides free 24 hour cloud storage for the first year, however you will have to pay for this service after the first 12 months.

Currently, it’s $6.95 per month for 24 hours of video storage, $9.95 per month for 48 hours, $12.95 per month for 72 hours, or you can select a custom plan.

If you want to download your home videos from the cloud to your computer, you must first upload them to YouTube or Facebook and then download them to your computer (upcoming updates will let you save mp4 formats to your phone, so that you can retrieve them via a USB).



2 way communication

With the ALLie Home Security Camera you have an AWAY mode and a HOME mode. However, you can only use the 2 way communication in the “HOME” mode, so if you are away at work or overseas, you can’t communicate with anyone at home using your ALLie 360° Security Camera (I guess you could phone them!).

UPDATE: I contacted ALLie and they have informed me that they are working on adding in 2-way communication in the AWAY mode as well. If this happens, then it will certainly improve the functionality of this camera as a security camera and a nanny cam.



How does the ALLie 360° Security Camera work?

ALLie 360° Security Camera with Dual Fisheye Lens - whiteYou can’t use an ethernet connection with the ALLie 360° Security Camera, you must use Bluetooth to set up the camera and then WiFi to actually use the camera.

First of all you need to download the free app to your mobile device and then follow the prompts to set up an account and sync your mobile device with the camera.

You will find the the video from the dual fish eye lenses is seamlessly integrated together, so that your video flows effortlessly and is crystal clear. 

You can view your video footage using your smartphone or tablet, however even though it does have a digital zoom, the only way you can pan the lenses is to  either swipe a finger across the screen or tilt the smartphone or tablet, which  enables the Gyroscopic Motion Sensor to move the image.

ALLie 360° Security Camera with Dual Fisheye Lens It is a bit unusual in that the pan and tilt function requires you to move your mobile device around, rather than the camera or the lenses themselves.

You can also use the Allie camera to live stream video to YouTube and share your snapshots or videos on Facebook when in HOME mode.

With 8 megapixel sensors and 4096 x 2048 resolution, you have crystal clear images every single time.



What do I think about the ALLie 360° Security Camera?

ALLie 360° Security Camera with Dual Fisheye LensI have to admit I was quite excited when I first saw this security camera, because it has two lenses, 360 degree viewing and looks absolutely fabulous.

Then I ran down the list of functions and realized that it wasn’t going to be much use as a security camera or a nanny cam!

I mean it doesn’t have any alert notifications, no sound or motion alerts, no scheduling and no built in siren. To be honest, I am not sure why anyone would buy one of these cameras, because it doesn’t alert you if someone breaks into your home.

All you can do is to view the inside of your home when you are away, you can’t even talk to anyone at home as the 2-way communication only works in the house! 

Admittedly, the images are fabulously clear and you can go back in time and check up on anything you might have missed, but you can do that in most other nanny cams and security cameras as well. I also can’t find any substantial online reviews from customers, so we will have to wait and see whether anyone actually buys this camera or not.

ALLie 360° Security Camera with Dual Fisheye Lens - whiteThe ALLie 360° Security Camera looks good, but with no security features at all and no ability to use the 2-way communication remotely, I can’t think of a good reason to buy this as a security camera (and its very pricey as well).

I might be wrong and hopefully, ALLie will introduce some security features in the future, because this is a very good looking camera! 

One point I would like to emphasize is that this would make a great baby monitor, as you only need to access the 2-way communication within the house and it works off WiFi as well. With 360 degree views, you will easily be able to track your toddler as they scamper around the house, so if you want a baby monitor, you might investigate the Allie 360° Security Camera. 

UPDATE: I contacted ALLie and they assure me that a motion detection and notification feature will be operational in late October and will simply involve an upgrade of the Firmware.

If they add in the remote 2-way communication and the alert notifications for motion detection, then the ALLie 360° Security Camera is starting to look pretty good and I will increase its ratings (let’s see if it makes my Top 10!).


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